Regressor Chapter 741

Regressor Chapter 741

"Brother, is Demon Gate far from here?"

Immediately following that, thunderous booms filled the air as the Celestial Sky Society cultivators unleashed all of their most powerful attacks, blasting the spell formation shield to pieces. The Azure Dragon Society responded immediately, the cultivators inside shouting at the tops of their lungs and unleashing magical techniques in all directions.

Being an Alchemist is so awesome! After all, they spent every bit of their time delving into the arts of pill concoction, sometimes even to the point of neglecting their own cultivation! If everyone could easily concoct King Grade or higher level pills, how could the alchemy profession still be considered as the profession with the most revered status?

The two grand elders felt their minds reeling; Bai Xiaochun's sudden rise to prominence was something completely unexpected, an event which no one could ever have predicted would happen.

The target of those destructive beams of light was none other than the Dire Skybanyan!

Without any more hesitation, he hurried over toward the rocking chair. As for the twin Master Cloud Lightnings and Guru Spirit Immortal, they reacted differently. This was their first time here, so as soon as they stepped out into the room, they looked around in shock.

"Xu Baocai!" he shouted. "Eldest Brother. Master Snortsnort! Hurry up and express your thanks to Fellow Daoist Li! He can get me out of the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect! I don't have to be a hostage here anymore. We can all go home!"

He had picked five people from the crowd - some didn't know the answer, some remained silent. But ultimately, all of them were killed in the same way by Zuoshi Yanlang.

The 6th blossoming of the Flower of Life would enable plant life within 600m to gain an increment of 20% vitality and quality. 7th blossoming ? 30% vitality and quality.

Stepping into the 3rd floor, Qing Shui realized that this was like a residential area.There was also the fragrance of medicine here, but it was very faint. And there were no medicinal products to be seen in the area.

"Is he really gaining enlightenment!?!?"

The giant's eyes opened, and he was about start howling when he sensed Bai Xiaochun's aura, whereupon he closed his mouth, shivered, and put his head down.

Sweat began to pour down the heavenly marquis's face. Trembling, he blurted, "Your humble servantĄ­ has no questions to ask!"

After a while, he found a jade slip for the Violet Qi Cauldron Control Art. It had descriptions and pictures for the fourth to eighth levels. He quickly grabbed it and then continued to stroll about.

Canghai's words clicked well with what Qing Shui had thought, and he nodded seriously in agreement.

He could not drop any of them. Now, Qing Shui had one more area to train!

Furthermore, thanks to his Undying Skin, when it actually touched him, it didn't even match up to a mosquito bite.

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