The Cunning Empress Chapter 1654

The Cunning Empress Chapter 1654

Great Master Ran Feng couldn't hold his astonishment, and thus asked. With his experience, it was rare for him to encounter something unknown. He had never seen any pills that resembled the one Jiang Chen just fed to Big Yellow.

Many disciple were surprised when they heard the voice. This was the first time something like this had happened within the Black Sect. Normally, assigning tasks to a disciple was done in secret, it would never be done openly like this.

"Don't you guys see this? That Imperial Decree was in fact declared for Lord Jiu! If the Imperial Emperor really wanted Yan Chenyu to marry the Crown Prince, he would just declare it verbally, there would be no need for him to bring out an Imperial Decree. What Jiang Chen said was right; in the Imperial Emperor's heart, there is no more room left for Lord Jiu. What happened today was a trap. Lord Jiu is a trustworthy man who cherishes his relationship with Jiang Chen, therefore he would definitely fall into this trap. Sigh££"

If Wu Yan had known it was Jiang Chen who beat up Qiu Tianba, he would definitely not have come here. But, since he had offended Jiang Chen, there was no way he could suffer this beating for no reason. He was try his best to make Jiang Chen pay for what he had done. Or else, he wouldn't be able to get along as well in the Martial in the future.

Jian Chen had chosen the Heaven Tier Battle Skill called the "Nine Cloud Movement". This was a Battle Skill that anyone could learn and did not require a specific attribute Saint Force or any other strict conditions.

This was a miracle!

"Damn you, a monk should be completely indifferent to worldly temptations, you're just a fake monk!"

At the same time, Jiang Chen who had shut all his senses finally opened his eyes.

Jian Chen's expression was cold and shot a swift but forceful glance at Jin Feng's head. Afterwards, he immediately chased after it. The Dragon Slaying Sword in his hands gave out a deep hum. It was the sound created from the great drag between the high-speed sword and the air. Afterwards, he directly thrusted out in the simple fashion, piercing Jin Feng's head in between the brows and travelling to the other side of the skull. Jian Chen did not wait for Jin Feng's origin soul to escape and the Chaotic Force contained within the Dragon Slaying Sword immediately erupted, blowing up Jin Feng's head and directly wiping out the origin soul hidden inside altogether.Chapter 691: Arrival of a Gilligan Clan King

However, Jiang Chen was asking him to go look for Sect Elder Guo Shan and ask for two Revival Pills. Was this a joke, or was Jiang Chen really an important person in Guo Shan's mind?

"You can leave!" The old man said.


Big Yellow viciously bared his teeth at Jiang Chen. Only Jiang Chen would dare rob his belongings.

The Seventh Emperor only wished to die, and of course, Jiang Chen would grant him this wish. With the Heavenly Saint Sword in hand, he instantly beheaded the Seventh Emperor, causing his voice to come to a complete stop.

Prime minister Kirill speaks correctly. The title of an Imperial Protector is far too high for a decision to be made this quickly. It would be more proper for Jian Chen to take the title as an Imperial Advisor for now." Another elder spoke.

"What if that old man purposely pushes the price and sets you up?"

"Brother Tian, when we return to the outside world, are you going back to the Qi Province, or the Jian Province?"

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