Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 727

Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 727

As Jian Chen's unique Sword Qi made contact with the other mercenary's Saint Force, a loud explosion was heard. The energy from the contact exploded outwards, with the colliding Saint Weapons as the epicenter.

Han Yan was convulsed with laughter, and he didn't show any signs of stopping. Soon after, a shrill scream burst out from his mouth.

Inside the room, Jiang Chen was still sitting with his legs crossed, feeling the pleasant sensation of leveling up.Everyone in the Saint Origin universe were martial arts practitioners.Once a person reaches the ninth level of the Qi Jing Realm, they would be able to form a Qi Hai in their Dantian, reaching the Qi Hai realm.After that came the Mortal Core Realm, the Heavenly Core Realm, and the Divine Core realm.People called these realms the 5 foundation levels.

Jian Chen's eyes burst with an azure and violet glow causing several trees down below to explode into a storm of splinters that shot upward as if attracted to the two grand elders. While this was happening, the two grand elders both looked at it with astonishment before covering their bodies with Saint Force.

Just then, the expression on Ge Qiu's face changed. "They've come already. Situ Qing, it's too late for you to even leave it seems."Chapter 664: Fall of a Saint Ruler (Two)

The tiger cub hadn't stopped either. Day after day, it would eat and digest the heavenly resources that Jian Chen had been given from the grand elder of Mercenary City to increase its strength. Afterward, it would lay on the bed and sleep off the food.

After everyone found out that the Tianxiong clan had been killed off, Jian Chen's name had quickly soared to prominence so that practically no one in the city did not know him and everyone knew of his deeds. In the time span of two days, Jian Chen had destroyed the Zhou Mercenaries and Zhou Clan before then destroying the Tianxiong clan. Not only that, but he had then subdued two clan elders and five captains of their own respective mercenary groups. With this shocking piece of information, absolutely no one could believe it at first.Chapter 229: Rise In Power

Within the mercenary camp, a mercenary cried out to warn them as many of them started to notch their bows. Aiming at the blurs, they waited for the right distance before they fired.

Staring frostily at Kaizer, Jian Chen smiled, "Yan Kaizer, here we stand today with our debts from two years ago complete. Your Harido clan and the three major clans of Fengyang City not only tried to take what is mine, but you even tried to make me a prisoner. I have never forgotten this debt for the past two years, and now today it is finally over.

"Just what in the heavens is this££" Zhar stared in bafflement toward the immobile Jian Chen. He had no idea how many times he had spoken those words now, but it went without saying that he was extremely curious to know just what trickery Jian Chen was doing.

"That's enough. What's more important now is to let all townspeople settle down. Now that these Blood Devil have been killed, there will be even more coming, the threat is still great."

Wu Lang said.

Young master wasn't bluffing. There was a Heavenly Core warrior behind him. That was why he was so confident and did not show any fear when facing the Lee family.

"Who are you? I advise you, you better not put you hand in the Myriad Sword Sect's matters!"

After taking a small break, Jian Chen stood back up and said, "Right now there's practically no one left in the Magical Beast Mountain Range. With such a huge area to search, I'm far too lazy to look in each zone. Forget it, I've already got enough monster cores. I'll let the rest go and cultivate my strength in the meantime. Otherwise, if I were to come across multiple Great Saint Masters at once, I doubt I'll be an opponent for them."Chapter 159: A Breakthrough in Strength

"Jiang Chen used a method to bring out the desires hidden in the depths of their own hearts, killing them with their own deepest desires. This method of killing is truly cruel and frightening."

When it came to these people, Jian Chen only politely responded to them without any deeper meaning to his words.

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