LAFZ Chapter 2212

LAFZ Chapter 2212

"Eldest Brother, look! Around the Mu Clan!"

Heavenly Thunder Slash!

People from the north bank also couldn't help but look over at him. However, he was a stranger to them, and the way he was dressed provoked instant scorn.

"You think that they'll help us?" the old man in the lead replied.

The sight of Master God-Diviner losing his copper coin right before trying to divine some important information instantly caused Bai Xiaochun's mood to drop. After looking around, he finally came to focus on the cabin.

When they arrived, there already was an orderly crowd assembled in front of the Great Hall. It did not seem as congested as when it was viewed in the front of the spacious Great Hall. As people were lined up in rows, Qing Shui scanned the crowd. There were ninety people per row with ninety rows total, which made up an audience of eight thousand and one hundred people.

The Spiritual energy of Flowerfruit Mountain was plentiful, Once Qing Shui entered the Flowerfruit Mountain, he had sensed it. He also knew that it was the reason why the plants were so lush and the demonic beasts so fierce.?

Qing Shui continued glancing downwards. After the first level of the spatial realm has been unlocked, there would be an energy-enhancing tree which will bear 10 fruits every 100 years. Each of the fruits would be able to grant a human an additional 500 jin in strength, and would be able to be used as an alchemy ingredient. However, the effects would be useless after consumption of two.

This particular black puppet wielded a greatsword as it strode forward. Because the spell formation giant was relatively unprepared, it made it easy for the black puppet to stab the sword clear through it.

Meeting them in the Central Continent was fate, Qing Shui decided to go along with what they wanted. When Qing Shui looked at them, he saw them struggling for hope with their weak powers. He asked himself, was he not once like that too? Especially not too long ago.

"Bai Xiaochun!" Not too far away from where Bai Xiaochun was in the middle of reaching Foundation Establishment, Xu Xiaoshan stopped in midair and looked at the surging earthstring energy. Only a Tideflow could cause heaven and earth to react in such a way. Xu Xiaoshan took a deep breath, and his eyes began to glitter brightly. "So, he is the first one who actually completed his earthstring capture crystal."

"This pill will definitely work. If it doesn't, then Bai Xiaochun will give up on pill concocting!" Spirits soaring, and bursting with self-confidence, he carried the medicinal pill over to the waterfall entrance of the Ancient Beast Chasm. Without any hesitation, he threw the pill down.

"This statue and I are definitely connected by destiny. Definitely!" With that, he proceeded to cultivate the Living Mountain Incantation with complete and utter determination.

Instantaneous Diamond Evasion: Instantaneously flash towards the perimeter of 300 meters!

After closer inspection, he took a deep breath, looked around furtively, then headed back into the log cabin, where he once again took out the turtle-wok.

"Trust me, this time it's going to work!" Howling, Bai Xiaochun crushed the medicinal pill, causing another boom to echo out....

" I'm okay. I'm completely fine." Qing Shui reached over to touch her face!

LAFZ Chapter 2212 End!

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