Special Agentí»s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 1733

Special Agentí»s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 1733

No one could bear it any longer. Those geniuses of the outer circle couldn't stand this bullshit any longer. When they threw their glances onto the arrogant guy who was standing on top of the stage, no one seemed able to recognize this guy. A guy whose name had never been heard of before challenging all the disciplesúú No, he was actually letting others challenge him! This was absurd!

As the Light Wind Sword was pulled out from his neck, the man slowly fell to the ground. As his life gradually reached an end, his eyes remained wide open as he died with remaining grievance.

In the human world, the Geofruit was a treasure, but it wasn't extinct. Every year in Mercenary City another heavenly resource of the same level would appear, but as a magical beast, Nubis couldn't simply walk into Mercenary City. Therefore, obtaining a ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resource became a whole lot harder. It was practically impossible to gain one in the human world as a magical beast.

Jiang Chen showed Wu Cong absolutely no respect! He now had the Ice Demon King as his secret weapon, and if he became angry, he would just kill everyone, including the prince. Wu Cong tried to kill Han Yan and Big Yellow before he got here, and this made Jiang Chen really angry. Those who tries to kill his brothers, regardless of power and status; Jiang Chen would treat them all in the same manner!

As the Third Emperor and Jiang Chen were talking with loud voices, everyone were able to hear them loud and clear. When all those disciples and elders who had lost their hope heard it, excitement immediately emerged on their faces.

Jiang Chen still smiled faintly. He didn't slow down, he just kept walking firmly toward Shangguan Wei, as if he was an emperor going to sentence a criminal.

"Jian Chen! The very same one known as the number one in the Gathering of the Mercenaries and known as the King of Mercenaries, that same Jian Chen?" Hu Xiaotian exclaimed in surprise.


"Yes!" The general replied before riding into the stronghold to make the proper arrangements. Now that the army of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom had surrendered, the entire stronghold would now be occupied by the Eastern Deity Swords.

"And who are you?" Jian Chen indifferently replied to Luo Jian, his tone ice-cold.

"The Blood Winged Hawk's Demon Soul is with you, hmph! I'll give you the time of three breaths to hand it over to me! If you don't, I'll kill everyone here!"


"Even the tiny Heavenly Eagle Kingdom can be so savage." Ming Dong snorted before looking to Jian Chen, "Brother, how do you propose we deal with them? Last night's events cannot be so easily forgiven." Although the assassin from yesterday night had been captured, his mouth was sealed tight and so the Gesun Kingdom were unable to figure out his true identity or affiliations. To anyone with a sharp mind, there was a mutual understanding of the truth.

"Alright, I'll leave right now."

The void was shaking and burning because of the tremendous force. With just one punch, the Ice Demon King shattered Shangguan Ying's attack easily as if it was breaking dry branches.

All 30 participants were ready, they were now just waiting for Nan Bei Chao's command.

Kendall then turned to look at Jian Chen, "Brother Jian Chen, the younger person is called Kabolds. Not only is he quite strong, but he is the most intelligent person within our Flame mercenaries. Whatever action we considered on doing was suggested by Kabolds. The person next to him is Deere who is similarly the strongest mercenary within our group after me who is at the Peak level Great Saint. I believe that in 3 years, he will make a breakthrough and become a Saint Master.

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