Daughter of Underground King Chapter 2296

Daughter of Underground King Chapter 2296

The crowd burst out into laughter.

"What?! Enter the center of sector two?! Are you nuts?! That's like suicide to me!"

After that, Firethorn Savage turned his huge body around and retreated towards Misty Mountain. Before he left, he said, "From today onwards, no man from the Green Sanctuary Sect shall be allowed access into Misty Mountain. If you do enter, you'll have to bear the consequences."

Wang Heng stared at Jiang Chen while blinking his eyes; he absolutely worshipped Jiang Chen. Even Guan Yiyun and Tian Yishan worshiped him. The gap between them and Jiang Chen was not small. As haughty men, if they could accomplish what Jiang Chen had, that would be enough glory for a lifetime to them.

"The guardsmen will be here quickly££"

"Dad didn't look for me after he sent uncle Mu Rong away?"

Jian Chen's face changed as he immediately followed what Xiao Dao was doing and plunged his hand into the swamp. However, like Xiao Dao, his hand had felt nothing.

With the fusion of the azure and violet Sword Qi, the entire area had became a realm ruled by the sword. This was a domain where only the Sword Qi remained supreme.

When Kai Er spoke, the men guarding the carriage couldn't help but cry out, "The identity of our young lord is something that even the city lord of Wake City has to be respectful, this Jian Chen is a mere mercenary, something vastly different than our young lord! There is no need to report to him, have him come out here right away!"

Right at this moment, another defense mechanism was broken, and Big Yellow had devoured yet another herb! After doing so, he just walked straight over to another herb. On the other side, Jiang Chen didn't even take a single look at those from the Shangguan Clan, just kept walking toward different herbs and gathered them. Nangong Wentian and Han Yan were doing the same, and both of them were whistling with pleasant expressions on their faces. They worked hand in hand to break defense mechanisms and harvest every single herb they could.

At the corner of this scene, the big yellow dog who was watching this fight with boredom felt surprised. A Mortal Core warrior really did have some abilities.

Quickly, a hot bowl of rice with a plate of meat was presented by the man. "We are only in a small mountainside village, so the best we can normally get is the meat of the wild beasts we find in the mountains. Since you're injured, it's best for you to eat some meat to properly heal your body."

"What's the rush? Give me, your father a cup of tea, I'm tired."

With the barrier gone, Jian Chen immediately heard the noisy hubbub of the restaurant. However, the people there did not discover that an elderly man had disappeared in front of where Jian Chen was sitting. In fact, they did not even seemed to pay any attention to them when they were sitting together, as if they were just empty space.

"Hmph!I will avenge Hong'er no matter what!There's a hidden Heavenly Core warrior in the Jiang family, so there's no way for us to do anything££But, this little bastard came to our city all by himself!He is just looking for death!"


"Where did that young man and dog go?"

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