Rise of The Beast King Chapter 1336

Rise of The Beast King Chapter 1336

Qing Shui would always stay in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal till the last second, before he was forcibly ejected by it. With such a rare treasure, he did not want to even waste a single iota of time!

The Giant Ghost King looked at him silently, and as he did, vast pressure began to build up in the grand hall. Bai Xiaochun slowly began to tremble visibly, and sweat began to pour down him. It almost seemed like he couldn't control himself... which was actually the case. He actually felt as if so much pressure was weighing down on him that he might be crushed into powder.

His progress in searching was very slow. However, it was dangerous inside, being that he was not strong enough.

"To think that the Yan Clan's Young Miss is selling tea leaves. This is really a disgrace to the Yan Clan." A scathing female voice rang out.

"Hehe, you've seen it for yourself. There's still some trouble for now." Qing Shui grinned and said in a casual tone.

Despite his displeasure, he couldn't say anything about it under the circumstances. He could only stand there and look up into the sky with a profound and reverent look on his face.

Tie Songshan stopped being polite, and the long sword in his hand emitted a half-inch long silver Xiantian Qi. His figure suddenly rose and hacked towards Qing Shui ferociously.

It's merely one short phrase and yet it was weighed heavily in Qing Shui's heart. But he also felt quite helpless towards it.

Lin Mu was already starting to blur away because of the power of teleportation. Face twisting with madness, he shrieked and extended his right hand, which began to glow with a black light, along with the fluctuations of self-detonation.

It also became a powerful portent¡­. Eventually, the Wildlander soul cultivators began to speculate about what it meant¡­.

Locking the door tightly after entering his room, Qing Shui quickly entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal!

"Third brother, what are you doing?"

The truth was that it wasn't actually a violet cauldron. It was more than a hundred cauldrons, overlapping to create a glowing violet shield.

For a woman to be taken as the first wife of the Vice Castellan of Sky City, she definitely had her own undeniable charm, personality, abilities, mannerism and traits.

He was even a young man who could bring his martial art to the Obscure Realm. Even though she had put in hard work in her training, she had only managed to attain the peak of the Truth Realm. Just thinking about it made it hard for her to swallow this.

If he could reach the large success stage of the Bear Form and use his strength to demonstrate the great killing techniques of the Bear Form, the effect must be impressive. If he could also appropriately channel the sturdy body and incredible strength that the Ancient Strengthening Technique gave, he could win even if he just fought another using only his strength. These techniques could also blend especially well into his earth attribute Xiantian Qi.

Once inside, the Giant Ghost King let out a long sigh of relief. Bai Xiaochun had originally intended to ask him to stay for a few more days, but he was too anxious to get back to Godsifter Prefecture. After all, if he was gone for too long, who knew what problems might arise there?

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