Why i love you? Chapter 1090

Why i love you? Chapter 1090

Booms rang out as the sandworms spat lightning out of their mouths, filling heaven and earth in such fashion that it seemed it would be impossible for Bai Xiaochun to fight back. However, it was at this point that the sandworm let out a terrifying shriek; it had been battered so badly by Bai Xiaochun's divine abilities that it seemed on the verge of collapsing completely.

"Loose arrows!" Chen Hai growled with a cold smile. Countless soul cultivators suddenly drew greatbows out, and within moments, a cloud of arrows pierced through the air. Then, the fleeing clan elders screamed as they were destroyed in body and soul!

"In terms of the third problem I mentioned, in the world we live in, respect is given to the powerful. If one day you can become an archaean, then all of our problems will be much easier to solve. Therefore, I wish to wait for that day to truly make our move. Once you are an archaean, then you will have the power you need to succeed!" With that, the Grand Heavenmaster stepped back a few paces, clasped hands, and bowed.

"Lass, grandpa won't interfere in your marriage. You can make your own decisions. However, Grandpa has to warn you: A good man has to be fought for. A man of his calibre wouldn't lack any beauties by his side. In addition, there was some friction between our clan and him so I don't think he would approach you out of his own initiative." Gongsun Yikong laughed.

"I advise you to hand over the antidote now. You don't want to mess with us." Qing Shui stood up and swayed for a bit before sitting down and before he demanded angrily at the smiling young man.

To think that this lady has no cultivation level at all...

About 10% of the prowess of magic was increased...

"Brother, you are biased, Qing Qing may be your elder sister, but I am your younger sister, do I not have a chance?" Qing Bei pouted.

As the ancient dictum goes "After the chaotic world had been created, it was divided into Yin and Yang by the creator in order to stabilize the world", Alright, Qing Shui thought, he decided to refer to it as Yin and Yang.

Looking at the Spirit Channeling Jade, its state was very good. When he held it in his hands, it felt like it weighed hundreds of pounds. As a peak Houtian cultivator, it was natural that he was able to move it around.

Moments later, intense rumbling sounds once again echoed out. Apparently, their performance would not conclude for all eternity. They would not rest until they died!

"There are still a few days left. Let's talk about it by then!" Qing Shui said while patting her head.

Cultivating the Ancient Strengthening Technique, Qing Shui felt that the speed at which he could absorb the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth as well as merge it with the Qi of Ancient Strengthening Technique was much faster now. That feeling was very thrilling. It had felt very tough at the start as if he was pulling a cart up a slope, but he felt that he could now casually use a small portion of strength to charge up that steep slope.

The strong vigor caused the surrounding supreme elder's clothes to rustle.

"I concede!!' cried the south bank disciple. He had the feeling that a single thought on the part of his opponent would cause the insects to devour him.

"I'm definitely not going to concoct that pill!" When he thought about the day of misery he had just endured, he suddenly had an inkling of what it must feel like to be a bystander to his own pill concocting.

Bai Xiaochun very much liked what he was hearing. Zhao Tianjiao laughed and grabbed his arm, leaving Bai Xiaochun incapable of refusing no matter how much he tried. With that, the group shot up into the air and left East Sea City.

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