Corpse Advancement Chapter 443

Corpse Advancement Chapter 443

"Then it would appear that this youth is not your average youth. However, no matter what status he holds, we must ensure that he doesn't expand his power any more into this city. In two short days, this youth was able to combine three large mercenary groups together. That alone is proof enough that his ambitions are beyond what they should be. Three groups won't be enough to satisfy him I bet. If we allow him to gather even more strength in this city, then his next targets will be us soon enough."

The Earth Devil was roaring and struggling, as well as unleashing tremendous amounts of devilish flames in attempt to free itself from the Blood Talisman's captivity. But, none of it efforts worked at all. Its fear of the Blood Talisman came from the bottom of its heart. In its mind, this Blood Talisman was the most frightening object in the world.

Before, the shopkeeper had only thought Jian Chen to be a young master of the city with plenty of wealth to spare. When he saw the Space Ring on Jian Chen's finger, that thought had been thrown out the window. From this ring, the shopkeeper could guess that this was not a youth he had seen before. This youth held an identity that was far beyond what he could possibly imagine.

After all, this place was the Qi Province, and Qing Styx was no idiot. He had offended the Black Sect, so he did not want to offend the Heavenly Sword Sect as well. Judging from the current situation, Jiang Chen's death was already set in stone.

Picking up the stone slab from the table, Jian Chen blew off the dust to reveal the patterns etched underneath. However, the pattern was incomplete on the slab. All that could be seen was a single palm holding a blade as it chopped down. The blade was not completely visible because of the small dimensions of the slab, so the blade point could not be seen

"No££Really, no one asked us to do this, please forgive me little master, spare my life!"

"Little Chen, let's attack as well!"

Wu Jiu indifferently said.

Both of these Heaven Saint Masters were known to the soldiers on the city walls, so when they saw the two paying their respects to Jian Chen, they instantly realized that he was not an enemy. Straight away, a relieved look could be seen on their faces as they stared at Jian Chen with new looks of interest.

"Si Qiafu, why aren't you saying anything?" One of the four soldiers suddenly realized something was unusual with "Si Qiafu". That was because on an everyday basis, the soldiers would always call out to greet them respectfully. Since Jian Chen hadn't said a single word since his water run, these high ranking soldiers felt that something was off.

"Since that's the case, we'll make anyone who tries to rob us run around completely naked. And on the third day, we'll make everyone run around naked!"

That man said carefully.

Snorting, the Moyun clan's ancestor raised his sleeved hands. In an instant, the energy around him flew gathered on the ground around him before condensing into a two meter earthen pillar that flew at Jian Chen's head.

Mu Rong Zhan was a clever man, he understood that what Lee Chang Hong said was correct.He was too angry just now, and he had almost caused the entire Mu Rong family to plunge into a situation of no return.

Jiang Chen let out a cold snort. He had broken through to the Divine Core realm, and he had over 1,000 Dragon Marks in his body. A simple wave of his hand could produce a force carrying ten million jin. His mighty strength was not something these Evil Devils could withstand.

"Big Bro Jiang Chen, you££"

"You seek death!"

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