The Shameless Blademaster Chapter 1360

The Shameless Blademaster Chapter 1360

"Little Chen, our speed of slaughtering devils is too slow, this isn't fun."

Then the space to Jian Chen's side began to intensely ripple with energy. The very next second, a Space Gate opened up to reveal a white-robed middle-aged man. He walked out to stand right next to Jian Chen.

Another hour later, Jian Chen had traveled over at least a thousand kilometers away from Mercenary City. With no other choice but to stop, he looked for a safe looking spot to rest for a moment. Taking out a Class 5 Monster Core, he began to absorb the energy within to recover.

"Huang Junran, Huang He, what are your thoughts on this matter?" Elder Feng asked the two other impartial men.

Jiang Chen guessed.

The fat old man was comforting Jiang Chen.


After that, Ming Dong left Jian Chen's room, leaving him all alone to sit on his bed and focus on strengthening himself once more.

Both Jiang Chen and Wu Jiu exclaimed, especially Jiang Chen. He had traveled everywhere in the Saint Origin realm, but he had never heard about this book before. Also, he didn't know anything about this Spiraling Defense Mechanism.

The enemy was stunned, and Jiang Chen didn't waste any time. The real Jiang Chen resolutely attacked, cutting of three heads at the same time, in an extremely ruthless manner.

Jiang Chen's expression changed into a serious one.


Bi Lian half collapsed onto the coffin with tears flowing from her eyes in an endless stream. So heavy were her tears that her eyes had already grown red from crying too much.

The texture of this white stone was exceptionally unique. No matter how much Jian Chen looked at it, he wasn't able to tell if it was made out of stone or fine iron, as not only was it heavy, but its density was beyond normal. Sending his internal Saint Force through his arm, Jian Chen tried to have it enter the white stone, only to feel a strong resistance the moment the Saint Force made contact with it. It was as if the white stone was a defensive fort, and his Saint Force, the invader, wasn't able to make a dent in its defenses.

TL note: Profound Steps was mentioned earlier back in his room in the Changyang Mansion, it's basically him moving fast.

"No one takes a step further. If you do, I'll kill him right now."

"We leave tomorrow? Changyang Xiangtian, where are we going?" Tie Ta asked.

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