Devolved Chapter 2164

Devolved Chapter 2164

Furthermore, Bai Lin wasn't worried about any so-called disasters. After all, no one in Great Wall City would dare to provoke him. On the other hand, if Bai Xiaochun didn't end up concocting the medicine, then Bai Lin would make sure he reaped the harsh consequences of lying.

"This was all your fault!" he said. "If it weren't for me going to save you two, I wouldn't have been in any danger at all!!"

"Haha, the duel New Year next year will be more interesting," Senior Luo chuckled.

Everything happened too fast, so Qing Shui froze on the spot. Weng Xue was also dazed when she saw the empty canister and Qing Shui's expression. She knew that something went wrong, after all she saw the glow entering his body.

"You said that you would put in effort to chase me and not let me be married to those despicable men. You have to remember what you said!"

To see Song Que acting this way actually left Bai Xiaochun feeling a bit bad.

As others chatted, Bai Xiaochun looked over at the Pit of Never-Ending Blood. The entrance was a narrow gap, only about 30 meters wide. Blood-colored light spilled out, and based on the aura that pulsed out, it was clear that terrifying entities existed deep therein. The entrance almost looked like a mouth ready to swallow up anyone who got close.

Qing Shui's body was already covered in perspiration. Despite that, he just could not enter. Under the vast amount of pressure, he racked his brains. He was sure that there was something good in the shrine, and it was likely that this was the location shown on his second treasure map.?

As they headed back to the hall, there were many areas holding small feasts under the moonlight. They happily chatted about everything and anything, drank wine, and talked about women as well.

Up in the sky, the patriarchs were unleashing attacks. The legacy echelon cultivators were fighting with the blood rippers. Prime elders from both sides were unleashing magical techniques and items, causing bright light to fill the sky.

The founding patriarch's cheek twitched. He really couldn't take any more of this. With a final glare at Bai Xiaochun, he looked over at the toad. Inside, he was delighted. Waving his hand, he collected the toad into his bag of holding. Although the toad's vital energy had been seriously damaged, with time and rest, it would recover, and could prove to be another powerful spirit beast guardian for the Spirit Stream Sect.

Mu Qing did not respond, nor did she even give the man a glance. The man did not seem unhappy about that, as if he was used to such a treatment. Qing Shui remained silent as he observed the situation. It was very odd, he felt as if he was a bystander watching a show.

He had visited the Wuma Aristocrat Clan, and now the Tantai Aristocrat Clan, but he didn't expect to have such an opportunity. He wasn't certain if he was very lucky or if it was an unintentional positive outcome.

But Master Cloud Lightning didn't take them that way. After all, he didn't miss the fact that Du Lingfei had addressed him as Fellow Daoist Cloud Lightning, but had referred to Bai Xiaochun asĄ­ Xiaochun.

"Qing Shui! Di Qing is mine! You can't blame me for it! You have to die!" The teenager muttered to himself as he looked into the sky.

Qing Shui sensed mildly potent spiritual fluctuations from the golden yellow-colored writing brush. Actually, Qing Shui had figured out that the spiritual fluctuations that emerged from the Golden Calligraphy Brush in his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal were something that the writing brush in front of him could never match up to even if it was a horse being urged on by getting its bottom patted.?

Hai Dongqing smiled gracefully, sending Qing Shui off. It was only after she couldn't see Qing Shui anymore that the smile on her face had disappeared.

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