The Red Lands Chapter 1685

The Red Lands Chapter 1685

When he thought about the flames earlier, Qing Shui felt that the Fire Bird may already had another blood awakening due to the correlation of its special blood to the advancement of his power.

"Does he have a death wish or something?!"

Qing Yu was one of the younger ones, but she was also the bossiest. However, as long as there was a nice toy to play with, she would comply. Right now Zhu Qing was holding several toys, so she was close with Zhu Qing. But when she took the toy, or if she disliked the toy, she would immediately run back to Huoyun Liu-Li's side.

"What other tricks do you have, you unfilial bastard!?!?" Even as his laughter continued to ring out, the ghost head swept toward Bai Xiaochun with madness, killing intent, and intense rage.

"By the time Xian`Er grows up, she will definitely look even more beautiful than auntie."

The texture was very unique, and the weight mediocre, but it was extremely hard. The ancient, dignified feeling it gave off was not as strong as the Big Dipper Sword; instead, it gave off an primitive aura.

"10,000.... 10,000 Snakes Valley!!" Shrieking, he said, "I'm sorry, Uncle Li!"

Qing Shui doesn't know that each time Qing Yi saw his lonesome figure, she would feel stabs of pain in her heart. During the past 3 years, Qing Yi had accumulated countless precious medicinal herbs for Qing Shui, to try and help him improve his constitution, but it was all for nought.. The frosty expression on his face would thaw during the times when he was asleep, only when he was having a good dream would he be able to truly smile in his heart.

A piercing noise could be heard when the stone sliced through the air, and it even generated a little bit of fire sparks.?


As Li Qinghou watched the scene playing out, his face grew increasingly unsightly. Chuckling wryly, Elder Sun stepped forward, signalled for people to come carry the gaunt young man away, and then declared Bai Xiaochun the winner.


With her eyes closed, when Mu Qing heard the sound of contact, she was so nervous that she started trembling. However, what had followed after was silence. It was that silence that caused her to make up her mind to open her eyes, worried about what she would see.

Everyone watched as Bai Xiaochun set up a rudimentary spell formation over the entrance of the pit, then flew over, swished his sleeve, and said, "Let's get back to the Great Wall!"?

As he looked out at all the familiar faces, his expression suddenly flickered as he realized there were two auras in the city that were somewhat familiar, but that he hadn't encountered for a very long time.

Upon hearing this, Celestial Aged Spirit began to pant in seeming rage. Apparently, this was a final straw of some sorts, pushing Celestial Aged Spirit to the point where he couldn't hold on any longer.

He had already found the turning point he needed. Although this turning point might be too easy for some others, it was simply too difficult for him.

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