The Goddess in Flames Chapter 2365

The Goddess in Flames Chapter 2365

The soldiers and king began to stagger back in fear as they watched the two lights continue to destroy the steel wall in front of them.

Just as Fan Kun finished his words, an outer circle disciple voice out.

The earthen dragon made contact with one of the flame swords with an explosive bang. In an instant, the dragon had been reduced to dust before fading away in the skies while the sword had continued onwards albeit being smaller than before. Before the impact, the sword had been five meters long, and now, it had been reduced to a single meter.

Jiang Chen asked what he was most concerned about.

"Ah!" Suddenly, Jian Chen roared at the sky with a grand voice that could be heard by anyone within a ten mile distance. His Saint Force burst out of his body. With an extreme amount of effort from his legs, he flew out of the tornado so fast the ground beneath him fractured. He pointed the gleaming Light Wind Sword in his hand at the man.

"Damn it, what is that Zhang Yang doing now?"


"Chen Gege, although Little Yu won't be by your side, Elder Sister Wu will still be with you. I feel at ease with her taking care of yu. Elder Sister Wu is very beautiful, and she loves you from the bottom of her heart; Little Yu can tell this. However, when you're at the Divine Continent, I won't allow you to mess around with other girls! If not, Little Yu will be very mad!"


These four Heaven Saint Masters were the housekeeper Chang Wuji, Qin Wuming, Qin Wujian, and Qin Wutian.

The Fourth Emperor cried out. It wasn't until now that everyone woke up from their shock. Without hesitating, everyone just turned around and started fleeing. They were no longer able to fight this battle, and if they didn't flee right now, the only thing awaiting them would be certain death. This Jiang Chen was fiercer than the fiercest demon; even the Third Emperor who had a King Weapon was killed by him. They were just mere ants in front of Jiang Chen.

"Furthermore, I've heard that the Manor Master has a mighty cultivation base. No one dares break the rules set by him."

Patriarch Jiede was more than aware that Jian Chen was skilled enough to reach the realm of a Saint Ruler soon. With such a powerful entity as an enemy, the patriarch knew that it would lead to nothing good. However, the undeniable importance of the patriarch's Ruler Armament meant he was extremely unwilling to forget about it.

Although he wasn't very comfortable with this annoyance, there was no way Jian Chen was about to apologize to this person.

These men were primarily Great Saint Masters with a small bag to hold their possessions on their backs. Their Space Belts had long since been taken from them aside from a few sets of clothes and food. For these men without tokens, the Earth Saint Masters wouldn't bother them any longer unless there was some sort of deep grievances they had between each other. So these Great Saint Masters could travel on the road without any major fears.

The Cross Mountains had plenty of ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resources, but those were carefully seized by the Gilligan clan. Hence, Nubis himself was unable to take any. While he was a Class 7 Magical Beast, obtaining a ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resource wasn't easy for him.

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