I Can Turn into a Fish Chapter 236

I Can Turn into a Fish Chapter 236

"That damn scoundrel, how dare he ignore me?"

Surrounding the royal family of the kingdom, several hundred white-armored soldiers stood like stone statues. Forming a circular ring, they imprisoned the two thousand royal members within.

What Jiang Chen worried about the most was Yan Chenyu. No matter where he went, Yan Chenyu was always attached to his heart, like a string.

Jiang Zhen Hai was so shocked that his mouth fell wide open.

That young man also climbed out from the broken cage. His skinny body was trembling, but he still managed to gather enough strength to squeeze into a spatial crack and disappear.

Although they were both Heaven Saint Masters of a high level, the energy required to protect the walls was far too much for them to handle. If Jian Chen had been fighting the four any closer than they were now, even Dongyi Junbai and Cao Keqin would not be able to protect the city walls.

Suddenly, the vulture stood up and threw its bright eyes into the far distance.

Just as Jian Chen reached the entrance, a white colored glow of light suddenly burst from the second story towards Jian Chen.

Jiang Chen's mind became clear now. The Qi Province was the smallest province in the Eastern Continent, and the core disciples from the four big sects would leave the Qi Province after breaking through to the Divine Core realm, and go to a bigger territory to cultivate. This Tian Yishan was actually a core disciple of the Black Sect, that explained why he was with Guan Yiyun before this.

Jiang Chen who was standing not too far away had been startled by what he had seen as well. After Big Yellow had broken through to the Late Mortal Core realm, he had become amazingly strong, and his combat strength had probably surpassed Jiang Chen's. Judging from the current situation, Big Yellow would be able to kill this Black Swamp Serpent alone without the help of Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen waved his hand and retrieved the Heavenly Saint Sword. He swung the sword, causing it to produce sharp sounds. With a sneer on his face, Jiang Chen warmed up slightly, preparing for the grand slaughter.

"You're Shangguan Sheng? Someone told me that in order to deal with me, you've been racking your brain quite a lot."

Nangong Wenyang continued, "This battle will decide survival or extinction for the Nangong family, the treasure left behind by grandpa is our biggest foundation, and we can never give it to any outsider. Furthermore, Family Chief doesn't want to ruin the Nangong family under his hands, that's why he called you back in such urgency, as he needs you to fight for the survival of the Nangong family, but££"

Even the seven Great Saint Masters from the Flame Mercenaries were beginning to fight the Class 4 Magical Beasts.Chapter 244: Jian Chen's ActionÿA Fast Sword

Guo Shan's voice sounded out from within the cocoon.

Jian Chen was overwhelmed with shock. Elder Xiu's strength had been at such a level that Jian Chen couldn't even begin to comprehend it. With a single action, Jian Chen had been left dumbstruck.

Jian Chen charged upwards from below the cliff, not running away like the five Heaven Saint Masters had thought he would. Instead, he floated up to an equal level with them.

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