New Game+ Chapter 27

New Game+ Chapter 27

Bai Hua Die said with a charming smile.


Before Xuan Ye could finish his words, Wu Jiu threw his gaze over at him and stopped him from continuing.

Laying on the bed was the captain of the Black Armors, Bi Dao. However, his previously pitch-black armor had long since been worn down from the many wounds and injuries he had received.

After the third battle, aside from Jian Chen, everyone else was exhausted and could not continue fighting anymore. With no other choice, they spent the rest of the night searching for a secret place to hide and sleep. Although Jian Chen and Tie Ta had wanted to continue, the other 4 weren't in any shape to, and needed the two of them to stay behind and protect them against any surprise attacks.

Besides, with his relationship with the cub, Jian Chen was convinced that if something were to happen, he would still be able to convince the tiger cub into not doing anything dangerous.


Guan Yiyun had an imposing aura, he never gave his opponent any chance to surrender. He shook his longsword and sliced his opponent's body in half, causing blood to rain down from the sky.

After closing his door, Jian Chen walked towards his bed and took out the Space Ring his father had given him before leaving and looked at the contents.

"Damn it, I hate this feeling! I hope nothing bad is going on."

"Enough playing with you."

"One hundred and twenty." Came the next bid.

"What else can he do? Who said that one isn't allowed to fly with wings? Li Wu Shuang should just admit defeat right now, then release the energy. If not, with Jiang Chen's abilities, perhaps he will just kill him."

"Jiang Chen, I've heard you found a broken piece of an Emperor Weapon on the Island of Ice, could you show it to me?"

"Damn it, old man, why are you looking down on us? So what if that Firethorn Savage is terrifying! Let me tell you, we have killed that Firethorn Savage!"

The sword coming at them was far too fast, and the frequency too much to handle. One strike came after another in an endless torrent that linked into one another seamlessly as if the heavens had decreed it so.Chapter 185: Escape

Most of the people knew that what was going to happen next££That would be the real show!Chapter 15ÿCastrated

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