Second Rebirth: I Want Another Ending! Chapter 34

Second Rebirth: I Want Another Ending! Chapter 34

Tie Ta rubbed at the reddening spots where Jian Chen had repeatedly hit with a miserable face and said sadly, "You move so fast that I can't even see you clearly. There's no way I'd be able to attack you, so the entire time was just you wailing on me."

Jiang Chen gazed at Big Yellow hopelessly. Right at this moment, everyone started paying attention to this dog. Yan Hong Tai and Jiang Zhen Hai remembered that there was a big yellow dog who had made a Heavenly Core Demon Lord surrender and kneel down; it must be the one in front of them. Their expressions immediately changed and turned serious. They didn't dare show any disrespect.

Just as Jian Chen dodged to the side, the tree he had previously been hiding in exploded into splinters as a tremendous amount of pure Saint Force exploded on over. As it landed where Jian Chen was once at, the dirt around it was sent flying as a huge crater was left behind in the impact zone.

After listening to what his men told him, Yan Zhan Yun finally calmed down.

Zhang Yang became quiet and didn't say another word. He was thinking about the bright light he saw just now, and was wondering if it could be some kind of a treasure. The thought brought a secret joy to his mind. If he could find that treasure, that'd be his fortune. Perhaps it was something given by the heavens? If he could grab this opportunity, he might be able to yield extraordinary results in tomorrow's competition.

Not long after they walked in, Jiang Chen began hearing some horrible screams from the secret chamber. The screams didn't seem to stop, and it really gave them an eerie feeling. It wasn't hard for them to imagine what kind of pain the men inside were experiencing.

The old man was startled when he found out that Jiang Chen actually was a Qi Hai warrior.His eyes immediately lit up, and a smile emerged on his face, "I'm Yan Meng, may I know your name?"

But, Jiang Chen wanted to enjoy the moment of talking to Yan Chenyu, continue feeling that he had been longing for.

"With this speed you're trying to run away from us?"

For the first time, the monk Tyrant mentioned his title.

"I didn't think that the king would arrive so soon, this was a little beyond my expectations." Jian Chen thought to himself.

The three young men who had just escaped death couldn't endure the bloody scene any longer, and they started vomiting. The young girl had also finally reacted; her face was pale because she too had vomited. The Mortal Core teenager had a better reaction than the others, but his awful expression betrayed his true feelings.

Katata showed no emotion on his face other than a faint smile, "Captain Jian Chen, I did not expect the Flame Mercenaries to grow so much in two years; I am truly impressed."

Wu Ningzhu coldly harrumphed. She placed the black zither in front of her and made it float. Following that, she placed both hands above the strings and started plucking them with incredible speed, causing her hands to look like butterflies flying around, leaving behind afterimages.


Shaking his head, Jian Chen didn't give a second thought, "This shouldn't be something that elders should worry themselves with." Jian Chen knew that even if he were to hand it over, the Shi family would not let him be.

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