Enter, The Walking Dead Chapter 1828

Enter, The Walking Dead Chapter 1828

"All Heavenspan cultivators are to join forcesĄ­ and exterminate every living thing in the Wildlands!"

Looking at Huoyun Liu-Li who was sleeping contently in his arms and his young daughter who was sleeping soundly at one side, Qing Shui felt extremely happy. Since there was still some time left, Qing Shui got up as he didn't feel sleepy. He quietly left and entered the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal.

"The ones in the middle of the table are the bestĄ­." he thought, frowning. After looking at the nine bamboo slips again, he realized that, despite how complete they were, they were all in completely different categories than the techniques he had cultivated up til now. They were core deva-level Daoist magics of the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect, and in order to cultivate them, one needed to have a certain foundation of techniques to work upon.

"What is Sister Yu's wish?" Qing Shui asked. At this moment, he felt that he was very fake. In relationships, he had always been the one who would seem to be putting up an act, or one who was hesitant and indecisive.

Qing Shui would not let his opponents have the chance to be amazed right now. The Five-Headed Demonic Spider had immediately lunged towards the weaker sovereign standing across it. Even among this many demonic spiders, the Five-Headed Demonic Spider was unstoppable. It rushed forward in just a flash and immediately dispatched a person - the Fourth Sovereign.

"What are you going to do at Yan Clan?"

Nature Energy!

Mu Fengyang stood at the "main arena", put his fists together and said, "Welcome, everyone. Today is the big day for Qing Shui and our Mu Qing..."

AST 462 Transformation, Diamond Gigantic Elephant, Monstrous Abilities

"They're not illusory? Heavens! IĄ­ I love this place!!" He threw his head back and laughed uproariously. As of this moment, he realized that this damaged fan was a wonderful place. Although some of the levels had been difficult, it was now giving him a huge windfall at absolutely no costĄ­.

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He now had four clones surrounding his true self, one on each side, a formation that instantly caused thunderous rumblings to roll across the sky, and the lands below to quake.

The two Qi Condensation disciples chuckled bitterly and exchanged a glance. After working together in recent days, they had struck up somewhat of a friendship. But now, death loomed over them, and there didn't seem to be any hope.

After all, he had divined information about Bai Xiaochun back in the Blood Stream Sect days, and had always been fairly accurate....

As soon as the words left his mouth, Sun Yifan chimed in. "That's right. This medicine is definitely not counterfeit!"

The Blue Luan cried out, Di Chen wore a snow white dress with a snow-white scarf. She seemed like a pure and unstained fairy. Qing Shui and his family already came out.

"Yeah, sis. You won't feel lonely anymore once you give birth to an adorable baby girl with Qing Shui, hehe!" Huoyun Liu-Li looked at Canghai Mingyue and Qing Shui playfully.

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