World of Fantasy and Technology Chapter 1752

World of Fantasy and Technology Chapter 1752

Using the Profound Steps to defend himself against the attacks from the Saint Masters and retaliating, both the mercenaries and Jian Chen were evenly matched. Despite the disadvantage Jian Chen had for being alone, not too long later, the mercenaries were slowly losing their advantage. A good amount of times the mercenaries had almost been pierced straight through their necks by Jian Chen, but they would also dodge to the side at the most crucial moment. However, they had already been stabbed multiple times by Jian Chen's sword.

Wu Jiu furrowed his brows when he saw the talisman. He snapped his finger, causing a bright beam to shoot out from his fingertip. The beam fell onto the talisman, then another bright beam shot out from the talisman into Wu Jiu's head.

Jiang Chen raised his palm into the air and spoke with an utmost solemn expression.

"Blasted, what power is this, how could you be that strong?" Georgien was astounded. Against such a powerful strike, he hadn't even been able to dodge. In the end, he was dominated without even being able to use his full strength.

The three men and the eagle were flying above the clouds extremely quickly. Both Nangong Wentian and Nangong Wenyang wore ghastly expressions on their faces. Their eldest uncle, Nangong Yunzheng was well prepared this time, and was supported by the Profound River Palace. He was determined to seize all of the Nangong family's resources and the Family Chief position. Nangong Wentian couldn't let this happen, as he didn't want to let the hundred year old Nangong family fall into the hands of that guy.

A smile appeared on Jian Chen's face, £ŠIf this piece of wood is indeed that price, then shopkeeper, I would like to purchase it." From the mouth of Ziying, Jian Chen had learned that this Draconix Wood was one of the materials used to forge the Azulet Swords. Materials like these were extremely rare in nature and priceless beyond all else. For something like this to be for thirty thousand purple coins, Jian Chen only saw it as a delectable deal.

The Energy Spring Water was definitely a rare treasure, and these two abnormal prodigals had just created the most wasteful method of drinking it; drinking it like it was plain water.

"Rest assured, uncle. Jiang Chen knows what to do."

The two of them bowed their heads. With this, Jiang Chen's identity had been confirmed. Those who hadn't participated in the Qi Province competition all had their eyes wide open as they looked at Jiang Chen from head to toe.

Seeing Hu Ba come toward him, Jian Chen didn't feel any fear. Instead, he felt the urge of battle surge up from within.Chapter 494: Sect of Dragon and Tiger (Three)

Jian Chen slowly lowered his sword; the point of the sword now faced the ground. Staring coldly at the two people begging for their lives, Jian Chen's brows furrowed as he gazed at the two with contempt. When it came to people who were afraid of death like this, he was disgusted by them.

Bi Lian quickly joined the two of them next to the grave. Together, the three dug at the grave with only their hands. "Mother, your daughter has done you wrong by letting you rest alone in this desolate wasteland for so many years. Mom, you'll have a new home and family soon. Your daughter will follow you there. You won't be alone anymore."

When the warriors who had just dashed out from the middle area of Inferno City saw what was happening, all of their expressions changed dramatically. They threw their eyes at both Jiang Chen and those dead bodies scattered around the place. They immediately knew what was going on.

"Who are you?" One of the youths stared at Kai Er with disdain.

"Don't talk to me, I'm brewing right now."

Shortly afterwards, the core members of the Flame Mercenaries did not bother to continue breakfast. They all left the dining hall, walking towards the outside. When they arrived at the main entrance of the palace, they saw a flirtatious-looking girl who seemed to be in her twenties, standing silently outside the entrance. She was Tianmu Ling.

The fists collided against each other with a loud bang. At the moment of contact, a powerful shock wave came out from between the two and affected everything in all directions. Under this almost invisible force of strength, the surrounding trees nearby the two combatants began to sway. Even some of the weeds nearby were immediately flattened to the ground.

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