The Tale Of The Worst Squad At Rodeo Academy! Chapter 11

The Tale Of The Worst Squad At Rodeo Academy! Chapter 11


"Old buddy, it has been a hundred years; we've finally reunited."

"What is going on?"

"Damn it, the Martial Saint Dynasty is pushing us too hard by forcing us to wear mourning clothes! What the Imperial Emperor cares about is the dignity of his dynasty; but not ours! Since Jiang Chen now has the strength to fight with the Martial Saint Dynasty, and he is a man with extraordinary talents who always creates miracles, perhaps we'll achieve something magnificent if we follow him! I have made up my mind, I'll proceed to the Black Sect and help them!"

The host began to smile, "It can be said that these items are what everyone has been anticipating for a very long time. With that then, I, Elder Xiu, will not speak anymore. Come, bring the item up!"

"Only by doing this will we have the opportunity to defeat the Firethorn Savage. If we don't, I don't know when we'd get the Firethorn Savage's demon soul."

Jiang Chen had great ambitions and sooner or later, he would reach the top of the Eastern Continent and begin his journey back to the Divine Continent. He would reclaim what belonged to him in his previous life. His Saint Sword was still residing in Cliff of Saints, and 100 years ago, he had used it to split open the doorway to the Realm of Immortals. In this life, he was going to slice the heavens.


"Amitabha! I did tell you that this item belongs to me."

"Why haven't we seen Jiang Chen? I wonder if Jiang Chen can really deal with the Old Great Emperor. If he can't defeat the Old Great Emperor, perhaps the Black Sect will have to face annihilation, and the Eastern Continent will still be controlled by the Martial Saint Dynasty."

"Guo Shan, I am going to completely kill you today! I will also destroy Yan Chenyu and Han Yan's bodies! I want that Jiang Chen to feel regret for the rest of his life!"

"Old buddy, it has been a hundred years; we've finally reunited."


Looking at Changyang Hu rush back for his money, Jian Chen couldn't help but laugh. At that moment, the girl slowly walked up to Jian Chen, studying his handsome features with her inquisitive eyes. "Hello! Changyang Xiang Tian, my name is You Yue. May I ask you a question?"

The Firethorn Savage kept roaring. His body seemed impervious to sword and spear. He unleashed a layer of golden light which covered his body, then he rammed towards Qing Styx.

"Jian Chen. Even we two are afraid of fighting in Mercenary City. You are only a Heaven Saint Master, if you wish to continue living, then cease what you're doing. Otherwise, there will be no one to save you." The Saint Ruler from the Jiede clan sneered.Chapter 613: Death of a Saint Ruler (Three)

The wind blade was exceedingly fast far quicker than what the black bear could react against. Finally spearing through the head of the black bear, it bisected the entire body in half without resistance. Without losing any speed, the blade of wind continued off into the distance. It finally disappeared into the bushels of grass, out of sight.

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