Zjjan Master Chapter 2188

Zjjan Master Chapter 2188

"No way!"

These people were all cruel and merciless men, were they really that easy to rule? Even if they really submitted to Big Yellow, there wouldn't be more than a few of them who would do so willingly, and that made them impossible to manage. This was the reason why nobody has ever tried to rule the entire city, and Big Yellow was just asking for trouble by doing this. However, Jiang Chen knew this dog very well. This dog had just broken through to the Divine Core realm and couldn't wait to show off his mightiness. In simpler words, the reason why Big Yellow wanted to conquer all strongholds was to show off.

As for the other elder, he wore white robes and had hair that was tied together. His seventy-year old face was peaceful looking and seemed to carry around a sagely presence to him. Yet, he too did not have any aura to him, but his face had spoke volumes of the man, marking him to be an extremely capable person.

"I just wanted to let you know how it feels to be blind. Now that you have tasted that feeling, it's time for you to die."

Jiang Chen simply threw a healing pill to Lian Ming. Lian Ming's knowledge was quite vast, so just by looking at the color of the pill, he immediately knew it was a priceless pill.

"Correct! I came across a young Golden-Striped Silver Snake once before in the Magical Beast Mountain Range. After a great battle, I was able to obtain its body and use its lifeblood to forge the Thousand Immunity. Its body has been left in my possession ever since, left in perfect condition and without use." Jian Chen took out the clean carcass of the snake from his Space Ring. Since there was no air in Space Rings, items could be stored indefinitely in them. Thus, Jian Chen had been able to keep the corpse in his ring without it ever decaying, keeping it as fresh as the day he killed it.

Jiang Chen let out a cold snort. After breaking through to the Late Mortal Core realm, he had achieved the goal he had when coming to the Myriad Demon Mountain. Now, he needed to go back and concoct a pill that could strengthen his foundation, and start preparing to break through to the Heavenly Core realm.

At that moment, Jian Chen had already adjusted his body to the peak condition, completely ready to use all of his strength. He did not dare to hold back at all, as he knew that this battle perhaps would be his toughest and most hopeless battle in his life.

Even the current patriarch and several other Earth Saint Masters were able to barely survive. In an instant, they tried to surround their bodies with Saint Force, but the splinters shattered it and perforated their bodies with holes, much to their shock.

"What did you just say?!"

"I bet it is. Poor young lady, this time the disease is striking much harder than the previous times££ I wonder if she will be able to make it."

"Greetings, senior disciple Jiang."

Jian Chen's eyes calmly swept over the soldiers with an expressionless face, "Call out the head of the Xiao family to greet us!"

"In my opinion, the Mu Rong family were looking for death themselves. Jiang Chen is not someone who shows mercy, and they wanted to use the Lee family to destroy the Jiang family, allowing them to get good results without doing anything££ Jiang Chen would not let them do that!"

This was Energy Spring Water, the true essence of this world. A drop of this would cost a fortune outside of this cave, and yet, there was pool filled with it right here.

As for the walls of the stronghold, many of the gray armored soldiers had their fighting spirits roused once more. Their eyes lit up with emotion before turning sharp like swords as they began to shake with excitement.

Old man Mateng rubbed his hands. They were about to obtain another Class 7 monster core, so he felt unconcealed excitement. Saint Force gathered in his right hand and quickly formed a two-meter-long sickle. He turned around and said to the other three Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers, "They're Jian Chen's companions, and one of them seem to be Jian Chen's senior, so you can't let any of them go. We'll let you handle the other two. If you catch them, we can use them as hostages to threaten Jian Chen with them. That way, we can finish the mission even easier."

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