The Golem, or Relic of the Future Chapter 2139

The Golem, or Relic of the Future Chapter 2139

In the middle of them all was a person, blood oozing out of his mouth, his bones shattered, his chest barely moving. Anyone who looked at him would likely take him to be a corpse.

"So the drug you slipped in was to nurture me as a marionette for your sect." Qing Shui turned to the woman and locked his terrifying aura to suppress her movement.

Originally, Bai Xiaochun's name was not very widely known in the Wildlands. However, after the Giant Ghost Legion's recent attack on the Great Wall, his name became the talk of the army, and from there, spread out into all of the Wildlands!

There were initially a few people inside the restaurant, but now it became a disordered scene. It was a complete chaos!

"Tan Yang, we no longer have relations with each other. What do you want with me?"

He took a few steps to the left and stopped before the root of the Vermillion Fruit which was equally curly, old and strong. The Vermillion Fruit was a vine plant. It was only three meters tall and bent in mid air without relying on any other trees or plants. It appeared to be a particularly curvy small tree; weird but strong.

What he was interested in were Nascent Soul Pills!

His gaze caused Song Que's heart to tremble. As far as Song Que could tell, it was a gaze of terrifying profundity. However, what was worse was how Bai Xiaochun poked and prodded him a bit here and there, leading Song Que to shiver and think about what vile intentions he had. Stiffening, he once again resorted to a shout when he said, "Even if I die, I'll never yield!"

"What I said is true, as long as I find the Three Tailed Immortal Fox Blood and obtain the Three Tailed Immortal Fox Blood, I can help you. I can even guarantee that nothing will happen to me, unless the opponent has a high grade Peak Martial Saint." Qing Shui looked at Hai Dongqing and said with certainty. Although he wasn't too confident now, if he could refine the Everlasting Pellet he should still be able to deal with the Luo and Tu Clan. Even if his abilities couldn't increase by many folds, his strength would still become enough.

Although Bai Xiaochun had shocking powers of regeneration, the way the miasma constantly ate away at him caused him to frown.

"Why have the few of you been trying to look for me?" Qing Shui smiled and asked.

Everything that happened before was clearly carved within Qing Shui's mind. The woman slightly wrinkled her brows and during the entire process, the only noises she made were weak breathing noises. In the instant they interacted for the first time, she must still have felt excruciating pain, regardless of her cultivation level.

Qing Shui was stunned. A demonic beast at such a level, perhaps only with the intelligence of at least a five year old could actually produce such a complicated howl.?

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During the course of the following half month, Bai Hao came to fully understand exactly how focused his Master could be. Every single night at midnight, Bai Xiaochun would go find the gravekeeper and go through another round of entreaties just like he had the first night.

The pushing force was so powerful that none of the disciples could fight against it. In the blink of an eye, they were pushed away until not a single person remained within 300 meters of Bai Xiaochun.

On the way back, Li Qinghou finally asked Bai Xiaochun about how the fighting had fared in the River-Defying Sect. It was with sparkling eyes that Bai Xiaochun went into vivid detail about the story. When Li Qinghou heard that Bai Xiaochun had fought three devas, and ended up killing one, crippling another, and sending another one fleeing, his heart trembled. Although he had guessed that things played out something like that, to hear the truth personally was still astonishing.

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