Extreme Yang Cultivation! Chapter 2351

Extreme Yang Cultivation! Chapter 2351

"Even if you try your hardest, your fate won't change. You are not an opponent for me." Jian Chen laughed as he looked dangerously at Tian Zhou. "Tian Zhou, since I am friends with the Tianqin clan, you may give me your final words."

The people looked at each other before nodding their heads in agreement. Since Jiang Chen had made up his mind, none of them had any objections. Besides, it was a fact that Wu Jiu had a formidable cultivation base, and if the Martial Saint Dynasty wasn't replaced by a new dynasty, Wu Jiu would of course be the most suited candidate for the throne.

Zhang Yang said.

"It's very simply. If there is one person who knows everything about your father's strength, that will be Nangong Yunzheng. Since he has the courage to stand out and fight with your father, I'm sure he is well-prepared and confident enough to defeat uncle. In other words, he most likely has a secret card hidden up his sleeves that is more than enough to defeat uncle. There's also the fact that he has made connections with the Profound River Palace. With the Profound River Palace's rich resources, and their decision to get involved in the Nangong family's internal conflict, I'm sure they've provided Nangong Yunzheng with something that will help him. Therefore, I believe Nangong Yunzheng has a frightening secret card, and if uncle doesn't have anything powerful to respond with, this match will be dangerous for him."

"Hahaha, very well, very well then. We'll help him for you, great-granddaughter. As long as your little brother Jian Chen is willing to compromise with us, we'll lend him a hand." The one named grandpa Jun lovingly replied to her. His eyes hid none of the doting affection he felt. Thus, it was obviously apparent that he held Tianmu Ling in high regards.

Without any more hesitation, Jian Chen wrapped himself with the wind element before continuing to fly farther into the Gesun Kingdom.

Jian Chen continued to flow through each opponent smoothly like water. With each movement he made, another man fell to his sword with blood flying through the air. The floor alone had begun to form a pool of mixed blood from each of Jian Chen's victim's.

Lee Chang Hao begged with a slurring voice. He didn't want to die. He was the second son of the Lee family, and he was also a genius in Red city. He had a bright future; he couldn't die now.

"Damn it, what was that? This master do was spooked!"

The previously quiet Tianxiong clan had erupted into a cacophony of sounds as the panicked shouts of everyone rang through the air. Practically everyone with confidence flew at Jian Chen while everyone else immediately ran back into the halls to warn the leader of the Tianxiong clanÿTianxiong Lie.

As Jian Chen rode his horse forward, the two soldiers at the gates scrutinized him with a heavy stare. However, Jian Chen had already changed his appearance; he was completely different from before. If people who had been familiar with him wouldn't be able to recognize him, then how would some strangers be able to find out who he was?

Nanbei Chao let out a cold snort, then he took a step forward and gently waved his palm forwards. Although the strike seemed soft and gentle, it actually carried an incredible force. A shiny golden palm appeared, and it shot toward Daoist Black in a formidable manner.

On top of the stronghold walls of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom was a scene of bitter war. The walls were covered with rivers of blood and bodies. The silver armor of the Eastern Deity Swords was dyed with the blood of their enemies and filled with dents and holes all over. If not for the superb protective ability of the armor, then some of the soldiers would never have been able to survive.

Jiang Chen really couldn't bother talking to Shangguan Ying anymore. He simply squeezed the True Dragon Palm with tremendous force, causing the man to explode into ashes. After that, he took over Shangguan Ying's blade and storage ring which fell down not far away from him.

"Fuck, how does this guy dare despise our Heavenly Sword Sect?! Kill him! We have to kill him!"

The ancestor of the Moyun clan gave a small sigh as he spoke, "Jian Chen, the Class 6 cub is something my Moyun clan desires. If you wish to continue on with this charade, then you will be offending our Moyun clan."

Facing Wu Cong's formidable attack, Jiang Chen just stood still without moving at all. A cold killing intent could be seen within his eyes. He had just communicated with the Ice Demon King through his Divine Sense, and since Wu Cong was seeking death, Jiang Chen wouldn't be courteous to him any longer.

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