Chrysalis Chapter 1630

Chrysalis Chapter 1630

Di Chen laughed. Her natural laughter had an aura which transcended mere mortals.

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Having spent more than an afternoon staring at the stone tablet, Qing Shui glanced at another behind it. Much time would be needed to finish looking at this one, but Qing Shui knew that many stone tablets might need only a short amount of time, just like the one on Ferocious Tiger Hunting a Wild Boar.

Bai Xiaochun felt very relaxed in her presence, and could tell how much she cared for him. Eventually they sat down on a divan, whereupon Bai Xiaochun began to brag about some of the details of how he'd rescued Song Que.


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Book 6: The Strongest Deva

"The Giant Ghost King is sure going to have it rough this time. I bet everyone is going to do their best to screw him over. Well, how could I possibly ignore this chance to profit from his misfortune?"

He could well imagine that, with regenerative abilities like this, Bai Xiaochun wouldn't necessarily be invincible in this heaven and earth. However, the only people who could possibly be a match for him would be the Celestial or the gravekeeper.

"No idea. There's still no Emperor Grade alchemist in Cang Lang Country."

Obviously, the number of Dharma protectors who Xuemei and Song Junwan ended up with would determine who had the advantage in the second stage.

A killing move in the Brushing Willow Sword Art!

In fact, he almost couldn't process it mentally. After staring blankly at the fish bones for a moment, he shook his head and sighed.

As the Blood Ancestor rose up from within the waters of the Heavenspan River, the Blood Stream Division cultivators flew into the air and quickly disappeared inside. Then, the Blood Ancestor began to radiate even more incredible power than last time. Under the control of Bai Xiaochun, the blood-colored giant leaped up into the air.

"I can't be so selfishˇ­ ˇ­" Yiye Jiange said to herself. If she were to go to the Lion King's Ridge without Luan Luan, she would be without a sliver of hope. She had never thought of asking Qing Shui do anything for her about this matter. If she did, then she would be even more selfish. Even if Qing Shui wanted to head to the Lion King's Ridge for her, she would not allow it. If anything happened to him, she would regret it for the rest of her life.

After Zuo Shandiao exited the arena, Qing Shui also moved to exit the arena. However, at this moment, there was another unexpected voice that caused Qing Shui to come to an abrupt stop.

Yu He smiled while staring at Qing Shui the whole time they were sitting down.

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