Sebastian X Hunter Chapter 1476

Sebastian X Hunter Chapter 1476

Suddenly, Jian Chen's eyes hardened as he turned back to look at the lush tree. His eyes gleamed as his mouth also rose up to show a hint of a smile.

"Grandpa Monk will let them know the consequences of doing that! I have made up my mind, starting from tomorrow, I'll start hunting! I think I'm called the number one Pirate Lord of the Chaotic Ocean, but it seems I never did something that pirates usually do."

Yan Zhan Yun was puzzled as well. Now, however, both sides were like an arrow about to be unleashed from its bow. The battle between them was now unstoppable.

Seeing Jian Chen's sword that resembled the scythe of the god of death come at him, the Great Saint Master's expression suddenly changed. Recalling his Saint Weapon to himself, he tried to block the sword coming at his throat.

Jiede Tai and Bi Hai stood pale-faced on the ground. They looked up together, but they both were greatly relieved inside. Although they did not know when the old woman had come, they were familiar with the person. They knew that she was a powerful Eighth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler, and behind her stood a terrifyingly powerful ancient clan.

The ancestor did not reply right away. He instead took a sip of his wine. After a small while, he finally continued, "Jian Chen, this old man does not enjoy beating around the bush, so I'll speak honestly. Our Huang family wishes to ally ourselves with the Qinhuang Kingdom. If the Qinhuang Kingdom is able to help us survive something, then our Huang family will never be able to thank the Qinhuang Kingdom enough."

That night, the shining full moon suspended high up in the sky emitted bright rays of silver moonlight, filling the entire pitch-black sky with a faint silver color. Even the scattered, thin clouds could be seen clearly.

"What an overbearing man! He is like a shining sun, no dark clouds can cover his glory!"

Everyone went began to bid even higher and higher.

After being hit by the angry eyes of Jian Chen, the assistant housekeeper began to tremble, "Ye-yes! A thousand pardons, fourth master. This servant will make the preparations right away." When Jian Chen had spoke up, the man didn't dare to speak back to him. Jian Chen held the highest position within the Changyang Clan, and the man was more than aware of it. The honor and glory that the Changyang clan had obtained was solely due to Jian Chen's contributions.

At that moment, the azure and violet glows in Jian Chen's dantian suddenly emitted faint light rays. Meanwhile, the fierce pain Jian Chen was feeling suddenly disappeared without a trace. The berserk elements absorbed by him that had accompanied the bizarre energy within the blood seemed to have been attracted by some strange force. As soon as they entered Jian Chen's body, they immediately began to fly towards the azure and violet glows in his dantian.

"It's Big Yellow, he's breaking through."

When the notice was sent out, it created another great disturbance once again.

"Ai££" The lord clad in a white chang pao began to sigh again repeatedly; the worry and anxiety on his face did not decrease even the slightest amount.

Those watching from far away were so shocked that their mouths were wide open, and their faces were filled with fear. Such a scene was beyond their wildest dreams.

"Heavens! It's them who is responsible for handling the assessment this year?!"

The Black Sect!

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