Melting the Ice to Reveal the Purest Jade Chapter 2992

Melting the Ice to Reveal the Purest Jade Chapter 2992

Soon, a beam of light became visible, streaking through the air at incredible speed as it headed directly toward the Blackmountain Tribe.

The first kill may be a lucky attempt from a hidden attack but the succession of kills after that would prove otherwise. Only a fool would dare to look down on Qing Shui without the consideration of his accumulated achievements.

"The Profound Stream Sect still hasn't used the power of their precious treasure," she said softly. "Once they do, their defeat will be certain!" Next to her were two patriarchs, whose eyes glittered as they nodded in response.

Open it?

"This will be for thr both of us from now on!" Huoyun Liu-li looked at Qing Shui. Her eyes were filled with a drunk's gleam, and her alluring pretty mouth curled into a beautiful outline.

"Happy New Year!"

Zhou Hong and everyone else in the spell formation who had also participated in the events of the Necromancer Kettle were immediately alarmed by what they were seeing, and sent more power flowing out of their cultivation bases. After all, the things they had seen that fist strike do were things they would never forget for their entire life.

If any person could have been there to observe what was happening, they would have been profoundly shocked!

With a heavy heart, he wandered into the back of the mountain, traveling along some slightly familiar areas. He didn't expect to hear that Elder Ge had reached the Martial Saint Realm, albeit only for a day.

Gradually, both of them were lying down on the sofa. Wenren Wu-shuang climbed atop of Qing Shui as Qing Shui opened his eyes wide, kissing her with no reservation. That suggestive position, as well as feeling something hard humping her, caused Wu-shuang's cheeks to redden.

There was a monkey who simply sat in place, chin resting in its palm, apparently lost in thought. There was the group of spasmodically twitching monkeys. The red-eyed rabbits were currently play fighting with the elephant-sized chickens....

During that spectacular fight, Bai Xiaochun had showed a brutal strength, a madness, a bloodthirstiness that struck everyone deep into their hearts. He alone had stood up to dozens of Foundation Establishment cultivators, and had even killed seven or eight of them. It was a rare thing even in the Blood Stream Sect, and to many people, Bai Xiaochun had already become the stuff of nightmares.

Yiye Jiange was silent the whole time. Her expression was tranquil to the point that even Qing Shui was unable to grasp any fluctuations in her feelings.

Bai Xiaochun walked along in the sect, marveling at everything he saw around him. Unfortunately, everyone was very cold and indifferent, and stuck to themselves as they hurried along. Many had vigilant looks on their faces, as if they were always on guard.

"Well," he encouraged himself, "no punishment could be worse than losing my poor little life."

"Many years have passed since the war of the starry sky was fought. You are the first person to reach this point since then. And now, I must ask you a question¡­. Are you ready?!" By this point, the image of the sovereign was standing right in front of Bai Xiaochun. He looked like a mountain that could crush any starry sky, and left Bai Xiaochun feeling like nothing more than an insect.

Every living being couldn't help but feel unprecedented terror and shock for what the future held!

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