system anime-game-univers Chapter 1492

system anime-game-univers Chapter 1492

Yu Zi Han walked up to Jiang Chen. He calmed down a bit and said, "Brother Jiang is extremely mighty, even Liang Xiao wasn't your match! Now, in the entire younger generation of the Qi Province, I'm afraid only Nan Bei Chao can match brother Jiang."

As the light Saint Force entered his chest, pieces of the fractured bones had begun to reattach themselves and heal. For another four hours without stopping, Jian Chen's spirit was finally used up once more.

The third aunt's words caused Jian Chen to feel slightly angry, but before he could say anything, Yu Fengyan beat him to it.

She hesitated. This matter was surprisingly related to her mother, so she couldn't be indifferent to it. After a moment's hesitation, she finally nodded her head in agreement. "Fine, I will go with you to the Gesun Kingdom."

"So brother Yu didn't know about this, the Sect Chief gave me the task of coming to Yellowstone to kill all the Blood Devils, and my primary target is that Lord Blood Moon."

"Where is Big Bro Jiang Chen? I want to see my Big Bro Jiang Chen!"

"He has entered the inner area of the Island of Ice."

Jiang Chen said with a confident expression. With his current combat strength, he could kill an Early Mortal Core warrior instantly, and if he fought with all his power, then he would be able to kill someone strong at the Mid Mortal Core realm, like Chen Shuang.

Li Hao was exasperated, but he couldn't do anything. After witnessing Jiang Chen's frightening ability, he just didn't have the courage to point his finger at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen's eyes glowed. He moved in a strange pattern, and then a mysterious cyclone emerged from his body, making his body immediately become lighter. Combined with the blood wings, his speed almost doubled as well, which immediately allowed him to catch up with Big Yellow.

However, the man who sat beside him was just a Divine Core warrior. Amongst all the people sitting here, the weakest man had a Mid Combat Soul cultivation base. Even someone like Wu Ningzhu and Nangong Yunfan who were both powerful Late Combat Soul warriors sat one seat behind the master seat. Yet, this Divine Core warrior was actually sitting comfortably with Wu Jiu, side by side.

In addition, from what Jiang Chen had said, they knew that he was able to concoct Cleansing Pills with 100%effectiveness, shocking them even more.After everything that had just happened, they understood that this young man was not someone who would lie.


After treating the three students, the two men and one woman showed their humble appreciation to Bai En. Soon after, they continued to treat the remaining dozen or more students in the middle.

"What's going on?! Why can I feel a tremendous pressure?! This isn't the kind of pressure that comes from a human, but rather from Heaven and Earth!"

"Dead dog, die for me now!"

"What I care for isn't the devilish energy contained within the stone, but its material. I'm preparing to create a Natal Combat Weapon for myself once I break through to the Combat Soul realm, and this Perfect-Ranked Devil Source Stone is a good material for that."

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