Unimaginable System Chapter 82

Unimaginable System Chapter 82

"You guys are back. Let me cook the dishes today, so just wait for a little while and the food will be ready." Canghai Mingyue's mom gently said.

"What a miraculous powder!" Yu He, upon taking note of the recovery of Qing Shui, happily exclaimed.

Feng Clan!

At the same time, Heavenspan Island, which had already been mostly destroyed by Bai Hao's flames, had reached the point where it couldn't stand any longer, and collapsed!

"Heh heh. Let's keep going!" With that, the turtle-wok began to shine with brilliant light again. However, this time it wasn't silver light, but rather, golden. Moments later, the ten silver designs on his nascent soul vanished, replaced by a single golden design!

Qing Hanye's entire delicate frame was slightly trembling. She pursed up her lips and didn't say anything. She had already expected this outcome when Qing Shui left that time.

From that point on, there was no way for the Worldly Daoist to influence Bai Xiaochun in any way. In the end, it was actually good fortune for Bai Xiaochun. Although the Worldly Daoist's tenacious will was only with him for a short time, it left behind some of his aura. And Bai Xiaochun could control that aura at will. In some ways, heˇ­ had actually become the Worldly Daoist!

"We can't let him get away!!"

"It's you isn't it, damned spirit automaton!?" He immediately tried to leave the level, but found that he couldn't leave via teleportation. That seemed to confirm his suspicion.

The male disciple excitedly picked the saber-toothed mustang, but the female disciple hesitated a bit before abandoning the dancing flame butterfly. She turned to Sun Wen, clearly hoping to get a better beast.

The demonic beast in the west also appeared quickly after. It was a pitch black Skywolf. Only its blood-red eyes were showing a horrifying glow. It was about 100 meters long and over 20 meters tall.

His Moonstone Ink Slab was made of quite a high-quality moonstone. However, he did not know how the Art Maestro had gotten his hands on it. All of it didn't matter now because the Moonstone Ink Slab and the Golden Calligraphy Brush all belonged to him now!

Bai Xiaochun slapped his chest, took the flagon, and drank a big mouthful. Despite how grand he was trying to look, it was to his disappointment that he realized that Chen Yueshan and the others in the group all had eyes fixed on Zhao Tianjiao.

"Well I guess it doesn't matterˇ­ as long as I'm back." She covered her smile with her hand, and yet, that didn't concealˇ­ her bizarre dual pupils!! Chuckling, she blurred into motion, heading toward the location of the exit that had been found in the desert.

Eventually, word spread to the other three mountain peaks, and the cultivators there began to laugh and joke about the matter. Some of them went over to the vicinity of Middle Peak to investigate for themselves, but they quickly returned and went into secluded meditation.

Therefore, the only other explanation... was that there was something uniquely special about this Bai Hao!

Huoyun Liu-Li looked at Qing Shui with her unblinking beautiful eyes. Only when Qing Shui started to feel uncomfortable did she say craftily, "I recently felt that my waist was sore and legs were in pain. The punishment for the doctor here is to give me a massage."

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