Reincarnation: A New World Chapter 2355

Reincarnation: A New World Chapter 2355

"What is that good for?" Jian Chen had to ask as he looked at Ming Dong with a look of pure concentration for an answer to his question.Chapter 324: Collapse of the Immortal's Cave

Xu Danian said.

Seeing the hurried reactions of the enemy army, Jian Chen could only snort in contempt. Those generals were only Earth Saint Masters in strength, there was just no way for them to be able to protect the commander of the army like that.

There was a saying that when a person reached the top, all friends and family would be there with that person. This was well portrayed by the Wu family.

"Hmph, I've lost count of how many times you've said this." Qin Xiao laughed with disdain.

"How are you going to help him? Don't tell me you're going to go see him now, and tell him we're here to help? I believe that damn monk will attack us straightaway."

"Mayor, the young master is such a genius££The tomb of your ancestor must have lots of green smoke flying out of it!"

The Freezing Hell Jail was just as famous as the Asura Palace's Thirteen Tycoons. Even those who weren't a part of the Asura Palace were well aware of this Freezing Hell Jail. Whenever someone mentioned its name, it would instantly send a cold shiver down their spines.

"A few years ago, the Hongfu clan and another family began to get close. In addition to having the Yan family draw close to them by use of marriage, they begun to treat our Huang family even more threateningly. Just faintly, they have already started to bring us closer to a battle to the death through an ever increasing amount of pressure. This was the reason why the offspring of my Huang family had entered the empty space without a barrier during the Gathering of the Mercenaries. This old man did not use any energy so I could conserve as much energy as I could in the case that the Hongfu clan and Yan family made a surprise attack."

Many people cried out in shock and their expressions changed. They joyful atmosphere was immediately frozen. Although they had won the war, if the enemy still had an incredibly strong Second Grade Combat King warrior, none of them would be able to predict the final result.

At the same time, many people were gathered outside Inferno City, impatiently waiting for the doorway to the outside world to open. There were of course those who weren't willing to leave this place; they would continue their lives in this harsh environment.

As several generals cried out in warning, a man in armor, who looked around sixty years old, began to run away with several other men protecting him.

"Imperial Protector, the previous representative for the Huang family was my grandfather. When he went into isolation behind the mountains, he was unable to greet you. If we have slighted you, then please forgive us. Allow me to bring you to the Jade Cloud Pavilion, we've already prepared a feast for the Imperial Protector. The other five honored guests from the Qinhuang Kingdom are already there, we are just waiting for the Imperial Protector." Huang Qinglan smiled.

"Concocting pills is a very complex process, but synthetic ones are very simple.I don't want to hide this from you, but I know one method that can create synthetic pills££Give me two 60%effectiveness pills.I can combined them into 100%effectiveness pills easily.You will continue concocting pills, and I will synthesize them.Furthermore, we are not only selling Restoration Pills in this shop.There is one other pill I will need you guys to concoct."

Jiang Chen said in a solemn manner. He had no idea if he would find the Nine Solar Holy Water during his trip to the Blissful Island, but he could imagine how dangerous the journey would be. Not only because of the complicated situation out in the ocean, but also because of all the enemies that were seeking revenge.

Liang Zhui who stood at the sides added his own praise as well. When he recalled the first time he met with Jiang Chen, he couldn't help but feel ashamed, as he had been throwing sarcastic remarks at this young hero. Now, he felt a desire to slap himself twice. With his strength, Jiang Chen would be able to kill him in just a few seconds. However, not only did Jiang Chen not do that, he didn't even bother arguing with Liang Zhui. He had been given a lot of face by Jiang Chen.

Big Yellow was laughing out excitedly. He was an existence that could never settle for peace. The Martial Saint Dynasty had ruled the Eastern Continent for so many years, and if anyone dared to that he wanted to annihilate this gigantic existence, it would be seen as a big joke. However, since it was Jiang Chen who made this claim, Big Yellow had countless reasons to believe him. This huge history-changing decision, if there was anyone would could do it, it would be Jiang Chen.

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