Sevens Chapter 1692

Sevens Chapter 1692

"Aristocratic necromancer clan...." After some more thought, he moved on to the third bone slip, which contained the most intriguing information so far. It was a detailed description of necromancers, with information he had wondered about back at the Great Wall.

Which youth does not want to be excellent? Which warrior does not want to stand at the peak of the World of the Nine Continents? Given the hot-bloodedness of young men, it did not matter even if they were ordinary people.

"I understand, Jiange¡­.." Qing Shui didn't know what else to say. It had been a long time since Yiye Jiange first came to the Greencloud Continent. She had spent most of her time at the Skysword Sect before she met him at the Hundred Miles City. From the moment they were acquainted with each other until now, their relationship had been stuck in a strange fixed point.

"If, at that time, my Ancient Strengthening Technique cultivates with the Upper Dantian and the Middle Dantian, would they compete against each other or fuse together?" Qing Shui mulled.

It was in that moment that Bai Hao's name suddenly lit up on the stone stele, in 1st place, with the words seven-colored flame next to it!


"I wonder if your women will be upset if you suddenly die. Having beauties by your side is fine, but you should know that as the years go by, they will reduce your lifespan. Nevertheless, you won't have to worry anymore, because someone else will love them as much as you do. It is your fault that you aren't worthy of them." Sima Sha had no smile on his face as he said those cold words. Despite his cold demeanor, it was quite graceful when he opened his mouth to speak.

And then¡­ there was no tempest. There was no surge of energy. There were no fluctuations. After bopping the turtle wok, a very serious expression overtook the sovereign's face, and he nodded.

He put them on the two little babies. This jade pendant was like the lock of longevity* that carried good fortune. Qing Shui unintentionally caught Huoyun Liu-Li staring at him in a daze when he put the jade pendants on the two little fellows.

When Old Demon Ba heard the painful shriek from the Red Jiao, all he could see when he had turned around was his deformed Red Jiao. Old Demon Ba was filled with anger instantly. His blood boiled with violent rage as he shook himself away from Di Xuan's attacks with all his might.

That new berserk ghost was vastly larger than the others, almost as if it were a new form of life!

He had a hunch that the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan must have known about what happened by now. Although they would find it hard to believe, they'd definitely vent all their grudges during Fight of the Ultimate Life and Death.

As he glanced at the hope in her eyes, Qing Shui lowered his head. He was afraid that Qing Yi would be disappointed. All parents in this world would want their child to achieve something outstanding in life, it goes without saying, no parents would ever want their child to be a trash! However, looking at the current circumstances, Qing Shui was afraid that he would have no choice but to disappoint his mother.

"Actually, I did try some normal meridian clearing medicines in the past. Just as you said, it was useless. Instead, it weakened my body to a point as though I suffered from a major illness." Yuan Su explained, sighing.

The lady quickly regained her composure. However she could not help but feel shameful for what happened earlier, in her heart. She was thinking about whether she had purposefully grabbed his hand, what would he think about this, would he think of her as...thinking about this, she felt that her heart was in complete disarray.

"Hmph! Now do you dare to provoke me?" The frustration and fear he had felt during the chase had now vanished, to be replaced by joy and delight.

In that instant, an incredible rumbling sound echoed out as the second deadly effect of the Soul Convergence Pill was unleashed. The pill exploded in wild fashion, sending red ripples out to cover a 30,000-meter area!!

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