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"Have everything here collected and taken away." Jian Chen commanded to the soldiers outside.

It was already night outside, but the Changyang clan was still lit with fire, and black armored soldiers could be seen patrolling around the clan compound with icy looks. Not only were the regular sentries of the Changyang clan standing guard, but there were also the Black Armors which were in charge of protecting the king.

As if suddenly weighed down by a great restriction, Jian Chen felt the tornado pull at his body from every direction as it tried to blow him into the air.

Elder Yuan had never been so angry before, especially when dealing with an outer circle disciple.

"It's the Zhou Mercenaries." Jian Chen said.

Jiang Chen asked a guy who looked to be in his thirties.A ninth level Qi Jing warrior, the man went topless, displaying his muscular body.

Many people could identify that it was a High-Ranked Combat Weapon, but it was merely an ordinary High-Ranked Combat Weapon. However, for those Divine Core warriors, a High-Ranked Combat Weapon was something really precious.

"It's hard to tell. They're brothers, and they've cultivated the same cultivation skill and combat skills since they were young. Now, both of them are Late Combat Soul warriors, and it will be a difficult battle to find out who the winner is."

"This is the Black Ice Talisman. Even I can't tell what it exactly is, but I'm sure it's an amazing treasure. Also, it has the same element as you, give it a try and see if you can control it.

Jiang Chen asked again.


Mu Yun smiled coldly and said, "You do know something after all. That's right, this is indeed a battle skill!"

Jiang Chen couldn't wait any longer and asked. He didn't follow Han Yan and the rest back to the Black Sect all because of the treasure that was mentioned by Big Yellow.

Jian Chen hesitated as he listened, he knew that the Gesun Kingdom had a dozen Heaven Saint Masters at the most, and the other four Great Kingdoms had at least twenty-three of them. This difference in strength was far too great.

"Mother, Yun Lian is Bi Yunhai's daughter. She is also in possession of our Bi family's Miracle Water of Bi." Jian Chen explained in serious tone.

"Correct!" Jian Chen nodded.

They travelled underground, both of them were completely merged with the dirt. They didn't even cause any movements to the surrounding dirt they passed.

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