Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 1311

Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 1311

The man brought his cyan Guan Dao down towards Jian Chen's head at an extremely fast speed.

"Master He Yun, make a list of whatever ingredients you need and I will have people collect them at once."

"Kid, I don't wish to harm you, just hand over your Space Ring and tell us just how you were able to be immune to the poison. Then we'll let you go." The man ordered.

At this moment, the five experts had all unleashed their attacks each with their own Ruler Armament. The only difference was that four experts along with the yellow clothed girl were fighting against one.

"Right now, the Gesun Kingdom is relying on the strongholds to buy them some time, but their army will break down after some time. I heard that the Gesun Kingdom had originally six million people, but now they were below a million. By now, the kingdom surely must be recruiting soldiers in a frenzy."

Seeing Jian Chen's silence, the middle aged man didn't give up. "Brother Jian Chen, my Flame Mercenaries is only a small sized group that doesn't restrict the actions of anyone like they do in the larger groups. With so many different types of rules and restrictions that makes one's head want to explode, our group is not like that. Joining my mercenary group is merely helping the group have an easier way to earn money. You must know that the Magical Beast Mountain Range is a profitable way of earning money and that monster cores sell for a high price while helping us cultivate our Saint Force which is extremely essential. Even the parts of a magical beast can be sold for a high price to any of the restaurants.

"Ai££" Watching Jian Chen leave, Changyang Ba's face clearly had a look of extreme disappointment. He had placed high hopes on Jian Chen before, but as the expectations were very high, so was the later disappointment. With this result in the end, his fourth son Xiang Tian was merely a cripple.

"I never thought the Imperial Emperor would really want to interfere in this matter."

"What a pity. With brother Jiu's talent, if he went to the Island of Ice a hundred years ago, he might be the current Imperial Emperor."

"He went to the Southern Continent, I don't think he'll come back here anytime soon. Oh right, Little Yu, has that bullshit Crown Prince disturbed you these few days?"

A genius from the Shangguan Clan looked at Shangguan Hui and asked.

Hearing the words of Hudolf, Jian Chen was utterly surprised. This request of his was something that Jian Chen had not expected.

Everyone also felt that Jiang Chen's decision was too rash. After all, it was Nan Bei Chao. To any cultivator, one year's time was just too short.

Zhou Tong observed Dugu Feng for a moment, "He's completely different than he was two years ago. Though, Wu Yun has an ability to change his facial appearance almost seamlessly. I can't make heads or tails from this. I can only say this person might be Wu Yun, but under a different face. Other than him, would there be anyone else with two Class 5 Monster Cores?"

"Then there is even more reason to kill him. Otherwise, our Heavenly Eagle Kingdom will have a powerful threat in the future." The king spoke.

The Tiger Restoration Pill had been completely absorbed, and Jiang Chen had changed completely.What was missing in the Yuan source of his body was now there, and his weak body had become almost perfect with the help of the Dragon Transformation skill and the Tiger Restoration pill.


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