Tales of Magic Swordsman Chapter 674

Tales of Magic Swordsman Chapter 674

He felt like he had god given talent since he had become a Qi Hai warrior while only 20 years old.No ordinary Early Qi Hai warrior could compare with him, and he could feel that Jiang Chen still hadn't formed his Qi Sea when they collided.Jiang Chen was only a ninth level Qi Jing warrior, but with just one punch he had forced him to step back££his mind was in shock trying to comprehend the situation.

The arrival of Jiang Chen had ignited the entire scene. He looked like a moon that was surrounded by a myriad of stars.

Those men who were blinded by the Heaven Tier Battle Skill immediately regained their senses and realized the situation that they were in. Each one took on a look of shock as they all cried out, "Crap, the cave's collapsing, hurry up and get out or we all die here!"


A grin emerged on Jiang Chen's face. He wouldn't give this crystal Beast any chances to escape; there was no way he would mess up with a sure thing.

The Seventh Emperor only wished to die, and of course, Jiang Chen would grant him this wish. With the Heavenly Saint Sword in hand, he instantly beheaded the Seventh Emperor, causing his voice to come to a complete stop.

Nangong Wentian was puzzled.

Yan Chen Yu didn't dare to disobey, so she immediately closed her eyes.

"The Island of Ice has its own dimension, and the scenery in here is completely different from that in the outside world. This place is a parallel dimension, a world different from the one we came from. I can sense a mysterious force here; it's an ancient force that can suppress our cultivations, and it's also the reason why we're suppressed to the Early Mortal Core realm."

Han Yan said.

"Too late."

Wang Ting didn't get angry even though he was scolded by the old man.He just smiled and looked at Jiang Chen.

The king shook his head, "This war is a sin that I must bear alone. The decision of going to war does not fall upon your shoulders. Furthermore, you have your own family to take care of."

In his past life, Jiang Chen was cultivating with the Xuan Yuan skill which gave him a huge amount of Vital Energy Qi, but even with that, he still couldn't use the Solar Energies skill to its full potential.This was how powerful the Solar Energies combat skill could be.

The matter in which Dugu Feng had conducted himself gave rise to Jian Chen having respect for him. In his heart, he had already thought of Dugu Feng as someone worthy of respect. Although neither person had known the other for long, Jian Chen knew that he could trust him.

He had grown cold when the implications of this technique hit him. Not only did this technique make it easier for the Saint Ruler to find him, but it also limited his very own mobility. As of right now, Jian Chen could feel that it was significantly harder to move in comparison to before.

"What is he going to do? Don't tell me he really wants to step on top of the Stairway to Heaven? His current position has already caused the four geniuses to lose face, does he really wish to die today?"

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