The Guide Chapter 1119

The Guide Chapter 1119

Thus, Qing Shui didn't meet anyone on his way to the public square. The snow was so thick on the ground that it had already covered his ankles. Qing Shui had no intentions to stop. Raising his hands, he stood still in motion until, gradually, the snow falling on him turned him into something like a snowman. Strangely, the snow didn't melt from his body heat. Rotating his arms and legs in a circular motion, Qing Shui slowly practiced each of the forty-two stances of Taichi. Be it rain or sunshine, as long as he was not incapacitated by his injuries, he would definitely practice it.

It was the same situation regarding the ˇ®Bone Powder', if he hadn't met Mu Qing, it would probably take him forever to find out about it.

Qing Shui quickly closed in on his opponents and shot out the two Primordial Flame Balls in his hands. The earlier Coldsteel Needles had caused them to be extremely careful so they instinctively dodged the weird grey flames.

"You all have come here from ten million li away just to be mistreated like this. This old man has let you all down." Hai Tian said sincerely.

AST 438 Huoyun Liu-Li, Success of the Divine Shield Talisman, Doubt!

Everyone watching the scene was left gasping, and even the two stone giants had noticed him. However, other than strange gleams which appeared in their eyes, they did nothing, and simply continued to fight.

Although he didn't understand what he had just said, he was sure that it was enough to startle everyone. The more enigmatic his words sounded, the more profound mysteries of the Dao they seemed to contain, the better. At the moment, although he seemed completely calm, he was actually surreptitiously looking around, hoping to see a positive reaction.

The blue giant ax was easily crushed by the strike. As for the elderly man, he had followed the footsteps of the late Feng Congyun; he had been pounded into lumps of rotten meat.?

Even more unimaginable was the idea of what would happen if a similar thing happened to a cultivator. It was a terrifying notion; even a powerful archaean would likely become nothing more than ash!

"Come on, don't you realize what's going on? Not even Bai Lei put up a fight. It's obvious that the ancestral land was opened just for Bai Qi! The leadership already decided to give him the deva soul, that way he can get his five elements deva beast souls and form his nascent soul!!"

"ˇ­. This is the crime of accepting bribes!"

As for the Giant Ghost King, the humiliation he was enduring had his heart pulsing with rage that simply couldn't be described with words.

"Of course, the rewards are like that, but not the entities which exist within the levels. Those are shared between all the levelsˇ­. For example, there are only a limited number of soulsˇ­.

"Lady Duanmu, which are the strong powers in Central Continent? How strong are they? Will you mind sharing?" When Qing Shui first arrived, he heard of a few sects from Elder Ge, but he wasn't clear about how strong they truly were.

Qing Shui curiously peered at the 4th book, it was titled (Basic Sword Techniques)!

Although the journey was boring, most of the time was spent in the air. However, at night, he would still look for a place to stop for a rest. One reason was for Qing Shui to enter the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal for his cultivation and another reason was for safety. Demonic beasts who appeared at night tended to be bloodthirsty and vicious.

Gold-Silver Colored Butterfly!

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