Nostalgia of Eternity Chapter 1984

Nostalgia of Eternity Chapter 1984

Under normal circumstances, a failure would require him to stop and build up more spiritual energy before trying again. After all, combining these two powerful techniques demanded that he be in peak condition.

Beat clearing techniques, when fighting, massaging, boxing, and etc., there was a possibility in clearing acupuncture points unintentionally. But the chances were slim, and similarly, only a few small acupuncture points could be cleared. The other 108 acupuncture points could not be cleared through this "beating" clearing as well.

"Well this might be a problem...." the orange-robed cultivator thought, frowning. Despite having run a background check on Bai Xiaochun, he hadn't found any information about him other than his surname. After a moment, he decided that, considering the level of cultivation base he was dealing with, he shouldn't beat around the bush. The Ultra Fasting Aid Pill was too important, and therefore, the best choice in the situation was to start out by trying to cooperate with its maker. His frown turned into a smile.

After hearing this information, Bai Xiaochun looked over at Guru Spirit Immortal and the arrogant-looking young man standing next to him.

Every time a person entered, they would receive huge benefits. Not only was it equivalent to one year's worth of harsh cultivation, but those who cultivate any kind of martial arts would receive a special comprehension. There were other chances of finding panacea herbs or Spirit Fruit. Even near the border, there would be many spiritual items, it all depended on the person's luck.

The fleeing cultivators of the three sects could finally breathe sighs of relief, and scatter in terror.

Qing Shui didn't land loudly, but he caused the accumulated snow to fly in all directions.

After all, he was a heavenly marquis, and the other heavenly marquises would not be happy about one of their kind being casually disposed of. In fact, they would likely come to his aid. In some senses, they would actually be saving themselves!

These three people came from the other three great sects in the Middle Reaches, the Starry River Court, the Polarity River Court, and the Dao River Court!

Medicines which were only forty percent impure were high-grade, and were rare. As for medicines that were twenty percent impure, they were considered superior-grade, and if they were only ten percent impure, they were premium-grade. Those were medicines that usually only appeared in large auctions.

"Ghost Gate: Open!" Ghostmother's slender fingers blurred in an incantation gesture, and then she pointed at Bai Xiaochun, causing the boundless cloud of ghosts to suddenly form together into a huge vortex. As soon as the vortex opened, endless evil ghosts poured out of it toward Bai Xiaochun.

Qing Shui felt quite troubled thinking about his relationships with his wives. He had never doubted himself as someone who was extremely possessive with the ladies. He couldn't give up on them, yet he clearly understood that he shouldn't be promiscuous with any women he met. Falling in love was easy, as feelings could develop in a mere few seconds. It would be hard to get along with each other over time but it would be way harder to forget about someone he truly loved. The worst part about any relationship was getting along with a few exceptional women, as it would be the hardest situation a man could face in his lifetime.

"Bang Bang!"

Qing Shui held onto the Big Dipper Sword and went up the arena, expressionless.

"I need to convince him that he doesn't need the technique itself, only the spiritual energyˇ­." Since it was impossible to pass on the lightning consuming technique, he would need to think of a way to take the energy of heaven and earth that he had absorbed and transfer it to the Lightning Ancestor.

"Old Ancestor, let me take care of it." An elderly man who had been standing by side of the Eastern Palace Clan's Old Ancestor bit his lips as he stepped forward and volunteered with determination.

Most shocking of all were the names attached to the signs above the shops.

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