The Selfish Demon Lord? Chapter 238

The Selfish Demon Lord? Chapter 238

"Damn! I got it wrong!"

Upon closer examination, that image proved to be the entire mountain range that the Profound Stream Sect's city was built into!

But now, his communication went through. Bai Xiaochun quickly relayed a portion of the information about the spell formations, and told Zhou Yixing to go confirm its validity. The next day, he got word back.

That feeling, even when dreaming, Qing Shui would drool about it!

After all, the Vile-Emperor had given up three prefectures to seal the deal, prefectures which had belonged to the Saint-Emperor Dynasty to begin with, but had been lost over the years of minor conflict between the two dynasties.

The tree let out a bellow that shook heaven and earth, and then, its eyes opened, bright red eyes which stared at the baby girl up in the air.

"It's going to force me down a one-way path that I'll never be able to come back from, but I have to protect my poor little life!! Time to go all out!!"?

Various expressions could be seen on the faces of the six heavenly marquises, and all of them were chuckling coldly in their hearts. From what they could tell, it was obvious that this Bao Hao was about to be discarded, which would be cause of rejoicing for all of the nobility and aristocracy.

"Elder Yun, if you have any ideas, feel free to express them, only our people are present here." One word from Feng Family Chief made everyone in the main hall feel warm.

This kind of thing couldn't be bought with money. Furthermore, it was a piece of Qing Shui's goodwill.

Communicating through their thoughts, Qing Shui let the Five-Headed Demonic Spider come towards him from another direction while he set up a tent and thought about how he could lure away the Long-armed Vicious Monkey King.

Qing Shui hurriedly put on his clothes after he completed washing the filth off his body. Feeling extremely invigorated, he walked out of the training hall with a smile on his face.

"Detonate!!" he shouted. Instantly, the suits of leather armor all exploded, releasing force that far surpassed the detonation of the dozens of items from moments ago.

"Dongguo Si, do you know anything else other than running?" Many people from the crowd were shouting out.

There was no person more dear to him in the world!

None of the demigods dared to act as a guarantor for Marquis Zi Lin. However, Marquis Zi Lin was under enough pressure as it was, so therefore, he braced himself, clasped hands, and said, "Celestial Bai, I'm innocent! Someone is slandering me!"

After every hour, Qing Shui would insert a Golden Needle to release a bit of Qi from his body. Although he would be releasing a bit of the medicine effect together with the Qi from his Ancient Strengthening Technique, he had no other choice. It was better than to endure the full extent of pain without a sense of relief.

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