The Human God Chapter 6

The Human God Chapter 6

The other Great Saint Master looked at the body with an extremely shocked expression, "How amazing, to kill an Earthen Bear in two strokes, could that man be an Earth Saint Master?"

Without hesitating, he sent the blood dripping out from his wound into Big Yellow's mouth. The fresh blood turned into a straight line, like a stream of running water and flowed into Big Yellow's mouth at a steady pace.

Laughing, the king of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom came walking in. The glittering smile on his face emphasized just how cheerful he was.

This time, the power of the spear was way stronger than before. It penetrated Firethorn Savage's solid golden armor. The spearhead even went deep into Firethorn Savage's body.

"Yes, teacher!" Without question, the disciple immediately called over a few men and rode off to find out some information.

Mao Fang was greatly alarmed. This was simply unbelievable. Jiang Chen's attack caused him to feel a tremendous pressure.



All of a sudden, a twenty-five year old youth came bursting into the palace in a grandiose manner. He wore a magnificent cyan robe and his eyebrows were creased into a fierce state, giving everyone the idea that he was the type to treat all those under the heavens as someone to be scorned.

Not only him, even Yan Chong and the other two men had pale expressions due to fear. They were not used to the cruelty of the big yellow dog.

"Master, if only we were able to find more heavenly resources like the Hundred Grass Wine. Otherwise, we will only be able to use the Multicolored Immortal Crystal in order to heal. Seeing how weak the Qi of this world is, it serves no use to us."Chapter 387: Chaotic Force

The old man in black said with an incontrovertible tone.

Jiang Chen said. He understood the rules, in this world, no matter where one goes, the most important was one's abilities. Only strength can be considered one's true wealth, and only then will one be respected. By reaching the Mid Mortal Core realm, Jiang Chen's worth would be higher.

Facing Ling Ao's Twisting Chaos Palm, Jiang Chen squinted his eyes. A smile appeared on his face. With his experience, he could easily tell how powerful this Twisting Chaos Palm was. Once this skill was unleashed, it would completely lock down its target, creating a prison that would keep the target in captivity.

"Hmph, what a nice coincidence. Sire, why don't you take off the mask and let us see your true identity. Or are you a coward who refuses to show us?" A commander sneered.

With glowing eyes, he left this deserted place.


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