Life Hunter Chapter 810

Life Hunter Chapter 810

However, at this exact moment, it was as though a switch flipped on in his mind. "This was it! An opening that I can use, damn it I'm a genius!"

As it turned out, Bai Xiaochun was even more important to the Blood Stream Division than he had previously imagined!

Another month passed, and the disciples of Green Crest Peak¡­ were also driven crazy.

"Du Xuemei, prepare to die!!"

"Bai Xiaochun!?!?" she blurted.

The audience was completely bowled over. By this point, they could tell that this was no ordinary bet, and that there was some specific reason that Chen Xiong kept saying he wasn't happy.

Canghai Mingyue panicked, lifting her head towards Qing Shui who was smiling at her. His beautiful eyes were extremely clear, and he had a gaze as if it was a father's love and a bit of intoxication.

"Old Master, I wonder where these Demonic Beast Cards came from?" Qing Shui wanted to find out where they came from. After all, some of them would actually come with perverse battle skills.

It was a monumental turn of events. After all, Mistysea Prefecture was in the middle of rapid development, and if the momentum stalled at this early stage, it could have devastating long-term consequences.

He would let her cultivate solely the Taichi Fists technique, nothing else.

The things he had experienced were things that most people of his generation could never even imagine happening.

Qing Shui felt bizarre in his heart. Could it be the reason for that was because he had a desire for older women? Despite so, he felt that the girl in front of him was filled with grace albeit a little bit sultry, although calling her graceful could be considered sarcasm in this place where she was working.


But for the second key to do the same.... They gritted their teeth and told themselves that it was another coincidence. And yet... they were completely dumbfounded at the sight of the key chasing Bai Xiaochun.

Qing Shui was in no hurry, he especially took the time to admire the bouncing of Huoyun Liu-Li's perky butt cheeks before he burst into motion. Qing Shui didn't use the ¡®sliding steps' of the Cloudmist Steps nor did he understand how to use the ¡®slow steps', but rather, he used the combination technique between Free Spirit Steps and Cloudmist Steps, which resulted in a burst of speed so fast that he was instantly next to Liu-Li and as long as he stretched his hand out, he could embrace her into a hug.

"Silly woman, how foolish of you¡­.." Qing Shui rambled on. He was very angry.

There was no one to host the Fight of the Ultimate Life and Death because no one would be willing to. Even if one party gained an overwhelming victory, the victors wouldn't be unscathed and must definitely pay a big price. Therefore, such battles tended to be self-initiated. There was no need to say anything when they were in the fight.

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