The charming wizard prince Chapter 2879

The charming wizard prince Chapter 2879

The bud of the Flower of Life had already blossomed. Qing Shui knew that the upgrade of the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal had changed the growth of these plantations. Qing Shui was happy as he thought about the wide field of 1000 year medicinal ingredients. The distance between the fields was growing smaller.

"Furthermore, Wang Clan's the pillar of support is already dead. Even if you let them off, they will still probably be swallowed up by some other power. Regardless of whoever it is, they will definitely extend their hand towards you and express some goodwill. You would have one more friend this way, the benefits are quite significant." Madam Duanmu continued.

She could see from Qing Shui's eyes that there was no throbs, not even a bit of expression. Even after he saw her, there wasn't an ounce of change in his expression. But she would always feel his presence in her heart, not love, by maybe a liking to him, a deep impression and a strong attraction.

They swallowed hard, their hearts racing madly as they stared at the pitch-black rainbow. The other cultivators who were with them were equally shocked.

As for the other chiefs, they headed in other directions to start fighting the five legions' colonels who had been pulled out past the shield!

"Cut the Crap, DIE!"

Bai Xiaochun was the only person standing alone on the outside.

This brightness caused the fan to surpass the gigantic sovereign, and provoked many shouts of alarm from the cultivators below!

"You're the one seeking death, don't blame me!"

"Liu-Li, wait for me for a while. Wait until I have settled down there, then I will come back to get you guys, ok? It will be very fast. For now, I really don't have the ability to bring you along. You too know that things won't be as peaceful when I go to Central Continent."

Its height was already over fifteen meters but the growth gradually slowed down. So did the rate at which the body was swelling up. Now, the fiery red colored skin appeared to be tough like rocks.

"But you are a divine being in my eyes. A goddessˇ­ˇ­"

Nothing could get in his way, and thus, it was a short time later that he arrived at the volcano, which he immediately scanned with divine sense. Instantly, his eyes lit up with curiosity.

He used the Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm.

Bai Xiaochun clutched his identity medallion firmly in hand as he hurried away from the Missions Office and then headed directly toward Fragrant Cloud Peak's Spirit Medicine Pharmacy, which was where disciples could acquire spirit medicines.

If they did drag things out, what good would it do...?

"They won't. As long as I don't stop them, they won't come looking for trouble." Ji Yunlang shook his head and his frown lightened a little.

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