Reborn as Yun Che in ATG with Saiyan bloodline Chapter 2871

Reborn as Yun Che in ATG with Saiyan bloodline Chapter 2871

Jian Chen held out a dozen Class 4 Monster Cores to Ming Dong, "Continue to increase your strength then. You need not to worry about obtaining any monster cores, just leave all of that to me, but what you need to bear in mind is that cultivation to increase your strength is a step by step process. If you try to rush ahead recklessly, then who knows what hidden dangers in the future will affect your progress.

Yan Chen Yu said. After journeying for seven days, she was getting more and more used to the cruel and fierce nature of Big Yellow. This was a good improvement for Yan Chen Yu. Her mind would mature faster by experiencing cruel killing situations.

Without delay, Jian Chen began to do as told.

This time, the speed in which Jiang Chen absorbed it became slower. He wanted to tidy up his yuan energy while absorbing the demon and devil souls, causing his cultivation base to become even more solid.

As he contemplated this, Jian Chen decided to give it a try once more. Scanning the room, his eyes noticed a nearby wooden clothes rack. Snapping off a 2 foot wooden strip, Jian Chen would use it as a makeshift sword.

Jiang Chen knew that taking revenge like this felt much better than just killing Jiang Ru Long.

"That's definitely Kabolds who is knocking." Hearing the knock, Xiao Dao revealed a happy smile as he went to open the door.

Jian Chen untied the Space Belt that Captain Kendall had given him. He stared at the belt in his hand in a trance as the memories of the words that Kendall had imparted to him when handing him this belt replayed in his mind.

Jiang Wei said. However, with a ferocious look in his eyes, a black poison needle suddenly appeared in his hand.

"This young girl is very pretty. If she could be my human pet, hehe££££"

"Hmph! A fragile little girl is trying to stop me?"

Seeing Xiao Dao's expression of yearning, Yun Xuan grudgingly shook his head and inwardly whispered to himself, "Are Saint Masters that amazing? All they do is bully Class 2 Magical Beasts. You think that a Saint Master's strength is enough for them to rampage around Magical Beast Mountain Range without fear?" Yun Xuan turned around to look at Jian Chen as he said, "Hey, Jian Chen, how many times have you entered Magical Beast Mountain Range? You're so small; could it be that it's only your first time?"

"Of course I can. If you were to give me your demon soul, I could completely inherit your entire bloodline. You can try if you don't believe me.

"This is excellent! Little Chen can kill a Second Grade Combat King warrior, so with his help, we can definitely defeat the Demon King Palace!"

When the bolts and shattered pieces of stone made contact with the protective covering, it only managed to shake for a moment before the covering began to crack. At this stage, the Saint Force only managed to slow down the advances of the bolts and stones.

"Fourth master of the Changyang clan ¨• Changyang Xiangtian." Georgien spoke heavily with a difficult expression.

"Senior, would it be possible to tell me how you managed to do this?" Although he was unable to harm the ancestor at all, Jian Chen was not discouraged and even asked a question with some curiosity.

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