Better than one Chapter 674

Better than one Chapter 674

Canghai Mingyue's mother paid the price with her life for the sake of her daughter's life!

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Qing Yin ran towards Qing Shui when she saw him. She pounced immediately before she was able to reach to her father. Luckily, Qing Shui caught her before she got hurt or fell to the ground.

Immediately drawing upon a trump card, he transformed into a crimson bolt of lightning that brimmed with destructive power as it shot toward Bai Xiaochun.

Wenren Wushuangˇ­ Qing Shui didn't even know if this would work out in the first place. Even if it did work out, Qing Shui had intended to take care of her for her whole life. She had also agreed to stay with him. But now, he didn't even know if he could live longer than three years. So right now he didn't want toˇ­...

When comparing > to to the 3 other thick medical books, it could be considered rather thin. In addition, the contents of the > book explained the most basic of all sword stances. Compared to the complex > and the >, it was infinitely easier to remember.

"Run! Everyone hurry up and get out!" Ji Yunlang was shocked but calmed down immediately. Even if they were formidable beasts, they still would not enter the area within ten miles of the safety zone.

Booms rang out as Lei Shan and Mistress Red-Dust began fighting. As for Lei Shan, he seemed almost indestructible; although Mistress Red-Dust's magical techniques slammed into him, his expression didn't change at all, and he continued to attack without letup.

He had learned how to make bamboo cicadas from his father when he was young. Supposedly, they were effective in catching all sorts of creatures from chickens to phoenixes. Once the bamboo cicada itself was finished, he used some strips of bamboo to weave a cord. After finishing that, he tested out the cord's strength, tied it to the bamboo cicada, then flew out into the darkness of night.

Rage built upon rage, and echoed out with the clan chief's voice as an enormous soul fist smashed into the exploding arrows.

However, things weren't over yet. Zhao Tianjiao's two followers also joined in the fight, gritting their teeth as they bravely leapt toward the seemingly illusory white shadows.

"Towards the south, 30 degrees to the left, behind the greenwood tree whose width is roughly about the thickness of the size of 2 humans." This was what Qing Shui could sense.. However, regarding that glare, he was unable to determine whether it was a beast or a humanˇ­

"Yeah, that's right!"

As of this moment, the true enemy of the north bank wasn't the south bank, it was a single person. Bai Xiaochun!

"Qing Shui, this is too much of a blow. To think that in less than three days' time, you have achieved such a level of familiarity," Huoyun Liu-Li said coquettishly and pouted her lips.

"If only things had been this easy back in that energy passageway." Sighing, he collected up a whole set of souls spheres, and then looked around at the hordes of devilish specters still rushing in his direction. Eyes gleaming with the desire to do battle, he threw his head back and let loose a long cry.

The black dog only found it mildly interesting, but Bruiser quickly grew addicted. Eventually, he became familiar with the bathing routines of the female disciples, and would excitedly rush out of the Beast Conservatory in the morning, and wouldn't return until the sky was dark.

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