Bandit to King Chapter 1691

Bandit to King Chapter 1691

Hang the heads of the strong on the walls!

Big Yellow said. When they were here last time, because the doorway out of the Island of Ice was disappearing, they were forced to hastily leave. If they hadn't, they might get trapped for another hundred years. Thus, they didn't have enough time to take a second look at this Teleportation Formation. However, out of their expectations, Jiang Chen was the man who got all the benefits. With the bronze plate, this Island of Ice could be considered Jiang Chen's garden.

"Precisely! This guy is just making things up! This isn't something a Divine Core junior can accomplish!"

After saying that, Jiang Chen brought Big Yellow with him and entered Misty Mountain. He was giving advice to the Green Sanctuary Sect, and if they ignored his warning and continued attacking him, the Green Sanctuary Sect would not just suffer losing two Sect Elders and four inner circle disciples.

Without saying anything else, five valiant Late Divine Core Evil Devils raised their devil weapons high up into the air, then they unleashed their frightening devilish energies and attacked Jiang Chen and his group.

It was no secret that the geniuses of the Asura Palace were coming to the Heavenhawk Island today, seeking an opportunity to kill the Heavenhawk Island Master. Many people were here to watch the show. At this moment, Li Hao and the other three men formed a group with three other men, causing their group to now have a total of seven core disciples from the Asura Palace. They were now hovering outside the Heavenhawk Island.

Jian Chen displayed a warm expression on his face. However, in the eyes of the nobles of of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, his smile was the smile of a demon.

Yan Chen Yu blinked her beautiful bright eyes. She felt no fear when facing the angry Big Yellow.

Jiang Chen threw his head back and laughed. Even if this was the last tribulation bolt of the Intermediate Six Tribulation, Jiang Chen showed no signs of fear when facing it. The concoction of the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pills was nearly completed, and he was facing the last step now, which was also the most important step.


"Everyone is here, Grand Elder." The patriarch spoke straight away.

The richly dressed Qin Ji walked to the stone door and raised his hand to touch it with a calm expression. "Breaking open this door will allow us entry into the immortal's cave, let us have all of those with a Ruler Armament strike at it at the same time. I doubt this door will be able to withstand the might of six Ruler Armaments."

Finally, Jiang Chen and his friends strode away without looking back, leaving behind the three gloomy disciples of the Heavenly Sect. Eventually, the Fifth Grade Combat King failed to escape his misfortune, and was stripped naked. He was currently using his Yuan energy to cover his body, waiting for Jiang Chen and his friends to be completely out of sight.

Big Yellow was puzzled by the situation, while the Ice Demon King was still kneeling in front of the ice statue, kowtowing.

Jian Chen was lying on the ground as he slowly looked around. His heart had quickly calmed down, but his mind was already thinking back to when the Flame Mercenaries had tried to protect him while he ran; they had sacrificed their lives to stall the Golden Fur Tiger King.


Within the depths of the desolate mountain, Tian Yishan, Guan Yiyun and the other men were still struggling with fighting back. After the first round of attack, all of them had been injured. There were 2 Mid Divine Core warriors on the opposite side, there was no way they could match them.

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