The Heavenly Divine Cat Chapter 2486

The Heavenly Divine Cat Chapter 2486

After such an event, Jian Chen didn't wish to stay there any longer. Since he had already eaten and drank, he was content.

"Hmph! Wu Jiu, who are you to tell the Imperial Emperor what to do? The Imperial Emperor is the Eastern Continent's ultimate existence, there is nothing he can't interfere with! Furthermore, what happened back in the days was all because of his own capability, don't always think you are the greatest man here!"

"Rest assured, Mayor."

A cracking sound could be heard from the gigantic silver palm as countless cracks appeared on it, and in the next second, it shattered, turning into bits of sparks that disappeared into the thin air. As for Jiang Chen, he was still maintaining the posture of punching, and his body wasn't moving at all.

And with the backing of the Qinhuang Kingdom, the acquisition of the territories had gone by smoothly. All of the lesser clans and sects had immediately pledged allegiance to these seven powers, and some of them had even became a subsidiary power to them. This had allowed for the seven powers to completely control the entire Heavenly Eagle Kingdom in three short days.

"Haha! Come, let me see who is stronger!"

Witnessing this, Yu Zihan who stood in the formation exclaimed loudly. He was so enraged that it seemed like flames were going to burst out from his eyes.

Hearing these mercenaries speak up, a mercenary with a knife wound slowly nodded his head and said, "Fine then, let us get off of this mountain range."

Jian Chen had a strange look on his face as he looked forward and thought to himself.

"You'll know when you get there," said the shadow.

As soon as he thought of the words, Jian Chen felt his mind tremble for a moment before Ziying and Qingsuo disappeared from his mind. In the next moment, they had left his mind space and appeared above his head. Right now the two looked like two weak glows of light and mist in human form, but their facial features could not be seen.

"We all underestimated the prosperity of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. None of us expected them to have such a heavy amount of tungsten alloy. This chunk isn't 1500 kilograms. I estimate it to be around 2500 kilograms around actually." Jian Chen had a happy smile on his face. Jian Chen was extremely happy because of this priceless amount of tungsten alloy.

"Stop there! Leave your life here!"

Once he had confirmed their identities, a large amount of killing intent emerged from Jian Chen in waves of energy. Without anymore words, Jian Chen took out his Light Wind Sword and began to charge at the Zhou Mercenaries.

The elder was temporarily stunned without saying a word. A flash of killing intent quickly passed through his eyes as he quickly leaped toward Jian Chen once more with his dagger ready to kill him.

According to Jiang Chen's estimation, in order to reach the Mid Mortal Core realm, his strength would need to double again; he had to form at least thirty Dragon Marks.

Qing Yun didn't hesitate and left the room before mounting his Class 3 Magical Beast to ride back toward the Tianhua Sect in a hurry.

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