The Bringer of Truth Chapter 381

The Bringer of Truth Chapter 381

"Ai, Sister, quickly come and take a look, this is a true treasure map!" Huoyun Liu-Li beckoned Canghai Mingyue over.

Chapter 285 Taichi Single Whip Single Whip Taichi Single Whip, Breaking Through To The 95th Cycle.

Qing Shui totally agreed with the Old Ancestor. One's strength was indeed determined by what one can truly demonstrate during a battle.?

If he was someone new to the place, Qing Shui would definitely not know what kind of place the Tiger Gorge Mountain was. But now, he was aware and was also slightly interested in it. The Tiger Gorge Mountain was quite far from the other cities, with wilderness on one side. However, the wilderness was the safest while the other three directions were all filled with danger.

When Qing Shui sensed that the Diamond Gigantic Elephant's strength was unceasingly and rapidly rising, he felt worried that the Diamond Gigantic Elephant might explode and die.

Now there were only two devas left, and yet, he still had many concerns to deal with.

"What did you see?" Bai Xiaochi asked anxiously.

"Well, at least things are all worked out now," he told himself comfortingly. He was just about to open his mouth to speak to the crowd when he saw all of the soul cultivators who had been given compensation rushing over to clasp hands to Bai Xiaochun.

To see Zhou Yixing flee actually left the two soul cultivators feeling quite relieved.

These were the most perfect Soul Convergence Pills he had concocted so far.

It would be hard for any of these people to be more shocked than they already were!

Like blood dissolving in water, they became a part of him, and were as easy to control as his own arms. Expression brightening, he exercised a single thought, and the wings fluttered.

Another thing Qing Shui was concerned about whether the item had the same effect as the Spirit Gathering Lamp he recalled. Who would come in possession of such a Magic Treasure?

If he wanted, he could change the direction the fan flew in! It was under his complete control! His heart surged with nearly uncontrollable excitement at all of the powers of the fan that he now had at his disposal.

Lan Tong Looked at Qing Shui for a while before she smiled: "Welcome to the team!"

"Oh, I see.. Mother, those 3 books which you mentioned earlier, can I find them in our library?" Qing Shui eagerly asked.

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