Divine Beast Adventures Chapter 1344

Divine Beast Adventures Chapter 1344

Yang Laosan had sensed that there was an immense amount of power in his body and he was so overjoyed that words could not describe his feelings. He wanted to drop to his knees immediately and thank Qing Shui.

In the blink of an eye, over ten days passed. The disciples of the Skysword Sect who departed the mountains all returned. However, Cloud Mist Peak was still cloaked in solitude as before. Qing Shui spent all his days playing with the little lass and strictly guiding her on cultivation.

Bai Xiaochun knew that this was the only viable tactic. As soon as he had become a sovereign, he had sensed that there was something very mysterious and even unfathomable about this starry sky.

"You're mine, Bai Xiaochun!" she said, her eyes glittering with anticipation.

The reward from the 4th level of the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal expanded the land in the realm to about 100 mu. Qing Shui was thinking if the 4th level was a crucial point. Would the reward for the 4th level be better?

Luan Luan's eyes lit up. The things that Qing Shui gave her would naturally never be inferior. For him to say it was good, it would naturally be even better than what he claimed. She happily gave Qing Shui a hug before she left.

Long San stared at Qing Shui. While his junior Li Long was at the pinnacle of Xiantian, Long San believed that Qing Shui was only at the elementary of the Martial King level. It was because the Qing Shui was too young. He felt that Li Long must have been either too careless, or his opponent must have some kind of extremely powerful armor and weapon.

There were a lot of definitions for the meaning of a true friend. However, as Qing Shui had been living for the past two generations, he had already understood clearly the concept of being a friend. Thus, Qing Shui still had little to no guy friends up until now.

"Not only does that command medallion represent your position in the Skin Flayers, it also will keep a record of your battle credits. The number of enemies killed by each of your exploding pill furnaces will be collected there!" The approval in Bai Lin's eyes couldn't have been clearer, and the truth was that were it not for the strict rules in the five legions, he would have directly promoted Bai Xiaochun to the rank of captain.

It was a middle aged man who had the same facial features as Xi Ri. The moment he landed on the floor, he quickly shoved a medicinal pill into Xi Ri's mouth.

"Stop with the crap. Today, I'll tear you apart alive." Donggong Maisun did not care how loud his voice was.

The instant he unleashed the Undying Heavenly King, his body shivered. Back in the Spirit Stream Sect, practicing the Undying Heavenly King led to a terrifying wastage of vital energy. Without precious materials and a vast supply of medicinal pills on hand, it was almost impossible.

Even if they did not have them, Qing Shui would be able to come up with some excuses. After all, the impression he had given them was demonic enough. What with the mysterious fruits, seasonings...

Although the Heavenly Fire-Armored Rock Bear wasn't too strong or at least not strong enough for these people, they still didn't dare to get a taste of those falling fireballs with their own bodies.

AST 0125 - The Arena at the Wedding Banquet (2)

"No, this isn't right," he murmured. "How come I can't find the right path¡­?" At a certain point, he got so anxious that he stuck his neck out and bit it again, using the power of his blood to aid his efforts. Afterward, he took a deep breath, inhaling some of the water vapor in the area. At that point, his bloodshot eyes lit up.

The decorations inside the building were simple and elegant. Landscapes and portraits, as well as calligraphy were hung across the walls. Coincidentally, the decorations in this building were pretty much the same as those in the Azure Cloud Pavilion. Qing Shui almost doubted himself when he first entered the building with Mu Qing.

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