Long Live Summons Fanfiction Chapter 1404

Long Live Summons Fanfiction Chapter 1404

"Bastard! Damn dog!"


When the title of being a grand elder for Mercenary City was heard to the ancestor, his entire body was suddenly drained of its strength and is knees dropped to the ground after being unable to sustain his body weight. There was panic in his expression, and his heart threatened to leap out from his throat. Looking at Tian Jian's face, there was utter disbelief in his expression along with some terror and fear mixed in.

After thinking it out, Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes and got off the bed. Tonight, he would not be cultivating his body on top of his bed as usual, but instead he would stand in the central point of his room with his eyes closed.

"Judging from your description, I already know who this mysterious youngster is. He is not from the Gesun Kingdom, but rather has a connection with them. The Blue Wind Kingdom and our kingdom had sent eleven Heaven Saint Masters in total to fight the Gesun Kingdom, but after his appearance, they had to retreat back in defeat. Seven of them were even killed by him before they could even notice meaning his strength is not just for show." The grand elder spoke. This elder was one of the fortunate ones that had managed to escape from Jian Chen from before.

At that moment, a light knock came from outside the door. A respectful voice rang out from outside, "Respected headmaster, Changyang Hu has been brought!"

All of the villagers had been taught how to cultivate by Xiu Mi, so they had all been able to cultivate to a certain degree. Although the strongest ones weren't even a Great Saint Master, the good majority of them were Saints or just Great Saints. Some didn't care at all about cultivating and thus hadn't even condensed their Saint Force to form a Saint Weapon yet.

Clapping his hands, Ming Dong looked at Ka Di Yun with a smile. Beckoning for him with a finger, he spoke, "Come now, let's try again. You just need to put a little more effort to knock me back."

Ka Di Yun and Ling Zhengtian fought for a while on top of the arena without victory being decided. However, Ming Dong had long since lost interest in the battle and did not wish to watch anymore. With him being an Earth Saint Master, watching two Saint Masters fight in front of him was like watching a kid show off to a professional. There was nothing to feel excited about from watching this.

Jiang Chen said.


"Yue'er, Changyang Xiangtian speaks logically. If not for the Qinhuang Kingdom's assistance, then we would not have been able to repel the four armies against us. This matter did not start in the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, but within the imperial palace of our Gesun Kingdom. The ones who attacked our cities were the four kingdoms." The headmaster of Kargath Academy, Khafir spoke.

Judging from the way things were going, Jiang Chen would indeed not be able to kill the Old Emperor. However, he was like a cockroach that couldn't be killed either. The Old Emperor was obviously fighting with all his strength, but he had yet to inflict any real injuries to Jiang Chen. And, Wu Jiu, the guy who had just become a First Grade Combat King, he too was a tough nut to crack. Thus, the war that the Martial Saint Dynasty was so confident they could win had fallen into the current situation. If the situation kept going like this, forget about destroying the Black Sect, there was a possibility that the Martial Saint Dynasty would be defeated by them today.

Seeing the thin sword in Jian Chen's hand, the man didn't feel threatened at all. Taking a deep breath, he began to shout before charging at Jian Chen to chop him down.

A sixteen year old teenager, and he knew everything. That would be fine, but, not only did he know everything, he had also mastered everything. No matter what it was, Jiang Chen could always do it like he was a Grandmaster.

Jiang Chen thought to himself.Chapter 289 ÿ Snatching Food from a Dog's Mouth? No Way!

Since the appearance of the dimensional crack, nearly one thousand Dimensional Creatures had emerged from the crack. If not for this, Mount Origin wouldn't have fallen in such a short amount of time.

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