Karna - The Legend Untold Chapter 625

Karna - The Legend Untold Chapter 625

"Mrrrr££" The tiger cub hiding on Jian Chen's shoulder had been affected by the tremendous aura of the Saint Ruler, causing it to let out a small, frantic cry. It clung to Jian Chen's neck with both its paws. The cub seemed like it was about to collapse.

Everyone present was busy with their own battles, so no one managed to noticed what had just happened.


"What Little Chen said is correct. This battle will have a great influence on the future of the Southern Continent, so we have to bring up the spirit of the humans. We'll wait until Lord Nether makes his move tomorrow before we strike. Not only will we catch them unprepared like that, we will also strengthen the spirit of the humans."

Qin Xiao's injuries continued to slowly heal, and while the cut mark on his waist wasn't completely healed, a small scab was already forming. With the help of some medicine, another ten days would be needed before he could walk. Even Qin Jue's injuries had healed sufficiently enough for him to fight. With his valiant strength, it would take another few days for him to heal completely.

Therefore, a man and a dog started fighting in the small cave. The scene looked so familiar, and it was like the first time they had met each other.

Hearing the words £¦Heaven Tier Battle Skill', Jian Chen's heart skipped a beat once more. A Heaven Tier Battle Skill was something that he absolutely wanted. He didn't think that he would come across 3 separate Heaven Tier Battle Skills so quickly.

The other child was a 4-5 year old girl with two ponytails. Her bright eyes looked at the still hostile Changyang Ke and laughed. With her two dimples that appeared with each laugh, she looked exceptionally cute. Although she was underaged now, it was certain that after she grew older, she would have beauty that could rival the gods. This child was the second born of Changyang Ba, as well as the sole female childÿChangyang Mingyue.

"Mother, I've returned!" Just at that moment, the sound of Jian Chen came calling from a distance away. The four seated women all glanced upwards to see a young man and elderly figure come walking quickly towards them.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow's vision landed on the same spot, a broken door. Obviously, this was the place that Jiang Chen and Big Yellow had been searching for.

Jian Chen's group of travelers slowly made their way to the gated entrance of the city. Seeing the battleworn city walls, Jian Chen felt a complex emotion arise on his face as if reminiscing about something.

"I never expected such a special place to be in the Eastern Continent££"

The sudden appearance of Tian Jian shocked every single Saint Ruler in attendance. Every single faction could hardly keep their own emotions in check as they gaped at Tian Jian in absolute shock.

The sliver of shock in Jian Chen's eyes was caught by the president. He could not help but smile, as he thought Jian Chen was shocked from the sudden but great news. He smiled, "Yang Yutian, perhaps you're unwilling to take me as your master?" Although that was what he said, there was no underlying tone of dissatisfaction at all.

As the night went on and the morning came by, Qin Xiao came by to Jian Chen's room early only to see the broken remnants of the door that was caused by Ming Dong when he had kicked it open. With a stunned look, he immediately cried out, "Brother Jian Chen, are you still here?"

It was such an intense battle, but the ending was completely unimaginable. Those warriors who stood outside Mount Tian yuan were very terrified, especially the warrior who had brought Jiang Chen here. He couldn't help but continuously wipe sweat off his forehead.

"Fuck you, I'm the one who broke the defense mechanism! You're weak, and still envy other people's result! There are so many herbs here, you can just go find something else!"

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