Waking Up With Five-Tails Chapter 1818

Waking Up With Five-Tails Chapter 1818

The two mansions weren't very far apart; in fact, they were within eyesight of each other.

Maybe even carving the Spirit Gathering Formation...

"Are you certain?"

Some distance away from the wall were three enormous vortexes, from within which poured countless masses of savage giants.

Currently, a beam of light was speeding along near the south bank of the Spirit Stream Sect. It was none other than Li Qinghou and Bai Xiaochun. As they raced into the servants' quarters beneath the third peak, it was just possible to hear Bai Xiaochun shouting out in fear.

As soon as the Giant Ghost King arrived, the might of a demigod weighed down in the area, causing all heaven and earth to shake. Furthermore, a sound like a shattering mirror could be heard as a semi-transparent shield of light suddenly appeared, fracturing and cracking. Then the shield exploded!!

Outside, he could see countless Outer Sect disciples, many of whom were looking up at the name list. Bai Xiaochun's currently felt very heroic.

In the Wildlands, the five great powers were split among five enormous cities!

Marquis Zi Lin smiled faintly, and quickly clasped hands in salute to the deva. Without saying anything else, he and his men walked toward the gate, fairly radiating murderous auras.


Lin Zhanhan exclaimed in shock when he saw Qing Luo opening the small porcelain bottle. This was the first time the calm old man had lost his composure.

"She does? It is fine to lie to her for her whole life but what about you? What if you want to marry someone in future? What are you going to say to Luan Luan?" Qing Shui said after she thought for a while, without realizing it, he mentioned this problem.

Looking very pleased at the words of congratulations being offered by his personal guard, he hurried up to Song Que.

The woman led the way and Qing Shui followed behind her, admiring how her hips swayed alluringly as she walked. As expected of the best inn, even the quality and appearance of their waitresses were top notch.

"Divine Doctor!"

"Okay I got it, thank you for the pointers". Qing Shui replied with a smile. Qing Shui knew that the youth's name was Qing Yang. Amongst the 3rd generation clan members, he was the strongest after Qing Zi and Qing You. His cultivation level had already broken through to the peak of Martial Warrior, 5th Grade! In the past, he had never ridiculed Qing Shui and even helped him sometimes. Therefore Qing Shui held quite a favorable view of him.

It did seem very simple but it was because Qing Shui had cultivated for very long time to achieve such outcome. If it was converted to the time within the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal, the days he spent on cultivation would be too overwhelmingly long. On top of that, his cultivation arts were wide-ranging and profound. It was no coincidence for Qing Shui to have the achievement he had today.

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