Assassins Creed System Chapter 2458

Assassins Creed System Chapter 2458

"This is so boring," he murmured. "I think I'll go chat with Xiaomei." It took a bit of searching, but he soon found her. She was with a team of fellow cultivators operating a spell formation giant to clear away rubble.

The spirit automaton hesitated at first, but considering how Bai Xiaochun was just standing there laughing, he started to get mad and said, "You¡­ Fudge! Fine, who cares if my surname is Bai now? Just call me Bai Xiaochi!!"?

Qing Shui had been in the mountains for two months. Currently, they didn't dare to split into groups to seek for treasures. Furthermore, they would try to obtain a thorough understanding of their surroundings before taking any action. As of now, they were already 500,000 kilometers into this place.

Thunderbolt: A thunder attack emitted from the beast's core, with a two meter attack range. The attack causes a slight Paralysis effect as well as Deceleration and Reaction Delay debuffs. These effects are stackable.

This was because Qing Shui felt that his uneasiness originated from Stellar Horse Lake.

"With Big Fatty Zhang to help me, I'll be fine," Patriarch Spirit Stream said, his eyes shining with determination. "The Vile-Emperor Dynasty people are definitely going to be worked up into a frenzy because of Xiaochun. Now is the perfect time to strike! I'm the patriarch of the River-Defying Sect! Even here in the Eternal Lands, that hasn't changed. Our home is gone, but our sect still lives on! It's my job to find all of our scattered disciples and bring them together!"

Rumbling sounds filled the world as the Archaean Luminescence descended, which was equivalent to an archaean expert attacking ten times in a row. In fact, it was such a powerful force that it ripped open a hole in the sky!

Qing Shui lifted his head and saw a white feathered condor. When he saw the delicate little girl sitting on it, he laughed happily.?

"The men who are in queue for a chance to marry Sister Chen can fill an entire continent. I am sure Sister Chen will be satisfied." Qing Shui said quickly, smiling.?

"When did you get out of my bag of hold--"

Two more battleships could be seen further back in the river, one of them 210,000 meters long, the other 90,000 meters. They seemed just as solemn as the first battleship.

Suddenly, Qing Shui recalled that he had yet to look for Wenren Wu-shuang after having returned for so long!

Back in the Qing Clan, Qing Yi was in a fluster as she realised that Qing Shui was missing. She immediately went to the nearby hills Qing Shui frequented in an attempt to search for him. However, there were no traces to be found. Unwilling to give up, she persisted on to no avail.

"How could this be happening? What¡­ what kind of cultivation base does he have?!?!"

Raging Blow!

The same pressure from before weighed down on the island, and in fact, the lack of any sound other than the waves made that pressure seem even more intense. As a result, all of the visitors felt more awe and fear than ever.

She broke through!?

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