Reborn with the Ultimate Weapon! Chapter 1561

Reborn with the Ultimate Weapon! Chapter 1561

Telling a lady that she had the beauty which could cause the falls of countries and cities or that her beauty could bring sufferings to countries and their people, were also compliments for extreme beauty!

The two females were speaking about their girls stuff, but Huoyun Liu-Li actually felt bitter in her heart. She understood the change that came over Canghai Mingyue's heart, even if currently she didn't have feelings for Qing Shui. At the very least, she was already starting to be concerned about him and had a shadow of him in her heart.

"Jian Ye Country? Cloud Mist Sect?"

At this point, they weren't really ruins anymore. Life had returned to the 1,080,000 worlds, and there was no trace of any wreckage or rubble. In fact, because of the rain that had long since begun to fall, many of the worlds had seas and oceans.

"Investigate!" she bellowed. "Investigate immediately and find out what exactly is happening!!"

Qing Shui felt very happy as he walked alongside Mingyue Gelou. Every now and then, they would tease Yuchang, and were very much like a happy family of three.

"That's right. Two years ago, a big monk passed by here. He was really comparable to Little fatty in size, but he looked very amiable and his level of cultivation was very, very high. We couldn't even move an inch under the aura he exuded." Qing Bei was especially happy when she mentioned that big monk.

"Master Qing, I am Weng Xue." the woman's skin was snow white and delicate. Her single lidded phoenix eyes were very pretty, she had a dainty nose and a lanky figure. Her perky breasts were accentuated by her slim figure. Her beauty was in no way inferior to Yu He.

The lady was stunned for a moment before she broke into a smile and said, "If your wife doesn't mind, then I have no issues with it either."

The moment the old man moved, Qing Shui understood that that was the Cloudmist Steps of the Heavenly Palace. He had seen Canghai execute this many times before, and at the instant the old man disappeared, Qing Shui swiftly tried to dodge.

Gu Song felt ecstatic in his heart. He knew that the more he reminded his brother to beware, the more he could demonstrate Qing Shui's strength and provoke Gu Wu's will to fight. Gu Wu was very strong in cultivation, but he was way inferior to Gu Song when it came to handling personal matters. Moreover, he never took these youths seriously.

This way it would increase the lethality, destructiveness, and explosiveness of his attacks greatly.

Then the hand transformed into a fist. The air vibrated as powerful fluctuations spread out, locking down the entire area and making it impossible for Xiao Qing to even move.

Chapter 181 Peerless Beauty Beast Tamer, Little Loli?.

Wiping out that force would be equivalent to declaring war on the Grand Heavenmaster.

Qing Shui reached the door and knocked three times very softly.

Only Bai Xiaochun didn't seem to have spent any spiritual energy at all. In fact, he even stood off to the side yawning. When everyone else who had been eliminated from the competition saw that, it left them with the urge to beat him.

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