Living Behind A Mask Chapter 113

Living Behind A Mask Chapter 113

Right when Jiang Chen saw these men, the disciples saw Jiang Chen as well. In an instant, they changed their direction and flew toward Jiang Chen and his friends.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulder. For such a low class examination, he really had no interest at all. But, he needed to enter Origin Mountain.


Seeing the city gates open, Jian Chen continued at his usual speed before finally rushing through the gates to the shock of everyone watching.

"Ridiculous! Little bastard, how dare you talk to us like that?! You're just courting death!"

After another ten breaths, Jian Chen had finally come to a stop and ended the one sided massacre. At this moment, the entire courtyard was littered with the dead bodies of the Zhou Mercenaries. There had been a hundred of them, but after Jian Chen was done with them, all hundred of them were scattered on top of each other. Each one of the bodies had a single wound to their neck that let blood flow freely onto the ground, dying it a crimson red. The stench of the blood began to waft up into the air and would definitely make anyone vomit if they smelled it.

Bloated with pride, Big Yellow carried his head up high, portraying a look saying £¦daddy here is the strongest existence underneath the heavens', while telling the two men with an arrogant tone.

Noticing the disbelief in her voice, Jian Chen furrowed his brows and spoke with some annoyance, "Miss You Yue, I seem to have answered your question." Even though she was a beautiful girl that could cause countless cities to fight for her, to Jian Chen, she was no different than the average girl.

Wu Cong shouted out loudly. He was pressuring Jiang Chen with his superior status, he wanted Jiang Chen to surrender underneath his feet. That would give him an overwhelming joy. He really wanted to use this arrogant method to show off his status as a noble prince.

Ming Dong gave a mischievous smile, "What's so alarming about that? Kid, do you dare say I'm arrogant now?"

"I think you're the ones being ridiculous here, you don't have the right to judge anyone in front of the Imperial Emperor!"

Within the Gesun Kingdom's imperial palace, the royally dressed king and the headmaster of Kargath Academy Khafir were standing within a pavilion situated in the garden.

After the Flame Mercenaries had entered the Kai clan's courtyards, Kai Er had insisted that his son and granddaughter call Jian Chen captain as well.

"We have no choice but to wake young master from his cultivation, only young master can kill this young man."

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes.

"That's why you shouldn't waste any time and neglect your cultivation. No matter how long it'll take, master will always wait for the day to come. Before you leave, master told you not to come back before you reach the Combat Emperor realm. Once you become a Combat Emperor, master will have something for you. If you die in the outside world, that will be your fate. However, you're only a Fourth Grade Combat King, so why did you come back? Are you trying to receive praise from master?"

"That's right. They tried to kill me, so I fought back and killed them. Is there something wrong?"

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