Naruto System Within Naruto Chapter 618

Naruto System Within Naruto Chapter 618

He said loudly, for everyone to hear.

"My name is Xu Qing. I didn't know that young master Jiang and senior disciple Tan knew each other. I hope young master Jiang can forgive my previous rude behavior."

The only flaw was that Jiang Chen had yet to find all parts of its original body. Up until now, he had only found three parts of it, while the remaining four were scarred across different places in the Saint Origin realm. Thus, even though Jiang Chen really wanted to gather all of them, he just had to take it slowly.

Tian Yishan and all the other men's minds trembled, and in an instant, they felt dizzy. Even their souls were trembling. They had nearly lost their minds because of the roar.


"Kill them both."

"En, good."

Someone let out a painful shout and completely silent afterwards. The deadly poison from the King Serpent was not something anybody could resist. Besides, all of them were severely injured. The pain they were experiencing was unimaginable.

Yun Li's words made Jian Chen's eyes twinkle with an icy light, and a sneer appeared on the edge of his lips. Kai Er and the others narrowed their eyes with concern. The Blue Wind Kingdom was a huge beast they had no chance of provoking, so the words of Yun Li had frightened them.

Immediately, Ka Di Yun's foot lashed out and smashed against Changyang Hu's chest. His strength was high enough that it was able to send a strong person like Changyang Hu flying backwards and off of the arena. As he flew off into the air, blood came spraying out of his mouth as his face grew pale from the shock.

Quickly, Jian Chen arrived at the bottom of the valley. There was a giant pool that exuded a chilling frost that permeated his entire body and bones like daggers.

Jian Chen had his Chaotic Force covering his entire body so as to increase his defenses to the maximum. As of now, his fist was several times harder than steel as it struck at Situ Qing's Saint Weapon. Despite his fist having a small split from where the Saint Weapons truck, the flesh quickly healed back up over itself as if it didn't happen to begin with.

"Even the Old Great Emperor is dead; the Martial Saint Dynasty no longer exists. Throughout Jiang Chen's journey, he has offended countless powers and people. Back then, Jiang Chen killed many people in Inferno Hell, and nearly offended every single power in the Eastern Continent. Countless mighty warriors were trying to hunt him down, but luckily, those powers were rather rational, and stopped their pursuit. If they hadn't, they would have to face the same fate as the Martial Saint Dynasty."

Wild wind kept blowing within the tunnel. Bright and variegated lights could be seen everywhere. All of these men had experienced this before, so they just focused on keeping the bodies stabilized, and didn't move a bit.

Even so, Jiang Chen was still severely injured. His body was riddled with wounds and scars; his eyes were bleeding, and his body was swaying in the air, causing him to look like he was about to collapse at any moment. This was the first time he had been injured so badly since he began cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill.

A robust man took a step forward. He was carrying a golden spear, and he was releasing all his terrifying Late Divine Core aura. With a wave of his arm, the spear produced a buzzing sound and started piercing toward Jiang Chen.

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