Jeep Reincarnation | Filipino Chapter 546

Jeep Reincarnation | Filipino Chapter 546

Shangguan Yiqing was appalled. As he felt his life force constantly slipping away, only now did he realize how cold it was when death truly struck, how frightening it was to face death. At this last moment of his life, Shangguan Yiqing finally understood what kind of person Jiang Chen was; he was a man who would never give his enemy any chance to survive!

"Jian Chen, as of today, the Flame Mercenaries have reached a very definite scale of over a hundred thousand members. The time is ripe for us to create a city of our own." Dugu Feng spoke.Chapter 593: A Vein of Tungsten Alloy

However, Yang Shuo was even more shocked than anybody.

The reason why Jiang Chen spared the Crown Prince was to save his family and friends. If not, after what he did today, the Imperial Emperor would definitely not spare Jiang Zhenhai and Yan Zhanyun.

Many people had recognized Big Yellow, and some even recognized the aura of the treasure.

There were six kingdoms surrounding the Gesun Kingdom; the Qiangan Kingdom, the Pingyang Kingdom and the Gesun Kingdom were connected to each other like a triangle. He crossed over the Qiangan Kingdom's stronghold and flew another 3000 kilometers toward the Pingyang Kingdom's stronghold.

Jian Chen left the first cavern, and visited the other seven caverns, each one contained its own Saint Tier Battle Skill. Without any exceptions, each battle skill was illustrated on paintings that required the cultivator to comprehend it by themselves with no instructions.

Hearing his words, neither of the two dared to hesitate. They immediately turned around and fled, scared that they were too slow. What place was this? This was the Chaotic Ocean! The place with the most chaotic atmosphere, and this place was the most remote area of the Chaotic Ocean. Bumping into a Demon King in this place was definitely not something good. However, the Demon King had only asked them to scram. They truly felt that they were very lucky on this day.

Wu Cong was extremely shocked as well. He never thought Jiang Chen's cultivation would progress so much, it seemed like the Magma's Heart had brought him a huge amount of benefits. This caused Wu Cong to be really jealous of Jiang Chen. Without hesitating, he immediately unleashed another attack.

Right after he asked, he immediately saw Big Yellow spit flames out from his mouth onto the dead bodies. One at a time, they were all burnt into ashes. Jiang Chen and Tian Yishan looked at each other, smiles emerging on both faces at the same time. This dog was releasing his anger.

Upon seeing the shop owner's recognition of Kendall, Jian Chen finally confirmed the mother's identity. Trying to stay calm, he spoke to confirm it one more time, "Aunty, please look carefully, is this truly your husband?"

"This is a great secret on the Tian Yuan Continent. Ordinary people have no idea about it, and there aren't many who know of it even in the ancient clans." Harry supplemented.

"I killed those men outside the mountain, therefore I am here. The three of you better not get in my way, I don't want to kill you."


Although Shangguan Yiqing was squinting his eyes, it still couldn't hide the brightness within. Without blinking, he examined Jiang Chen, as if he was trying to see through every inch of him.

Afterward, Changyang Ba and Chang Bai both left for Changyang Hu's room. In the room, three women were standing by Jian Chen's side, the sight itself was very eye-catching.


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