Divine Beast Adventures Chapter 1654

Divine Beast Adventures Chapter 1654

As they arrived on the second story, before they could even take in the scenery around them, a minute sword suddenly stabbed through their necks from behind.

"It was Jiang Chen who saved you all. After I escaped from the stronghold, Yang Shuo sent his men to hunt me down, but I bumped into Jiang Chen while running for my life. It was he who arrived here in time and save you all. Also, he concocted Resurrection Pills for all of you. From now on, I'm not your chief anymore, Jiang Chen is the new chief."

Right at this moment, all the Heavenly Core disciples and Sect Elders were hovering in the sky above the Black Sect. This was a small army of people from the Valley of Happiness and the Black Sect. Just the sheer force the group unleashed caused the ground to shake.

Upon hearing Ling Yi's announcement of punishment for Zhang Yang, joyful cheers instantly burst out from the spectators. Everyone feared and hated this lunatic, but no matter how strong he was, once he was put into the Freezing Hell Jail, all that would await him was certain death. Although no one here had seen the Freezing Hell Jail before, they knew every single frightening legend regarding it.

"Hou!" The Class 5 Magical Beast wasn't slower than Jian Chen, and the moment he had reached it, the sphere of energy gathered within the magical beast's mouth was spat out at tremendous speeds toward Jian Chen's chest.

The newly changed woman embraced the cub affectionately before turning to look at Jian Chen, "Human, I thank you for looking after my child. Your kindness is something that I, Rum Guinness, will never be able to return."

Big Yellow descended next to the body from the skies. Laughing heavily towards the skies, he said, "Kakaka! I'm the invincible master dog!"

Three days quickly went by peacefully. On the third day, Jian Chen and Little Fatty were both cutting down timber in order to rebuild the burned down house Jian Chen was in. This was the promise that Jian Chen had made.

"Fuck, I'm going to die soon!"

Currently, Yan Chenyu was like the ultimate source of all ice-cold energy. Her body continuously emitted energy, causing her to look both cold and holy, as if she was a goddess sleeping within a glacier, and was about to wake up.

Completely letting go of his body, Jian Chen forgot himself for a brief moment as he entered a state of enlightenment. In this one moment, he could feel his spirit harmonizing with the world itself. The two were completely indistinguishable from one another, and every aspect of the world and its mysteries began to appear in his mind in a vague manner rather than clear.


"Use your Saint Force to protect yourself!" One of the Heaven Saint Masters cried before a colorful swarm of Saint Force covered his own body. It condensed like a protective shroud around his body. However, the shroud had been unable to completely protect its master from the debris and had only managed to slow down the speed.

By this point, Qin Wuming had already lead the Eastern Deity Swords to the area where the Space Gate was. Without delay, Jian Chen handed the crystal Cao Keqin had given him along with a map of the Gesun Kingdom to the Imperial Advisor in charge of the Space Gate there.

"You really accept the challenge?"

The other Great Saint mercenaries had been intimidated by the death of the middle aged Saint Master, and were afraid of charging forward. The idea of retreating had already been planted within their hearts. If not for the other Saint Master level mercenary, then they would had already long since run away.

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