Smashing The Anime World with Video Game Power Chapter 1249

Smashing The Anime World with Video Game Power Chapter 1249

Bai Xiaochun looked at the alcohol curiously. After sniffing it, he couldn't help but be disappointed; clearly, the impurity levels were quite high.

The Saint-Emperor's smile grew even warmer when he heard the voices of the hosts of officials. Then he waved his hand, unleashing the power of his archaean cultivation base. Instantly, a holy aura swept out, causing an enormous hand to appear high above. The water in the heavenly pond rippled, and numerous lotus pods floated up to the surface.

At this point, the Arch-Emperor looked deeply at Bai Xiaochun, then rose to his feet. Without casting a glance at anyone else, not even the Grand Heavenmaster, he walked out of the hall. The two sinister old men took deep breaths, glared at Bai Xiaochun, and then followed.

"There are no private matters for subordinates of the heavenly kings," Duke Deathcrier replied. Eyes flashing with cold light, he took a step forward, causing a powerful wind to spring up around him. "Are you going to disobey the decrees of his heavenly majesty, Bai Zishan?"

"Don't worry, milord. I'll stand as Dharma protector for you. I won't let anything dangerous happen while you're seeking enlightenment!" Worried that Bai Xiaochun wouldn't trust him, he unleashed his divine sense in dramatic and potentially harmful fashion, causing the fan's detection and defense abilities to surge into action.

In addition to that, the clothes forged out of Lunar Silk provided another 40% of energy and defense respectively while the helmet, boots and belt provided another 30% of defense. The Violet Gold Divine Shield increased his strength by twice, while the Big Dipper Sword increased his strength by 50%.

The young man could hear much of what was being said about him, but didn't seem to care. He stumbled over to the counter, put the alcohol jug down, and then spoke in a somewhat incoherent voice.

Qing Shui's upper body had almost turned completely red, and he looked as though he was in terrible straits, his face pale. However, Qing Shui's eyes had a fiery look in them as he stared at Tan Yang, the man who had everything within the palms of his hands and was smiling.?

This man was Jia Lie, and in terms of battle prowess, he could be considered among the top three in Xuemei's group of Dharma protectors. He was completely and utterly confident of being able to dominate any of Song Junwan's Dharma protectors, with the exception of one or two.

The effects of the pill only stack once. Two pills per human, anymore, the effect would be lost.

"When did I agree to marry you!" Yu He protested in a coquettish tantrum.

It was probably made worse by the fact that, after days of feeding the fish Fantasy Pills on a daily basis, he had suddenly stopped for several days. When the withdrawal symptoms hit, the fish felt like they were completely starving. Therefore, even the scrap of the Fantasy Pill aura on the hook was enough to drive them crazy.

After the fireworks had set off from the Qing Residence, the other residences around the area began to set off their fireworks continuously in succession. At that moment, the sky was gleaming with sparkles of bright-lit colors.?

"Can't keep this up, unfortunately. Time's almost up...." Although he was reluctant to stop, there was nothing else to do. Sighing inwardly, he was just about to take advantage of the final few dozen breaths of time to complete the blood sphere, when suddenly his heart thumped....

"I am Droughtflame, and I will take the lead in summoning the reserve powers of the Blood Stream Sect. I need the help of nine disciples to help refine the qi and blood!

This was why Qing Shui had dared to venture into the Flowerfruit Mountain. He had originally planned to wait until he had attained the Fifth Heavenly Layer of Ancient Strengthening Technique. It was precisely because there weren't any Martial Saints on the Flowerfruit Mountain that Qing Shui was a little more confident that he could escape here unscathed.

"Within my Mu Clan, the one you have the deepest relationship with is that girl who calls herself Mu Qing. The smartest choice for you would be to take her away. Given your abilities, it shouldn't be too hard," the Elder laughed.

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