Atalanvitis Chapter 301

Atalanvitis Chapter 301

Qing Shui coughed up blood. But he didn't care at this moment. It was already a great fortune to still be alive with these injuries.

"The Wildlands' four heavenly kings and the Heavenspan region's four demigod patriarchs have fought each other on numerous occasions. Grievous injuries resulted each time, and once, one of them almost perished!

"The acupuncture points are distributed among the meridians. Clearing the acupuncture points will largely benefit the meridians. Not only it will strengthen the meridians, but the meridians will be able to bear a lot more of Qi of Xiantian. That, in turn, will also leave the meridians unobstructed, allowing more capacity for a swift flow."

At the blink of an eye, another few days passed. Qing Shui and the group were also already prepared to go back to the Continent's Capital. On their way back this time, a lot of people from Hundred Miles City showed up to send them off. There were people from Shi Clan, Firecloud Blacksmith Store, Xiang Clan, Feng Clan, Yu Clan. Actually, basically all of the aristocratic clans in Hundred Miles City showed up. There were also a lot of ordinary people who showed up because Qing Shui wasn't just the protector of the Hundred Miles City, he was now the person ruling the entire Greencloud Continent.

"You died, Fellow Daoist, and I livedĄ­. If you want to blame someone, Patriarch Polarity River, don't blame me for not saving you, blame yourself for being too weakĄ­." Feeling profoundly lucky, the patriarch sped away.

With the appearance of a young stranger, many people came out to take a look, their gazes on guard. Some of them were even carrying weapons.

Qing Shui also heard similar stories in relation with the stuff Yiye told him, but, Qing Shui was extremely depressed. In the provinces of all the continents in this world, all countries are helmed by the power of the sects and great clans behind them. Usually the person in charge was the strongest, and no matter who was in charge, they had to ensure the security and prosperity of the country they controlled.

At the moment, he was really angry. He hadn't done anything to provoke anyone. Master Cloud Lightning had been the one to attack him. It might have been one thing if he just tried to unload a bunch of sandworms on him. But then there was his overt sneering, and the fact that he had tried to steal that magical item.

"No it won't, don't worry. I forgot to mention that my parents are quite powerful in this area. Let's go, I've lost the mood to walk around. Let's find a place to have some food and get some rest before we carry on." Canghai Mingyue said softly.

"Qing Shui is marrying the Mu Clan's lass. How can I not come?" The old man laughed heartily.

"How could this be possible...?" he thought, trembling, mind reeling. He still couldn't believe that what he was seeing was the truth. After all, he hadn't sensed even a trace of a divination aura, and yet, Nightcrypt had obviously divined the information correctly.

Toward all this, Lady Duanmu was as if she had neither seen, nor heard anything. She just let them decide if they were to leave or stay. Of course, Qing Shui didn't feel anything about their departure either. They were the ones to make their own decisions and they could blame no one. People without any persistence tended to be the ones who would miss out on opportunities the most.

"I'm warning you!" he yelled viciously. "You better not force me to tell them who you are!"

Qing Shui did not have any doubt over her talent and her patience. If she were to come across an absolute "agitating factor", it would definitely let her progress in her cultivation very quickly. It was just that Qing Shui had not expected that he would become her "agitating factor".

"How is this possible!? My... my cultivation base is actually being sealed!!"

Heavenly Talisman!

"It's you?" Yuan Su looked surprised when she saw him.

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