Amidst the sand Chapter 777

Amidst the sand Chapter 777

"Really, what happened here?" Jian Chen wondered with a large amount of doubt and curiosity. Not wishing to stay there any longer, Jian Chen used the sun as his compass and began to move off in the direction leading out of the forest. Jian Chen did not want hurt his mind thinking about whatever had happened while he was unconscious. In general, he only felt fortuitous that he had survived the ordeal.

The group continued their journey. Soon, they crossed the deserted mountain range, and found a city in front of them.

What? Brother Jiu? Brothers?

Two days later in the stronghold of the Blue Wind Kingdom, a group of mercenaries could be seen slowly escorting a caravan of goods. Among the crowd were seven Class 3 Magical Beasts traveling at a leisurely pace. Sitting on top of these magical beasts were six males and a single female. Although they wore plain clothes, their presences were regal and unordinary by any sense of word. Even the people around them didn't dare get too close, and kept a healthy distance as if afraid of unknowingly offending someone of unusual power.

"Lian'er, take your aunty to see your mother's grave." Bi Yuntian commanded.

"How can this be possible? He is only a Qi Hai warrior. How could his combat strength be so strong? Besides, how come his body is so strong that even my palm became numb from the impact?"

"Kaka, they're just two small shrimps! Let this master dog handle them; I'll scare the shit outta them!"

Seeing the ball of milky-white light in Jian Chen's hand, Bi Hai became tongue-tied. An expression of disbelief appeared on his face and he stared at Jian Chen in shock. He stuttered, "This££ this££ this is actually Radiant Saint Force. Grandson££ you££ you££ you££"


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Very soon, over twenty of the thousand-year heavenly resources were all consumed by the cub. After eating it all, the tiger cub gave a satisfied burp before closing its eyes. It lay down on the bed without moving, falling asleep to digest the heavenly resources again.

Wu Cong responded with a smile.

Four kilometers££.

Then, the man looked around the cave only to quickly discover that one of the people there was the one they had seen not too long agoÿJian Chen. When he saw him, he broke out into a smile, "How coincidental, fellow brother, we've found each other once again."

But if they chose to leave the Chaotic Ocean, there wouldn't be any places they could go either, as the entire Liang Province was ruled by the four major powers. Compared to that, the Chaotic Ocean was a££ chaotic place, and the four major powers weren't in control of that region. Thus, it was relatively easier to hide.

The coldness in Jian Chen's eyes quickly decreased slightly. Seeing uncle Chang fall from the sky, Jian Chen's expression suddenly changed and images of his childhood immediately floated through his head. Shortly afterwards, he ignored the four red-clothed men, fusing with the surrounding space to approach and catch uncle Chang.

In the sky above the Flame Mercenaries headquarters, five figures had already appeared at some time. They stood erect in the sky like gods that had descended.

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