The Devilish Immortal Chapter 887

The Devilish Immortal Chapter 887

"Who dares to move!"

"Song Que was prepared for the heavenstring energy to split apart; maybe he even made it happen!"

The front of the courtyard did not seem as luxurious as the outside. In fact, it seem a little simple. Everything here seemed dull. The rock gardens, bridges, forestsˇ­they seemed to be primitive, without too much decorations.

A hundred years ago, people respected Di Xiong because of his father. In recent times, the roles have reversed. The experts of the Di Clan had passed away, and Di Xiong's strength was insufficient to uphold the status and position of the Di Clan. When others saw the opportunity and that no one could protect the Di Clan, it naturally led to the current situation.

Qing Shui was not a man who found pleasure in killing other people. However, some people deserved to be killed. Sometimes, killing was necessary in order to survive in this world.

The toughness of its organs had increased multiple folds, releasing great vitality. Even its cultivation level had soared up from Grade One Martial Saint to Grade Four Martial Saint.

"A mature lady with great disposition!" Qing Shui thought. Qing Shui tended to be more passionate towards mature ladies. It was strange, since he never did lack motherly love, and had received more than anyone else ever did in his span of two lives. However, he had taken a liking to mature ladies ever since his previous life, and still did after coming to the world of the nine continents. Moreover...

Fire Bird's other skills did not change but Qing Shui was already satisfied with the changes to the Dark Phoenix of Nine Heavens. Under the influence of the Phoenix Dance of Nine Heavens, Fire Bird could unleash a damage power about 3000 stars but only for a limited time and uses. Luckily, the cooldown time for the skill was quite short, so Fire Bird could use it again in no time.

A boom echoed out as the flying sword was sent spinning away by the force of Bai Xiaochun's blow.

Within one short day, not only had the entire city found out about it, a few unknown forces even started to get themselves involved in it.

But nowˇ­ Bai Xiaochun had used his actions to deliver a message loud and clear to the northerners. Maybe he was a wormˇ­ but he could still poke the north full of holes. In the end, everyone was basically thinking the same thingˇ­.

The coffin tried to avoid the blow, but was stuck within the area of slowed time, and could not. As soon as the blow struck its target, cracks spread out on the coffin's surface, and it shattered!

At this moment, a few people once again stepped into the courtyard one after another. There were around ten of them. Among them, there were even people with attires that Qing Shui was familiar with.

He was none other than Song Que!

When he got tired, he would go back to sleep. Eventually, two months later, he was excited to discover that he could move again. The first thing he did was crawl over one of the animals that had been killed because of the Eternal Parasol.

They were the souls of men and women, old and young, all of them vicious beyond compare, and charging forward in tide-like waves of attack.

"We won, we won!!"

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