Lord Titanheart Chapter 1315

Lord Titanheart Chapter 1315

Seeing that, Quan Youcai's expression changed greatly. He mumbled in a voice which only he could here, "Mother of god, the people of the eight clans are going too far. Are they trying to silence him by killing him? Yang Yutian's the disciple of the president. If they do that, wouldn't they offend the president? Sigh, it's such a pity that I only have this much strength. It's certain death for against so many Heaven Saint Masters. I don't even have the chance of escaping. Brother Yang Yutian, it's not that I don't want to help you, it's that I really can't. I hope you are able to survive without harm. If anything really happens to you, I will definitely report it to the president and get him to take revenge for you."

"Quickly, he's about to use his Earth Tier Battle Skill!" The bandit leader barked out.

"Now we shall begin the auction of the second Class 5 Monster Core. The starting price will be fifty thousand purple coins. Each bid will be a minimum of a thousand purple coins. This will be the very last Class 5 Monster Core, so I implore each and every guest to cherish their time and make their decision ¨• this will be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to obtain a Class 5 Monster Core with ease." Yulian announced with a loud voice. She was filled with hope for this next auction, and could not wait to see just how much money the second monster core would sell for.

Cupping his hands in respect, Jian Chen smiled back, "The everlasting feast of the world will come to you regardless of how fast you walk. We will see each other again in the future."

Declining Rosco's suggestion of getting a bed, Jian Chen hurriedly thought of an excuse to have Rosco leave along with the other people.

The patriarch's mind furiously raced as he tried to think. When he remembered how Jian Chen had been able to fight him and the deceased patriarch Shi without fear of receiving punishment, he immediately let out a startled cry, "Are you perhaps the reincarnation of the continent's strongest, Mo Tianyun?" As far as the patriarch knew, only Mo Tianyun, the strongest person throughout the history of the continent, possessed talent as terrifying as Jian Chen's. Even though concise history had only been formulated after his existence.

Meanwhile, Kai Er continued to speak, "After that, our forces were weakened against the might of the alliance. Now stuck at a deadlock, we were very surprised to hear that the alliance had begun to suffer from internal strife. Beginning to fight one another, it led to us witnessing the entire alliance crumble and wither away into ash."

£¦What kind of monster is this young man; how come he knows so much about herbs? I only know that when the Glory Lotus becomes mature, its characteristics will be pure Yang, but I never knew about its origin££ and he even knew about the Glory Lotus King"

Tyrant was extremely shocked. How could a man emit such a pure and sacred aura, and possess such extremely powerful Qi and Blood that went beyond any normal human being. If he wasn't seeing this himself, he wouldn't have believed it to be real.

In seven days, Jian Chen had finally arrived at the border of the Qinhuang Kingdom. These seven days had been taxing for Jian Chen. He had very few breaks and the tiger cub constantly ate the heavenly resources before falling asleep right after. However, the tiger cub was growing at a decent speed now, his body was already a meter long and already weighed close to fifty kilograms. This however made holding the cub to his chest very difficult. Moreover, the cub was already at the level of a Class 2 Magical Beast.

"Tribe Chief, please save us, we don't want to accompany those demon beasts!"

These people quietly walked up to the back of the palace without a word or anyone noticing them.

Right at this moment, Nangong Wentian attacked. He raised the gigantic ruler in his hand high up into the sky, causing the azure light to shine even brighter, just like the dazzling stars in the night sky. The gigantic ruler was called the Myriad Star Ruler. It was Nangong Wentian's natal weapon, and it used the power of the stars. It was an incredibly powerful weapon.

The leading man who stood in the sky was a man who looked to be in his thirties. An elegant expression could be seen on his greasy face. With both hands placed behind his back, he leisurely walked in the sky toward the altar.

With the king of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom captured, the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom was already halfway destroyed.

Big Yellow shouted. He was the first one to attack, he rammed and crashed in all directions where the enemies stood. In an instant, several bodies were sent flying. Compared to the slaughter in Inferno City, the scene he was facing right now was nothing. He was knocking a few hundred Divine Core warriors around everywhere back in Inferno City, this small amount of Divine Core warriors in front of him was nothing. Honestly, there weren't enough here for Big Yellow to kill.

Over ten thousand people had crammed inside the great halls of the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House. The news about two Class 5 Monster Cores being auctioned had attracted far more people than the carcasses of the two Class 5 Magical Beasts that had been auctioned before. This time, the auction house didn't charge a service fee. Instead they only asked for an entrance fee.

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