Both of these sword-shaped mountains were extremely precipitous and looked as if two gods had once stabbed their swords into the world. No matter where one looked, there was no way to climb up these mountains.

Jiang Chen revealed his identity.

Jiang Chen gave a snort of contempt. He could tell lies without blinking his eyes. The Green Hellish Python's poison was completely under his control, and he could use it anytime he wanted to, just like his Yuan energy. Although Chen Shuang was a Mid Mortal Core warrior, it was difficult to hit him even with preparation. However, with Jiang Chen's abilities and his deadly poison, he wasn't really scared of Chen Shuang. Of course, the reason why he chose to run away was that Big Yellow had dragged him into the water with him before this. If Jiang Chen didn't get some advantages out of Big Yellow, then it would be unfair as this stupid dog had gotten all the advantages and benefits so far.

The skinny old man spread his hands showing his helplessness in saving the pill business.For the first time since he became a respected alchemist, he felt worthless.If the pill shop started selling Restoration Pills with 100%effectiveness££There was not much they can do to help.

Cries were heard everywhere amongst the Mu Rong family. Many of them had red eyes and were screaming about how much they wanted to kill Jiang Chen.

"She is so beautiful! Senior disciple Yan is surely the number one beauty in the Qi Province!"

"If that's so, then he's no outsider to us as well." The four Imperial Protectors sighed in relief. However, in their hearts, they were curious how Jian Chen had been able to make friends with such a powerful magical beast. Such a feat filled each and every single one of them with awe and even some envy. The natural fighting potential of a magical beast was far greater than their human counterparts. Some of the rarer magical beasts could even overstep the boundaries of rank and kill humans of a higher level.

A sneer smile emerged on Lee Shan Yue's face again. If Yan Zhan Yun really waned to protect Jiang Chen with all of the Yan family's power, then there was no way he could hurt Jiang Chen. With the current strength of the Lee family, he didn't dare declare war with the Misty Rain Tower.

"Looks like I need to find a way to obtain some Heavenly Yuan Pills."

The gale of wind continued to wreak havoc within a smaller range of a few hundred meters which was still enough to cover the entire village.

The disciple said, hate apparent in his voice.

"That old woman's strength must be at the peak of the Eighth Heavenly Layer, or maybe even in the Ninth Heavenly Layer. God dammit, why do the Flame Mercenaries have such an expert protecting it!?" One of the Fifth Heavenly Layer old man could not help it and cursed aloud.


After a long time, Jian Chen finally made up his mind. "My highest price will be 100 Purple Coins, whether I buy it or not, it's up to you." With that, he stared at the stall owner with a heavy glance, but even he was quite nervous within his heart. Jian Chen was determined to get this white stone, if he could easily buy it here, then it would be for the best. Even then, 100 Purple Coins was not a small amount at all for a stall owner.

Wu Jiu burst into the laughter. This little brother of his was indeed a freak; an existence who seemed to know everything.

"Yes, boss!" Outside the hall, a loud voice erupted with vigor.

The rogue warrior repeatedly cursed inwardly; he felt really unlucky. However, he didn't dare neglect Ling Du's questions.


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