The supreme sovereign system Chapter 2200

The supreme sovereign system Chapter 2200

"Changyang Xiangtian, have them surrender. There is no need to kill anymore, those soldiers have a family." The princess couldn't bear it anymore and began to ask. Although she knew that war was cruel and unavoidable, she still found it extremely hard to accept the sight in front of her.

Even though the principles of Yijin Jing were beautiful in how it cultivated the inner strength and how it also strengthened the outer muscles, but Yijin Jing's way of strengthening the body was still the same. It didn't strengthen the very core of a human and only focused on external force only. This could not be be considered the pinnacle of cultivating the body if it did not target the entire body.

Wu Cong sighed.

"How dare those people question our decision, they really deserve no attention."

"Lord, surely the distribution of the monster cores is too much for me. A quarter of the monster cores here are of the Class 4 level, and there are even two Class 5 Monster Cores. This type of distribution will surely make many people bitter. It's also only reasonable to say that these two Class 5 Monster Cores should be given to the two senior envoys." Despite being tempted by the two Class 5 Monster Cores, Jian Chen knew that there were only three of them, if a single person were to get two of them, then the two envoys would definitely not feel satisfied by such a decision. Class 5 Monster Cores were rare treasures, and Jian Chen had no desire to offend two Earth Saint Masters.


"Have you guys heard about the Gathering of Skynet?"

Jiang Chen held his forehead with his palm. He couldn't stand this any longer.

The realms of Heaven Saint Masters was a realm that mercenaries could only look at in yearning. Talks of reaching this realm was merely just talk. Out of the millions of people in the Blue Wind Kingdom, not even ten of them were Heaven Saint Masters.

Hearing this, Jian Chen's eyes fell upon the child and laughed, "Little Roger, the outside world is vast and there are many more amazing people than your brother Jian Chen. When you grow older and stronger, Roger, you should head out to the outside world and see it for yourself."

"With just you?!" Bai Yushuang gave a look of loathing before speaking eccentrically, "Fine then. You can show us just what you've learn from the outside world! Let's see you resolve the matter with the Hua Yun Sect, do not let the clan suffer for your troubles."

Jiang Chen strengthened his spirit. The final moment was here, and his expression became serious. There was a saying that a dead camel was still bigger than a living horse; so even if the Firethorn Savage had entered a weakened state, he still couldn't be underestimated.

"I appreciate your kindness, prince. But, it's not that easy for them to kill me. Of course, we need to enter the ancient pagoda, but I have a condition."

After killing all the people of the Shangguan Clan, Yu Zihan didn't even have time to reunite with his family. They just left the place straightaway, because their next goal was to rescue Guan Yiyun's family.

Nanbei Chao was laughing out crazily. To him, all mortals weighed nothing in his heart. He didn't care how many people dies because of him as long as he could accomplish his goal, satisfying his monarch's heart.

"Thirteenth Elder, with these paintings all depicting a Saint Tier Battle Skill, I don't see anything for cultivation methods, just why is that?" Jian Chen asked with confusion.

The massacre of more than a dozen men from the Yangji Sect was an enormous piece of information that could not be silenced. In a flash, the news had traveled throughout the entire city, even to the mercenary groups residing there. As they traveled, they spread the news even more, resulting in almost everyone knowing what had transpired.

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