CHANGE Chapter 1571

CHANGE Chapter 1571

Wu Ningzhu chuckled, completely revealing her seductive and charming side.

Seeing that Jian Chen was ignoring him, the youth couldn't help but get angry. He coldly glared at the retreating figure of Jian Chen and shouted once more, "The kid over there wearing a sack for clothes, are your ears working? Did you not hear my words?" The youth's anger was rampant and his expression was brimming with arrogance.

When Yan Chen Yu's blizzard attack made contact with the monster's body, it immediately changed into a huge net and covered the monster. The monster was instantly covered in thick ice.

The patriarch's attitude toward Jian Chen made him feel as if he was being pampered and so he didn't dare feel slighted by this. Cupping his hands together, Jian Chen said, "Patriarch Tianqin is far too kind. Yesterday's night was nothing serious so please do not waste too much of your efforts on this. It cannot be certain or not if it was an enemy of mine that followed me to kill me."

Zhao Chongyang shouted out loudly.

Elder Liu expressed his deep concern for Wu Ningzhu. As the Profound River Palace's holy maiden, she was their future leader. That's why these old men were so concerned about her injuries.

Already, the entire audience had became absolutely quiet. Luo Jian's own face had become sluggish as he stared at Jian Chen with a surprised look. This was far beyond his wildest imagination, and not just his own, but everyone else watching. Cheng Mingxiang was a talented genius when it came to cultivation, and even Saints couldn't match him in a hand to hand fight. To have Jian Chen make him suffer such a loss and put him in such an ugly state was very surprising.

A cruel voice sounded out from behind Jiang Chen. He turned around and saw a Combat Soul warrior about to attack him. Jiang Chen knew this guy; he was from the Yellow Arcane Sect, one of the men who surrounded him back on the Blissful Island.

"I'll££ I'll give you all my treasures! But you have to promise not to kill me!"

Jiang Chen nodded his head in agreement, Mu Rong Zhan can be considered a good man since he still cared about his own family even while death stood before him. Because of this, Jiang Chen decided to give him a quick death.

The moment it saw the golden snake, it was as if the black tiger had received an electrical shock. All of the fur on its body flew straight up as the ominous glint in its eye withered away to nothing in an instant. Fear replaced the ominous glint as it looked at the snake. Not daring to stay any longer, the black tiger quickly ran away with its tail between its legs.

Kai Er and the three continued to cry out in emotional relief one after another while the dozens of mercenaries behind them began to reveal wide open grinz on their faces. As deep in the abyss of death as they were, their hands had managed to fumble and grab onto a vine that would pull them to safety. In that darkness of death, the light of life could be seen now.

Big Yellow happily started laughing. He suddenly dashed forwards, and crushed the stone golem into many pieces with his head, sending pieces of rock flying in all directions.

"D££ don't££ don't kill me. Wh££ what di££ did you want to know? I££ I££ I've££ I've already said everything££ I know££" The man stuttered in fear. By now, he had begun to treat Jian Chen as a terrifying death god that caused even his soul to quake.

"Elder Mark!"

Commander Duo Li brought Jian Chen to lord Yun Li who was staring out beyond the city walls with a serious expression. by his side, there were a few well known figures of Wake City and the two envoys. Both of them were wearing black colored robes and did not look like they were ready to talk. Even if someone were to try to talk to them, it looked as if the envoys wouldn't even bother to pretend to notice them.

But, he had made up his mind to kill Fan Kun today no matter what. Even if Fan Zhong Tang interfered, he would still find a way to kill him.

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