If We Got Married Chapter 2406

If We Got Married Chapter 2406

Big Yellow wasn't bothered by Yan Chen Yu. When women fall in love, they lose reason.

Lee Shan Yue let out a cold hump. He sent out a powerful wave of Yuan power from his body, sending Zhou Bei Zhen and the rest flying backwards. The fat and skinny old man were both at a lower skill level. As a result, both of them vomited blood. The difference between then and Lee Shan Yue was too huge.

"Good, good, Jiang Chen, it looks like we're going to have a fierce fight in this Island of Ice!"

Jian Chen nodded his head before slowly becoming silent once more.

"What?! You sealed the dimensional crack with a formation? That's impossible, it's even more difficult to seal a dimensional crack than fixing it! I know all kinds of formations, but none of them can do it, and with your cultivation, it's just impossible!"

It was unfortunate that the Soul Sword could only travel 200 meters away from Jian Chen. With the Moyun clan ancestor being 500 meters away, there was no way for his sword to travel that far. This was because after 200 meters, his control over the Light Wind Sword would shrink, and once it reached the 300 meter mark, he would lose all control over it.

The king of the Qinhuang Kingdom sat in his study with a book in hand as he read it with interest. The sounds of Jian Chen entering the room startled him, causing him to turn his eyes away from his book. When he saw that it was Jian Chen that had disturbed him, he had a startled look on his face. Jian Chen's sudden arrival was not something he had expected.

The female disciple still behaved arrogantly.

"You're going die!"

Jiang Chen took out a storage bag and tossed it onto the stall. The crowd threw their glance over at the young man, and when they saw it was Jiang Chen, they all inwardly sighed.


And this still couldn't compare to all the advantages that Jiang Chen had gained. The impact of the bloodline and energies had caused Jiang Chen to instantly form his Mortal Core. Right now, within Jiang Chen's Qi Sea, a golden colored Mortal Core stood like a huge pillar within the sea. Fifteen Dragon Marks surrounded the Mortal Core, like a cluster of stars surrounding the moon.

"No one's here. Seems like this is the home of a small family." Jian Chen shook his hair dry. After cutting his hair with his sword, only a few inches remained.

He was too strong, too freaking incredible! Jiang Chen's existence had completely turned their common sense upside down, including the demons of the Demon King Palace. No one had ever thought a Combat Soul warrior could be so strong.



Just then, a soldier blocked Jian Chen's path, "Have you seen a person carrying a pure white magical beast anywhere?"

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