The Girl In The Saree Chapter 521

The Girl In The Saree Chapter 521

In the courtyard, Yun Li stood by with a group of soldiers standing behind him nervously. Yet there was also an expectant look on each one of their faces.

"Junior disciple Ling, have you found that Jiang Chen yet?"

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Furthermore, Jiang Chen felt he was really lucky. In order to merge the Heavenly Saint Sword, he needed to be in a special environment, and this magma pool was the best place he could pick. The temperature here could help him merge all those combat weapons very quickly.

The Seventh Emperor was startled for a moment. This monster was at the Late Combat Soul realm, and he had no idea how this monster appeared. The weird thing for him was that he was unable to detect this monster with his cultivation.

However, it was exactly the same as last time. His hand was blocked once again, unable to approach the books sealed within.

He came within an inch of having a hole punched through his brain and an outcome of having his soul wiped out.

"Those five and I came here from the Qinhuang Kingdom together. We only split roads half way here; while they assisted the kingdom, I went to the neighboring Pingyang Kingdom." Jian Chen spoke.

"Young master, why are you here?"

"Judging from this situation, that monk must have teamed up with that youngster in white. If my guess is correct, that monk is currently in the midst of absorbing the treasure, while the young man and his dog are guarding him."

Since he had become a disciple of the Black Sect, he would need to get along well. Meeting the Sect Chief who sat up high in the leading position wasn't something bad.

Immediately after Jiang Chen had disappeared, a painful scream sounded out next to Liu Kui. Another Early Divine Core warrior had been cut in half by Jiang Chen.

"Fourth elder!" The third elder waved his hand as if to abate the fourth elder's anger. The four Cai brothers and the Shi family were on special relationships with each other. All four of them were Heaven Saint Masters with high rankings. If the fourth elder were to give them no face by swearing, then a potential problem may occur.

Jian Chen picked at the Space Belt with his sword before grabbing the token from within. He didn't see anything else of value, confirming that the man was truly poor.

"As long as you appear, even if there is a heavy cost, I will kill you." Tianxiong Lie resolved.

Jiang Chen was really angry now.

"That's right! With just those four, we're far more than them! If we all fight now, we can slaughter them!"

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