Love at First Kiss Chapter 718

Love at First Kiss Chapter 718

Jiang Chen said with an upset face.


"Wait, where is that guy in black clothes?"

Ming Dong took another pile of tokens; to be on the safe side, he now had 1500 tokens which should guarantee him a spot in the top 500. The amount of tokens with Jian Chen, Huang Luan and Dugu Feng had easily exceeded that amount so they hadn't any thoughts about these tokens at all.

After completing the house, Jian Chen had bid farewell after promising that the two would meet a year from now at this spot. When Little Fatty becomes an Earth Saint Master, they would leave together. Until then, Jian Chen would leave with the tiger cub. Before he left however, Jian Chen held a Space Ring, this was given to him by elder Xiu and contained many of the heavenly resources from the nearby mountain ranges. For the sake of the tiger cub, these resources were given to Jian Chen.

For example, there was no one who would want to exchange an Earth Restoration Pill with ten thousand Mortal Restoration Pills.

"Damn! The distance between the Southern Continent and Eastern Continent is not small! With your speed, you should have spent quite a lot of time traveling here, right?"

"Master dog, I don't think they came here to submit to us."

"Yes!"Chapter 595: Return to Mercenary City (One)

Eying the cub with a small trace of adoration, Jian Chen could not help but smile fondly. In the short period of time the cub had been in Jian Chen's care, it had managed to worm its way into his heart so to see the tiger cub so happy had made him feel equivalently happy.

Once this had been done, Jian Chen was a completely different person in appearance with absolutely nothing that could link the two together. Even Ming Dong and Qin Xiao who were both friends with Jian Chen would not have been able to tell that this burly looking man was him.

Nangong Wentian immediately became the center of attention upon appearing. This also mean Jiang Chen got another helper. With this, it wouldn't be easy for Ye Xiao and the other two Combat Soul warriors to kill Jiang Chen.

Jian Chen could tell what the headmaster was feeling from his voice, but he said nothing about it. The Flowing Cloud Sword Pavilion was an inferior power within the kingdom without a single Earth Saint Master to their name. A power like that was did not even need to be looked at.

"The hundred year old Nangong family, the glory left behind by my dad, I can never allow it to fall into the hands of some bad guys. Therefore, we must win this battle!"

"Arrogant child, why don't you find out for yourself if I'm qualified or not to go up against you!" The man bellowed as he swung his sword at Jian Chen's shoulder

Nearby, two gray robed men stood upright on top of another building as they observed the battle. The two man group was comprised of a middle aged man and an elderly man. This elder was the one who had spent 100,000 purple coins to purchase the body of the Quick Cloud Beast at the auction.

Daoist Black didn't try to convince Jiang Chen anymore. He knew that once Jiang Chen made up his mind, there was nothing that could change it.

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