Third Game: The Burning Dream Chapter 2099

Third Game: The Burning Dream Chapter 2099

Jiang Chen's identity was instantly exposed, he immediately started attracted hateful gazes from all Heavenly Sword Sect disciples.

Saint Rulers were extremely rare individuals to see on the continent. In the eyes of the general populace, people like those stood at the very top of the power structure. They were the ones who grasped the profound mysteries of the world and arrived at the realm where only the supernaturals could go to. A single lift of their hand was capable of destroying the earth around them, and even gods wouldn't be unharmed.


"Brother Jian Chen loves his jokes, so this junior had spoken his own joke. I had no idea that brother Jian Chen would take it seriously. Senior, if this junior has offended you for having you brought all the way here, please forgive this one." The ancestor sounded very panicked. A monster of a person who had managed to live for 5000 years was someone that even the ancient clans wouldn't offend, let alone the ancestor of an isolated family like the Huang.

"Imperial Emperor, you have one last strike. I think it would be best if you attacked me with everything you got. If not, not only will you not be able to kill me, perhaps you won't even be able to touch a hair on my body. If that's what happens, it would truly be a disgrace."

"I like adventures, it took me a bit more than one year to reach the Eastern Continent, from the Southern Continent. It wasn't a boring journey, and I went through a lot. Once we have some free time, I'll tell you about what I saw along the way! Also, let me tell you, when I left the Southern Continent, I was only an Early Divine Core warrior, but now, I'm a peak Divine Core warrior, and I'll soon be able to break through to the Combat Soul realm, hehe!"

"Jian Chen, dodge quickly!" Kendall yelled out before dashing forward in an attempt to block off the Black Tiger from its path. However even with his Saint Master strength, his speed wasn't enough to catch up with the Class 2 Magical Beast.

"No hurry, we can't use force on a girl like this, let's take it slow, I have plenty of time. With my charisma, I refuse to believe I can't win her heart."

"Jian Chen!"

Ming Dong nodded his head slightly and then leaped down from his mount. A cyan colored glow began to emanate from his body before he began to fight the person coming at him. None of his attackers were using their Saint Weapons, so he had lashed out with his own fists as well.

"For real? That's great! Fourth brother, when can you get started on teaching me? How about now?" He was anxious to get started, and wanted to learn this amazing technique right away. Once he learned the technique, then it was even possible for him to challenge Saints who had condensed their Saint Weapons with his current power!


"The fuck, even brother Ba was beaten to this state££ if I go in there, I would probably become even more miserable££ sigh, I'm too impulsive. Luckily, I was able to react quickly."

During this past year, Jiang Chen had been traveling around, and had gotten used to the life of fighting and slaughtering. Now, his trip back home gave him a nostalgic feeling. As for the Martial Saint Dynasty's Imperial Emperor, whether or not he liked Jiang Chen, no matter what his reason for assigning this difficult mission onto Jiang Chen, he still wanted to thank the Imperial Emperor for this. Because, if the Imperial Emperor hadn't done so, Jiang Chen wouldn't have known about the devastating things happening in Mount Origin, and if he was later for this, he would regret it for the rest of his life, because no matter how much success he had in life, when his family members died, it would be a grief that would follow him for the rest of his life. Because of the Imperial Emperor, that didn't happen.

Sliding forward, Jian Chen thrust his Light Wind Sword towards the man. This man was not only strong, but he also had two battle skills, making him quite difficult to handle. If it weren't for the azure and violet Sword Qi, Jian Chen would have been incapable of killing him.

As the tiny wisp of Chaotic Force continued to travel through his body, Jian Chen felt as if miniature explosions were happening all throughout his entire body. The pain caused his muscles to break and blood to come out of his pores, dying his entire body red.

Lin Bai's parents were extremely simple and ordinary common folk. However, the son that they had did not have the same destiny. Not only was he the smartest child of the village, he accidentally discovered his abilities as a Radiant Saint Master in his youth. Afterwards, he became the most dazzling child prodigy of their area.

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