Emperor of Solo Play Chapter 1296

Emperor of Solo Play Chapter 1296

"What kind of trick is this, a Saint Weapon that is being controlled by no one. How can it fly by itself with such a speed?" Tianxiong Lie questioned to himself in amazement. No matter how much he looked at it, he wasn't able to understand it, this was something out his range of knowledge.

Wu Ningzhu threw Jiang Chen a seductive glance once again. She no longer had the same cold attitude as before, instead becoming talkative upon meeting Jiang Chen.

"Who are you? Why are you looking for my great-grandson?" Bi Hai asked with a deep voice. The expression he currently displayed was not nice.

The Dimensional Creatures had completely surrounded them, but they hadn't jumped in and started feasting. Their eyes were filled with ridicule, and they wanted to let these humans experience ultimate despair before killing them, as that would give them great joy.

Jiang Chen said.

"Sect Chief, I can see you suffered some serious injuries as well. Why don't you just go back and heal yourself? Don't worry about anything here."

The shopkeeper had experienced much and met countless people in all his life. He wouldn't be wrong about anyone.

"No, I don't want to die!"

Heaven Saint Masters were individuals that if placed in the Gesun Kingdom, would enjoy an illustrious amount of fame. But for such an individual to be used to personally lead an auction house, this was a lavish opportunity that only Mercenary City would be able to afford.

Jiang Chen ignored the men surrounding him as he simply shouted toward the inner area of the Martial Saint Dynasty. His voice was like a thunderclap, continuously echoing throughout the sky above the Martial Saint Dynasty.

Under this Light Saint Force, a comfortable and refreshing feeling spontaneously arose from his chest, and quickly spread throughout his entire body. It bypassed Jian Chen's self-control, and he could barely hold himself back from ** .

£¶Jiang Ru Long, this is karma!'

A cold shout sounded out, and soon after, a man wearing a Daoist robe appeared out of nowhere and positioned himself in the middle of Fan Zhong Tang and Jiang Chen. Behind him there was a few Divine Core Sect Elders, and they all held high positions within the Black Sect. Each one of them was an highly acclaimed Sect Elder of the Black Sect.

Not long after, the gates began to open slowly to reveal a forty year old male. The man was bald, but his eyes were piercingly sharp and there was a very malevolent scar on his face that added to his intimidation factor.

"Don't kill him, we have to spare his life. Lord Jiu is still staying at the Martial Palace, and if we kill the Crown Prince now, the Imperial Emperor will immediately explode with fury, and Wu Jiu will be the first one to face that disaster. Look at him, I'm sure him being in this state is a fate worse than death."

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes. With Jiang Chen's experience he could easily tell Big Yellow's level when he attacked. Big Yellow had broken through to the Mortal Core realm. What really made Jiang Chen feel upset was that this dog had been following him every single day, and aside from eating and sleeping, he never really focused on cultivating, yet he had just leveled up silently. This was a huge blow in his face.

Right as Jiang Chen attacked, Big Yellow had dashed forwards and bitten off a man's head. The scene was extremely brutal and bloody.

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