The Apocalyptic Survival Chapter 1374

The Apocalyptic Survival Chapter 1374

The Celestial was using his last bit of power to try to prevent the bone galleon from leaving!

"Can he do it againˇ­?" Patriarch Spirit Stream murmured. Considering how exhausted everyone on the battlefield was, if the fighting truly stoppedˇ­ it would be a blessing to both the Heavenspan cultivators and the Wildlanders.

"You naughty devil!" she said, glaring. "Don't pretend you don't know who I am! Come here and give me a smile!" Chuckling, she reached out and stroked Bai Xiaochun's cheek.

"Not long after Uncle Zhongyue passed away, Madam Xiao, no, that woman from the Xiao Clan gained power very quickly, gaining control of the Yan Clan partially. But that lady was still not satisfied with this, and relying on the support she received from the Xiao Clan, she tried to seduce my eldest uncle. In reality, the Xiao Clan is basically in the control of my eldest uncle and this woman from the Xiao Clan."

Traces of disappointment flashed in Yu He's eyes. Yu Donghao noticed, as he said. "Qing Shui, why don't you consider my granddauˇ­ˇ­"

After a slight astonishment, the smile on his face continued to remain so peaceful.

Wu-shuang did not know how to react when Qing Shui so casually held her. She could not think straight, and not only that, but in her heart an indescribable feeling arose. Despite this, Qing Shui, was already a special existence in her heart. Dependable, relatable, someone like family, yet not family at the same time.

In the past, whenever he achieved a breakthrough in his Ancient Strengthening Technique, his Blue Lotus Art would also gain a breakthrough of a similar level. This time around, Qing Shui felt that even if there was no breakthrough, he would at least be able to reach the pinnacle of the 4th level. Back then, Qing Shui had abandoned the Blue Lotus Art just after reaching the 4th level.

Rewarded with a 5000 Year Old Golden Medicinal Turtle. Can extract a suitable amount of blood for the purpose of alchemy, thereby replacing the ingredient required from any normal demonic beast.

Bai Xiaochun also began to head toward Daoist Heavenspan, and the two of them began to fight. Surrounded by the battling moonflower and four beasts, they performed incantation gestures and unleashed shocking divine abilities and Daoist magics!

Master Godwind sighed and said, "Well, we don't have much time. It won't be difficult to explain the matter to the girl, but as for Bai Xiaochun... Brother Frigidsect, why don't you go talk to him first? We can go later to offer more explanations. We also need to think about which disciples to send with him as Dao protectors."

"Don't even think about it, you must address me as Sister Qing. If you don't like it, you can also wait until you become a famous person and a warrior who can topple over the World of the Nine Continents. Only then will I address you as my brother-in-law." Di Qing winked and smiled.

AST 415 - Breakthrough, The Most Poisonous "Iridescent Fairy"

The location of a place with excellent feng shui must have a good flow of Heavenly Qi birthed by mountains and rivers. Mountains stores wind, and would provide an auspicious location for the receival of Qi, both naturally and actively. On the other hand, water maintained vitality. While these were all artificial mountains and water, the theory still worked!

The chiefs of the more than one hundred Wildlands tribes were all completely shaken.

The six needles were trembling violently, as a pinkish Qi with a fragrant smell was released into the air.

"Yes, is Brother Qing Shui staying here, too?" It was Yan Ling`er's turn to be shocked; she had been living here all the while.

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