Tempted By My Boss: Book Two Chapter 2464

Tempted By My Boss: Book Two Chapter 2464

Behind Jian Chen, the massive amount of blood had already turned into a single line that splattered on top of the tall grass. As for the Blue Wolves' bodies, they were all neatly piled up on top of each other in a single line.

The separated mother and son were finally reunited once more.

Seeing the Light Wind Sword shoot away from him, Shi Xiangran suddenly turned pale with fright because he had absolutely no idea when the sword had approached him. He reached up with his hands to touch his neck only to feel a small sliver of blood leak out from the wound onto his finger.

Tianxiong Lie's glare froze over at Jian Chen before asking once more, "Was there really no person that told you to kill my son? You need not be afraid of being someone's scapegoat. If you tell me right now, then I'll let you die a quick death."


After waiting for almost two hours, the two elders finally finished their game with helpless expressions.

"Heavens, just what is happening?"

The leader of the Black Leopard Mercenaries stared closely at the battle between Jian Chen and the tortoise magical beast with a look of hesitancy. After a few moments of unwavering emotions reflected across his eyes, he finally came to a conclusion. "No matter how amazing he is, he still 20 years old after all, he can't be a match for the entire group of ours. Besides, there is only one Class 3 Magical Beast fighting against him. Let's wait for the beast to consume all of his Saint Force and deal him some damage before we immediately capture Jian Chen and bring him to the Tianxiong clan for that ten thousand purple coin prize."

On the other side, Tie Ta let loose a snarl and brought his 100 pound battleaxe down through the air, producing an after image thanks to the speed. The few wolves surrounding him were continuously sent flying through the air with exceptionally terrifying wounds. Although the wounds were from Tie Ta's sharp battleaxe, to the Blue Wolves, these injuries would not threaten their lives at all.

Jian Chen cupped his hands in salute and smiled. "This one is Jian Chen, captain of the Flame Mercenaries."

Few people could stay calm. This dog was really cruel; he was truly invincible within the realm of cruelty.

The three men were seasoned mercenaries. While they ate, they would occasionally talk about other mercenary related affairs while simultaneously looking at Jian Chen every so often.

Every so often the miserable sounds of pain could be heard as yet another person was kicked into the air. Each figure was soaked with blood and had injuries all over their bodies. Not too long later, the previously 10 mercenaries had been reduced down to a small handful.

Jiang Chen was extremely thrilled upon hearing it answer. With the help of this Ice Demon King, he wouldn't need to fear anything in this Island of Ice, and he could do anything he wanted.

The Flame Mercenaries of today were definitely on a whole different scale than before. In the past, it had been a single person, but now, it had expanded to over five thousand people, becoming the strongest group of mercenaries within the Blue Wind Kingdom. Their cumulative strength was more than enough to contend with any other faction in the kingdom.

The Five Elemental Pill was the best pill that could help strengthen one's core foundations. The pill contained five different elemental energies that could be directly absorbed by the five internal organs and strengthen one's foundation.

The Saint Stone is a special rock that could measure the amount of Saint Force within a person's body. Within the large Tian Yuan continent, there are many different items that could measure one's personal strength. The Saint Stone used colors to represent a person's strengthÿRed, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, and Purple.

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