Revered Devil Sovereign Chapter 704

Revered Devil Sovereign Chapter 704

The monkey turned to look at the old man, eyes gleaming with profound light. "You don't recognize me, my apprentice? Or perhaps I should call you the founding patriarch of the Spirit Stream Sect?"

The strength of the other disciples in the Qing Clan had also improved by quite a lot, but they weren't as powerful as Qing Bei. Qing Hu was now a Xiantian Grade Six. Qing You was a Peak Xiantian who could step into the realm of Martial King any time now. This fellow had been waiting for Qing Shui to assist him in breaking through.

"Lightning Detox Grand Magic!"

Qing Shui was now astonished by this scene. When he came across the unknown, he would first feel worried, even if it was something good. Misfortunes and fortunes usually came hand in hand. Suddenly, Qing Shui's gaze fell on the bamboo forest in front of him.

Gu Tianjun had been listening to such lines of reasoning for days now, much to his annoyance. For one thing, he knew that the other two had other reasons for preventing him from taking action. And all of it made him even more anxious to do something about Bai Xiaochun.

It was a shocking concept that shook the whole Wildlands. Heavenly marquis clans, heavenly duke clans, and the countless other people who had formed grudges with Bai Xiaochun over the years, especially the direct bloodline successors and the chosen, almost couldn't believe what they were hearing. However, they were also elated. As far as they were concerned, whether Bai Hao really was Bai Xiaochun or not, it gave them the perfect chance to kill him. Even being an earthy necromancer wouldn't keep him safe!

For Martial Saint warriors, eight years was a short amount of time compared to their lifespan of a thousand years.

"How is that Celestial Virpk?a going so fast!? With muscles like that, there's no way he's very smart. How did he get through the maze?" The more he thought about it, the more he started to suspect what was happening.

Whenever it flew out, lightning would crackle in the area. The raven always appeared in the darkness of night, never during the light of day.

When Qing Shui saw the "giant figure", he was shocked!

He was still lacking in attacking strength. However, with the Seven Star Armored Vest, he now had a decent defense, although it only lasted for a while. This time however, Qing Shui had a significant increase in speed. This caused Qing Shui to be especially happy. Speed determined everything as Qing Shui still had hidden weapons as his hidden ace.

It was already afternoon when Qing Shui returned to his own place. When he arrived, he saw a girl standing there and smiling at him.

Patriarch Spirit Stream gasped in response to his words, but then his eyes began to shine. Considering the level of his own cultivation base, he had not been able to lead the River-Defying Sect in a show of conscience in this war.

"Around this time in the upcoming days, you can come here to practice if there aren't any important things for you to do. I'll only let you practice on your own after you've walked up the right path." Qing Shui looked into the sky and said.

Things had now gone out of control and even if he had to die, he would need to fight to the very end. This was an inner impulse, to push on even if he knew that what that awaited was death. Moreover, they felt that they had the ability to crush Heavenly Palace.

Furthermore, when it came to the Cloud Lightning Forefather technique, the fact that the demigod patriarch had the Lightning Ancestor in his custody suddenly caused Master Cloud Lightning to realize what had happened.

Seeing that Qing Shui wanted to fight again, Canghai Mingyue quickly grabbed onto his hand and shook her head.

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