Limits Chapter 1145

Limits Chapter 1145

To Jian Chen, this type of method to train the body would only ruin the body and would only narrow the potential of the human body. So although this method would increase one's strength past a normal persons, at the same time, it would bring about a large amount of damage to the body. The people who trained this way generally had a short life span. When they were in the elderly phase, diseases and impairment within the body would happen at a higher frequency for them.

"I am not a great man, but I would never let someone innocent suffer because of me. I would never let anyone face the consequences that are mine alone."

"How strong do you think he is? If he's an Earth Saint Master, then we'll be in trouble." Ming Dong had a serious look on his face now.

Recognizing Jian Chen, Katata smile and cupped his hands in greeting, "Yes, I haven't changed at all, but on the other hand, Jian Chen, you've changed quite a bit. I barely recognized you just now." As he spoke, Katata's eyes swept over the men behind Jian Chen. Although he couldn't tell the actual level of strength of Jian Chen, Ming Dong, Dugu Feng, Senior An, or Yun Zheng, they all looked to be as powerful as himself. When Katata saw those four, his eyes wavered with confusion.

"Zhang Han, I think you know who we are. The reason we're here today is to ask you to surrender to Jiang Chen! From now on, you will obey all of Jiang Chen's orders."

Jiang Chen and Yan Chen Yu followed behind. The passage wasn't wide, and it only had enough space for 2 people to pass at the same time.

"My child, ah my poor child. Wake up! Don't scare your mother like this. If you die, then your mother doesn't wish to live either!" The woman continued to cry, not even noticing the bloodbath that occurred around her.


Too bad, it was useless to regret! There were a lot of different medicines in this world, even immortal pills and miraculous medicines. However, there were no medicine that could heal someone's regret.

"Hmph. If you were a Fifth Grade Demon King in top shape, perhaps I would be unable to do anything to you, and would have to rely on the power of lightning to kill you under these circumstances. However, as you are now, you can at most only attack me with the strength of a Fourth Grade Demon King; killing you will be a piece of cake. Nine Murdering Flood Dragons!"

Jian Chen and Tie Ta, as well as Changyang Hu's group of three, bid each other farewell, and returned to their own dorms to treat their injuries as well.

Wu Jiu said with mixed emotions. Clearly, they had no idea that when Jiang Chen was in the Southern Continent, he had attracted Heavenly Tribulation. A man who was able to attract Heavenly Tribulation when breaking through to the Combat Soul realm, it was impossible for a man like that to not be someone who defies the heavens. A monster like him, no matter what he did; it would be normal.

"Your Highness, please get away from here!" The Black Armors guarding the king immediately gauged that the situation wasn't clearing up and immediately called for the king to escape into the palace depths. They all knew that against ten Heaven Saint Masters, there was no way for them to stop them. The only solution here was to flee.

Daoist Black nodded his head.

"However, it is very difficult to create a formation like this."

Xuan Ye said as he furrowed his brows.

Right now, Jiang Chen and his group had come to the maze of palaces. Led by Big Yellow, the group entered a palace.

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