Dragon Ball: Goku Rebirth Chapter 1794

Dragon Ball: Goku Rebirth Chapter 1794

Jiang Chen said.

The crowd moved and left a huge empty area for the deathmatch. The fighting stage was pretty far away from here, and it was much easier to just have the deathmatch right here.

Jian Chen was at the equivalent level of a Sixth Class Radiant Saint Master, so his ability to control the Radiant Saint Force was far stronger than before. In a moment, a condensed milky-white ball of Radiant Saint Force appeared in the room. The entire room was basked in its light. To the human eye, it was a dazzling glow of light that was soft to the sight, not hurtful. Even to the naked eye, it gave off a glow that was brighter than the sun, but did not hurt the eyes at all, instead, there was an especially comfortable feeling to it.

As Jiang Chen began using the skill, all the strength from the pills stored in his body began to move all over it.His body started absorbing the strength from the pills!

Jiang Chen's face darkened. Currently, he was at conflict with the Qingyi Sect and the Myriad Sword Sect, and he didn't want conflict with the Shangguan Clan. But, the world was really small, the Shangguan Clan were the first ones to call out a price.


"Ding!" The two weapons collided once more, causing Jian Chen to stagger backward. This mysterious attacker of his was so strong that he was most likely at the Fourth or even Fifth Cycle Earth Saint Master instead of the Third Cycle. This wasn't a level that Jian Chen could afford to fight against.

"How dare a dog attack me?! You're courting death! Now, let me eat you."

The Black Sect had shifted location to the Yellowstone region. After taking control of the Qi Province, the Black Sect had become the ultimate superpower in this place; the leader of all powers. No one in the Qi Province dared disobey their orders.

"Stop there££££"

However, when Jian Chen had understood the first part, he could suddenly feel that this one strike displayed on the picture was quite simple and he could work it out. In one moment, he could feel that this move embodied many things; a simple strike that could have countless of variations. In another moment, he could feel that this move was akin to nature and harmonized the body with the world before shaping it. In the next moment, he could feel that it contained a terrifying amount of power that could scare demons and shatter the world££

"Hmph! Where did this reptile come from? How dare you get in my way? I heard you're capable of killing Second Grade Combat Kings, but don't think for a moment that you can look down on everything just because of that mere achievement! Today, I, the Eighth Tycoon will let you know that there is always someone stronger than you out there."

Under a large tree, nine students in tattered clothing were tiredly sitting underneath, catching their breaths. They were a group of commoners mixed with some nobles. At the moment, their clothes were ripped all over the place, with some dried out bloodstains covering them as well. They also sported injuries on their bodies, and not far from them was a carcass of a magical beast lying on the ground.

"Thunderous Sword!"

Then with another flash of silver, the sword stabbed through the front of another man's throat.

The moment the sword brimming with Sword Qi hit the head of the tiger, it only penetrated a small layer of fur, practically doing no heavy amount of damage to it.

Soon, all the treasures had been taken away by Jiang Chen. Those who had lost their treasures had an expression more awful than one that would appear if their mother died. But, no matter what, they were still alive. If they hadn't handed over their treasures, they would be dead, and the treasures would end up with Jiang Chen regardless.

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