No Regret Chapter 382

No Regret Chapter 382

At the mention of the Pangolin Emperor, Qin Ji's eyes narrowed angrily; clearly, he had eaten up a heavy loss from it already.

Big Yellow said.

Wu Jiu shouted out loudly. A golden light could be seen on both his palms, and in an instant, he forcefully struck out his palm. The grandeur of a violent battlefield exploded out, horses were neighing; weapons collided; morale was high.

A Space Gate was something that Jian Chen had seen mentioned in the libraries of the Changyang clan and Kargath Academy. Rumors had it that Space Gates were mysterious portals that were made of a spatial composition that were rare within the continent. Space Gates were something that only Saint Kings could create, and so only the seven Capital Cities had a Space Gate.

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Nangong Yunfan let out a loud shout as he swung the gigantic sword in his hand and unleashed countless sword beams. The sword beams weaved into a gigantic web that caused the air to produce cracking sounds. At the same time, a powerful wind blew out from the gigantic sword. With a thunder-like energy, Nangong Yunfan simply swung his sword forward and approached Nangong Yunzheng.

The hawk cry shocked the world. This was the innate combat skill, the Sonic Hawk Cry. After Jiang Chen had broken through, the power of this innate combat skill had increased as well

Not long after his disappearance, a miserable wail could be heard coming from within the Changyang clan. It was such a pain-filled wail that everyone that heard it could tell that that person was being tortured.

In his previous life, Jian Chen would frequently use a sword that had a blade two finger widths wide. With that sword, he had brought his swordplay to a level that he had been famous for. With this two hand sword, however, Jian Chen felt like one of his arms was bound behind his back, since it was very heavy. He would not be able to use the full extent of his powers, and just swinging the sword with ease would demand a large amount of his energy. It was a shame that with the exception of this sword, there was no other sword around.

Nangong Yunfan was terrified. That family treasure was protected by the Profound Sun Formation, and it was nearly impossible for any outsider to attack it, let alone it exploding by itself. In the hundred years since the Nangong family had been established, this was the first time something like this had happened.

The four men staggered and could barely stand straight. When they finally stabilized their bodies, they immediately saw Jiang Chen who was standing right in front of them. The few of them were startled, but joyful expressions quickly emerged on their faces.

After he finished his words, the longsword had cut through the throat of the leader. A head with an extremely frightened expression flew high up into the sky.

Unleashing the True Dragon Palm, Jiang Chen forcefully tore the huge cage apart. Jiang Chen's target wasn't actually Lord Nether, primarily, but these geniuses of the human race. As the cage had been covered with Lord Nether's special energy, no ordinary man could break it. However, it was piece of cake for Jiang Chen.

"Brother, I've already considered finding someone. There's quite a number of people I think would be good at managing others. Zhan Tian in particular." Bi Lian replied.

"Not good, that's a Class 5 Magical Beast! Only a Class 5 Magical Beast would be able to emit such a pressure like this££"


The Imperial Emperor finally made his authoritative decision. Regardless of whether or not this decision was sincere, he had to do it, because this concerned the dignity of an emperor, and as an emperor himself, he had to honor his promise.

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