Martial World Chapter 2622

Martial World Chapter 2622


"A report for the captain! Alchemist He Yun asks for an audience!" At that moment, a guard appeared right outside the room to speak respectfully to Jian Chen.

Duan Jianhong was after all a great peak Divine Core warrior, and with Big Yellow's cultivation, he could at most have a balanced fight with him. If Big Yellow unleashed the Soul Crunching Tune when the fight began, it might not give him any good results, but since Duan Jianhong's mind was distracted, his heart was completely filled with despair, as well as him having fought for such a long, it worked wonders. Duan Jianhong had also thought he knew all of Big Yellow's skill, and he didn't think Big Yellow would still have such a powerful combat skill.

"Haha, Jiang Chen, you really think highly of yourself! How dare you only use your fist against my Heavenly Yellow Finger. You're just courting death!"

"Do I look like I've gotten something good?"



"Kaka, good, this master dog likes it!"

"Fuck, around thirty Heaven Saint Masters! What a large scale!" Quan Youcai cried out in alarm. A ball of white clouds formed below his feet, and he disappeared from the deck of the ferry in the blink of an eye. He fled faster than a rabbit.

Jiang Chen said.


Katata and Katafei were surrounded by a layer of fire like Saint Force as they flew through the sky. It took them another fifty meters before finally dropping to the ground, but still surrounded with the fire like Saint Force, they charged straight toward the Class 5 Magical Beasts.

With a sky-piercing killing intent, Liang Xiao shouted out loudly, "Great Fist of Devastation!"

"Haha, brother, I'm not bluffing, but I don't think you can bring any wine that is better than mine!"


Big Yellow turned around and responded to the female disciple. After that, he continued digging in.

Changyang Hu angrily glared at Ka Di Yun, fury blazing in his eyes.

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