Legend of the Strongest Beast Tamer Chapter 1338

Legend of the Strongest Beast Tamer Chapter 1338

A sliver of recollection appeared in Bi Hai's eyes as the past flashed across his mind in the form of images. He slowly finished off his glass of wine and said slowly. "I indeed do know some things about the Bloodsword Sect, though it's very limited."

Soon after, a silver ray of light came flying toward the young master of the Tianxiong clan.Chapter 133: The Death of the Young Master of The Tianxiong Clan

The brutal Shamanic Fire Ape was forced back nearly 4 meters by the impact. Its face carried a shocked expression; it had never expected that a Heavenly Core human could possess such tremendous combat strength, and be able to force it back with just a single strike. This was simply unimaginable.

Seeing this river, Jian Chen smiled with joy. This was the first time he had come across a water source since entering the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts. And after all the time he had spent here, the clean water he had in his Space Belt was almost all gone. If he hadn't found a water source soon, he had considered leaving the forest.

As for Jian Chen, besides the single wound on his back, he didn't look very different. The only change was that his face had grown paler.

Wu Cong stared at the broken sword, and he couldn't but feel terrified. He had completely forgotten his intention to kill Jiang Chen, who stood not far away from him.

"Leaving? What makes you think that you can do that so easily?" Jian Chen laughed; he had no plans on allowing these two to leave so easily. Clenching both of his palms, two swords made of fire suddenly materialized out of thin air and shot towards the two escapees.

Without letting Jiang Chen finish speaking, the Crown Prince simply let out a loud shout, then unleashed an energy-wave that rose to the heavens from his body. The Third Emperor was impacted by this powerful energy-wave, and was instantly knocked back. The Crown Prince was a man similar to Wu Ningzhu, no ordinary Late Combat Soul warriors would be his match, let alone now that he was so furious. He was completely enraged right now, and even though the Third Emperor tried to stop him, there was just no way to stop the Crown Prince anymore.

On the other side, two formidable Devil Kings charged at Tyrant at the same time. Tyrant's body was flashing with a dazzling Buddhist aura. Without hesitating, he forcefully struck out his palm toward the two Devil King, unleashing a huge Buddhist palm. Due to the huge gap between their cultivation, the two Devil Kings exploded from Tyrant's palm before they could do anything.

Chang Wuji had been invited to take a sip as well. For a Heaven Saint Master like him, a sip of the hundred grass wine was only enough to increase his inner Saint Force by a small increment. The small increase had not been enough to reach a breakthrough like Khafir, the headmaster of Kargath Academy, had.

Jiang Zhen Hai replied.

"Jiang Chen, with your cultivation, the Emperor Weapon piece is useless, you should just give that precious treasure to the Imperial Emperor."

Xu Neng announced a starting price that wasn't too high.

"En, it's not common for there to be such a genius in Red city. Lee Chang Ming, there's no need for you to take part in this exam, you can follow us back to the Heavenly Blade Clan. You'll then take part in the clan's examination. With your abilities, you will be able to become an outer circle disciple like us."

Shangguan Yilong became furious because of Big Yellow's words. He immediately slapped toward Big Yellow with a tremendous amount of force.


Quickly, a big shadow could be seen within Jian Chen's line of sight. The shadows were like a current, with each different shadow moving along in a stream.

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