Russian Fairytales Chapter 2740

Russian Fairytales Chapter 2740

Right now, Jian Chen was at the very peak of the Peak Saint Master level. The only thing preventing him from making it to the Great Saint Master level was a frail boundary.

"A thousand thanks for the captain's charity!" The mercenaries all bowed down with a grand shout. Each one of them wes especially happy.

"Which one of you is Cai Dong?"

Yu Zihan sighed.

The Imperial Emperor shouted toward Jiang Chen. After that, he tore a crack in the air with his bare hands and stepped into a different space. The Imperial Emperor was a wise man, he knew they had been completely defeated today, as even the Old Emperor had died. If he kept fight, he would face the same fate. Hench, the Imperial Emperor chose to run for his life.

"Indeed, these demons are aggressive and brutal by nature. However, the Demon King Palace is also a very powerful clan, as all three masters are Demon Kings. They're truly not easy to handle."

But now, the energy of the stone lion had been reduced by half, and its combat strength had also halved. The high spirited Big Yellow had absolute confidence in being able to kill it.

Seeing the four heads, everyone immediately became silent in utter shock.

The Third Emperor cried out in shock. He was staring at the sword in Jiang Chen's hand as if he was looking at a ghost. Only now did he remember than back in the Black Sect, it was this sword Jiang Chen had used to break the Crown Prince's golden halberd into two. The Crown Prince's combat weapon was considered one of the best weapons amongst all Superior Weapons, but it was shattered by Jiang Chen's sword in an instant. Could this sword also be a King Weapon?

"Three Beheading Hurricanes!"

An undetectable coldness flashed across the middle-aged man's eyes, but his expression remained unchanged. He said indifferently, "Perfect. When I have the time, we can properly exchange some pointers."Chapter 742: Killing Intent on the Ferry (Two)

Rosco had been pushed back around twenty meters away from the energy Jian Chen had unleashed before slowly stabilizing himself. Slowly turning his head to look at Jian Chen, he immediately realized the state he was in. With concern, he asked quickly, "Kid, what's wrong?"

Afterward, the three followed Yun Li to an even more elegant lounge. On their way to the hall however, many guards gave strange looks at the ragged condition Yun Li and the two envoys were in, but no one said a thing.

The disciple kept smiling at Yan Chen Yu, but he had no idea that his actions just now had offended someone's taboo.

"Isn't that Chief Liu from the Liu family? Also, aren't those high ranked warriors from the Mayor's mansion? What has this young man done to offend both the Mayor and the Liu family at the same time?!"

Zhao Chongyang who had lost one of his arms was completely stunned. The war had ended in a way that didn't even exist in his wildest dreams. He threw his gazed at the battlefield that was filled with the pungent smelled of blood, and he looked at the bodies of disciples and elders from the Burning Sky Pavilion, and it felt like a heavy stone was pressing down on his heart, causing him to feel difficulties when breathing.

"Wu Jiu? Ninth Emperor?" [1]

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