Return of the demon Chapter 1956

Return of the demon Chapter 1956

The position of the Ice Crane was the highest, it was very eye-catching and conspicuous. The huge blue flying beast looked prettier than the fiery-red Fire Bird, it was a type of gorgeous beauty.

His hope had come to rest in his shop, and he had originally assumed it would be able to support him to the point where he could increase his cultivation base and leave the Wildlands.

An indolent female voice said. Mu Qing raised her head slightly and looked at Qing Shui. Her elegant eyes had a faint smiling expression and her white, jade-like face had a trace of a blush on it.

Eventually he found some prime elders of the two sects who were sighing over how brutal the fighting had been. When Bai Xiaochun appeared, they smiled and began to chat. After some pleasantries, he asked about where Xuemei had been taken.

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"Uh, what's your name, Elder Brother?" Bai Xiaochun took a deep breath and looked up thoughtfully as he prepared to make fun of the young man's name.

This thought flashed through Qing Shui's mind, and he decided to perfect this Thousand Hammer Technique in the future. It would not only allow him to create great weapons, accessories, armors, embed gemstones, but it could also be used in battles.

Beihan Lie and the others were completely shocked, and were finally starting to understand how powerful Bai Xiaochun's fleshly body was. And yet, they all sighed; without achieving deep enlightenment, simply lasting for a long time would do no good.

"You are back!"

An even more powerful sword afterimage swung out. That slash contained an abundant smell of destruction. This was Jing Changzheng's most powerful attack. It was also a slash that was only usable when his strength was increased.?

Bai Xiaochun was ecstatic to see so many things being pulled out. Although he wasn't sure how to use any of them, and despite the fact that they all were branded personally to the Giant Ghost King, he could tell that they were extraordinary.

At the same time, the countless corpses and the ghost galleon itself all faded away into the fog.

Gongsun Jianwu smiled.

The bison may have been quite sturdy and strong, but its four legs were actually quite weak. Such a blow managed to break both its front legs. Despite its strength, it fell to the ground as it could only wait to be slaughtered.?

Looks of shock appeared among the members of the crowd as they edged backward. As people sensed the cultivation base fluctuations, and realized what type of person was in their midst, cries of alarm began to ring out.

He instantly reeled the rod back before exclaiming in surprise.

Rumbling thunder filled the air as Bai Xiaochun sped along with gritted teeth. He was panting, and his internal spiritual energy was fading quickly. Because of the rain, it was hard to see anything, and he almost felt as if some primordial ancient beast had swallowed up Heaven and Earth.

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