Back Then, I Adored You Chapter 2703

Back Then, I Adored You Chapter 2703

The explosive sounds coming from the other side of the dimensional crack had become even more intense. At the same time, the faint roaring of those furious Dimensional Creatures had become clearer, and more cracks had formed on the Skymend Formation

Wu Jiu furrowed his brows. With his current condition, it was true that he couldn't unleash the energy of a Late Divine Core warrior.

Tie Ta gave it some thought before saying, "Right, the 2nd region is already very easy for us since there isn't a challenge anymore. Okay then, Changyang Xiang Tian, I'll enter the 3rd region with you. It's time to see how strong the Class 2 Magical Beasts really are."

A ground shaking roar rang throughout the entire valley. The vortex seemed to have gone berserk as a black beam shot into the sky from the center of the vortex. A nearly 90 meter tall Devil King dashed out from the vortex. Its body was so huge that it looked like a small mountain. It was really ugly, and its face was ferocious enough to send a chill down to the back of nearly all those who could see it.

Changyang Hu's face immediately began to surge with emotion while tearing up. His voice began to quaver as he spoke, "Fourth brother, are££ are your words££ are they true? Are you really a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master?" At this moment, Changyang Hu finally felt the strength to continue on living.

Jiang Chen jumped down into the valley. Once he was inside the valley, he discovered that there were tons of craters within that made it difficult for him to walk.

"Hahahaha££" Seeing just how he had taken no damage at all, Jian Chen began to laugh with a great smile. His heart had soared with joy at this. A Chaotic Body was extremely strong. His body had become extremely strong after tempering it with just a single wisp of Chaotic Force. If he continued to temper his body like this, an Earth Saint Master or even a Heaven Saint Master would not be able to harm him.Chapter 389: The Road Home

As an intense battle had just taken place here, the loud sounds of battle had traveled to places far away, so it wouldn't take long before other demons were attracted to this place. Jiang Chen was afraid of those demons, but since he wanted to absorb the Barbarian Earth Bull's demon soul, he really needed a quiet place. After all, absorbing this demon soul would be different from absorbing others, as his main objective was to absorb the innate ability within, and not the energy.


All these men were really bored. They had talked together and decided that before leaving Inferno City, as long as they killed Jiang Chen, all of them would split his wealth equally. But, not only did they not find Jiang Chen, they had actually spent most of their time fighting the monsters in Inferno Hell.

"Fuck you, daddy wants to kill you all!"

It appeared like the old man had used all of his strength with this attack.

Qin Wujian held up two fingers, "Two conditions. First, you will hand over the second prince. Second, whomever injured my brother, we want his arm cut off."

"Qing Styx, although you are from a big sect, you better not mess around here! Look carefully where this place is, either you let Huo Yuner fight Jiang Chen today, or you get the hell out of here. If not, I'll attack you all with every single one of the Black Sect's forces. I think, except for you, Qing Styx, everyone from the Green Sanctuary Sect will die if that happens."

"Out of the way, out of the way! Everyone get out of the way££"

Soon afterwards, a great pressure suddenly erupted. It swept through the entire palace, causing those who were slightly weaker to feel as if their bodies were being crushed at by a boulder. Not only did they become extremely solemn, they even struggled to breath.

A hideous joyful expression emerged on Yang Shuo's face, as if he had seen an image of himself killing Jiang Chen.

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