Elizabeth Anne Chapter 1162

Elizabeth Anne Chapter 1162

Of course, he couldn't wait to see how Song Que would react upon finding out who he was.

AST 672 - The dreadfulness of the Marrow Nibbling Worms

Thankfully, Bai Hao was also present, and was often swarmed with customers because of the situation.

"I was just joking with her, she said she would give me the big bird that she rode on." Qing Shui said playfully.

This was why Qing Shui wasn't worried about Yiye Jiange's meridians getting damaged so easily.

Low-leveled alchemists could only fuse and sublime the ingredients in a simple process. Sometimes they could only fuse, but not completely sublime the herbs, thus they were unable to bring out the full effect of the medical herbs, not even by one success stage. High-leveled alchemists, expert alchemists, Xiantian alchemists... they could fuse parts, of big parts, or all of the herbs to develop a combination with the effect of ten or twelve success stages.

">, it's about time I read this."

That was especially true of the four major generals, who all smiled bitterly when they realized that the subordinates under their control were clearly not a match for the cultivators from the 3rd Corps.

Of course, at the slightest sign of anything wrong, he was prepared to call upon the full strength of his fleshly body power, even to the point of harming himself, to flee. However, as soon as he entered the pit, he realized that the souls weren't even looking at him. Instead, they simply continued to float around like before.


How could the Celestial not be aware of what was occurring outside of the necropolis? However, the critical moment in the fusion process had come, and he couldn't afford to be distracted. At the moment, he wouldn't care if the entire world and everyone in it died, much less Heavenspan Island. To him, only the task at hand was important!

Each time, he spent longer and longer trying to perfect his formula and solve all the problems. By the time he was ready for his fifth attempt, three years had gone by!

They looked extremely ancient, as though they had existed for countless years. They almost seemed to radiate a primeval air.

"The skin and blood of the demonic beast were not something that could immediately be used as soon as it was taken out. It was something that needed to go through refinements from Talisman Masters with their Xiantian Qi before they were able to be used. There was also a distinct explanation inside the ancient book regarding the "Heavenly Talisman". Even if it was used on either a demonic beast or other things, there would still be a distinct explanation." Ling Zhanhan chuckled. He took a beast skin that was used to draw talismans and passed it over to Qing Shui.

"If I can settle this issue with the Lei Clan without a hitch. How about that?"

This time, he didn't leave, although he did back up a bit. Smoke filled the cistern, and gurgling sounds began to emanate from within. Then an inhuman howl echoed out, something that sounded almost like it came out of the mouth of an evil ghost or vile fiend.

"Yes, is my grandfather still well?" Shi Qingzhuang casually asked with a smile.

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