He pressed down with both fingers, and a cracking sound rang out as the snake's head was crushed. The snake went limp, and then simply dissolved into a strand of gray energy roughly as wide as a stick of incense, which instantly began to float away.

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"Let's go together then!" added the girl immediately.

The others present looked away, and began to chat and laugh amongst themselves again. No one brought up the lotus seeds again, apparently not wanting to give Bai Xiaochun a chance to brag. His boasting left them with goosebumps.

"That's right. He even put a lot of geniuses to shame!" Xi Ri said bitterly.

Qing Shui was really keen to hear more about the strength of Martial Saints from the Old Ancestor. But what he felt more was a sense of helplessness. It would be a piece of cake for a Martial Saint Grade warrior to kill a warrior at the pinnacle of Martial King Grade. It's not something that could be won by quantities.

The realm of Martial Saint would be the longest phase experienced by a martial warrior in the World of Nine Continents. The disparity in strength between each Grade was considerable as well. For example, the weakest Grade One Martial Saint would only have the strength of a dozen countries, whereas the strength of the strongest Grade One Martial Saint would overcome the weakest Martial Saint easily with the strength of 200 countries combined. The difference was like that of the Heaven and Earth.

Before, only a few people had been stunned by the mere mention of Bai Xiaochun's name, with many people believing his reputation to be exaggerated. However, in the briefest of moments, he went all the way to 4th place on the Hell-Emperor Stele, with a fivefold enhanced nascent soul. Instantly, the people who had believed the stories to be exaggerated were left gasping in shock.

Many of them had spoken to Qing Shui before, so they came over to greet him. They looked at Qing Shui with a lot of admiration and respect. ?

Soon, silver light flashed on the medicinal pill, and three spirit designs could be seen on its surface. Bai Xiaochun picked up the pill, and his eyes gleamed with determination as he popped it into his mouth and swallowed it. Immediately, his body began to thrum, as though a burning fire were giving birth to an indescribable vital energy, which then coursed through him.

"Do you know your Third Brother well?" the old man hesitated before asking.

Because of that, Qing Shui was determined to be there when Zhu Qing would give birth to their child, and planned to be there until their child turned one year old. Although he was planning to do just that, he couldn't guarantee that it would be possible as many things could happen in between his child's birth and growth.

It was better not to prolong the agony. So that Xiang Bao would not feel worse in the future, Qing Shui decided to cut off her thoughts when she has yet to latch onto them too deeply. His own life was already a mess as it was.

"The damned bastard is finally gone!" Brimming with anticipation, he headed directly back in the direction of the sect.

"Fine, I won't kill that rabbit today. Instead, I'll kill Bai Xiaochun...."

"Of course our Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan will take you up on your challenge. You have been challenging the authority of our Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan. Throw us everything you have, we'll take them all head on." This time around, Donggong Maisun's grandfather spoke, his voice clear and powerful.

Di Chen just looked weirdly at the Zhongfu area at Qing Shui's chest, then looked at Qing Shui's eyes, Qing Shui subtly shook his head.

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