Steampunk Apocalypse! Chapter 1015

Steampunk Apocalypse! Chapter 1015

Jiang Chen's expression became serious, and he looked around as well.

"Yun Can, it is no easy task to cultivate to your level. I am a merciful man, and my advice to you is to get the hell out of here as quickly as possible, it would be miserable if you followed Liang Xiao's footsteps. Oh right, forgot to tell you, Liang Xiao died a horrible death, he was beheaded."

Jian Chen nimbly dodged the attacks and dashed forward and with his fists at the ready, he attacked a few of the mercenaries at a rapid pace, causing an endless stream of sounds to be heard.

But too bad, Shangguan Wei's opponent was Jiang Chen, an abnormal monster. No matter how powerful the Earth Shattering Palm was, it just couldn't compare with the inherited True Dragon Palm. With the combat strength brought from 1,000 Dragon Marks, it was very difficult for Jiang Chen to find a match in the Divine Core realm.

The fourth elder nearly rolled his eyes at Jian Chen's words as he cursed him internally. Jian Chen had killed their third lord and had also stolen the Shi family's Seal of Treasure Mountain heirloom; therefore, it was only natural that the Shi family would chase after Jian Chen.

Shangguan Yu coldly harrumphed. He turned to the Combat Soul warrior next to him and said, "Old Sixth, bring our men and arrest them! I'll have a look inside."

Qin Wuming nodded his head with a smile, "That is what it means to keep the fertile waters within your own fields. His Majesty is a very wise ruler that is capable of controlling everything within his hand. Even if he cannot, he will do his best to keep us in their good graces."

"Mayor wants to sell 100%effectiveness Restoration Pills, is this for real?"

He knew that Hu Xiaotian knew far more about this than he did. If he said that there was no way to erase this imprint, then it was perhaps impossible to really erase the mark the third elder left on him.

Among the crowd, Chang Qing and the other two disciples wore awkward expressions on their faces. They remembered how they started a conflict with Jiang Chen and Big Yellow back in the Golden Tower. Thinking back on that situation, if Jiang Chen and Big Yellow didn't show any mercy, none of them would've been able to stand here unhurt.

"I can't believe this, the Black Sect's respectable Sect Elder has betrayed us££ he was the Sect Elder I respected the most, but now he wants us all dead. Why did he do this to us?"

"The fuck, this dog is wasting all the good food! Within the blink of an eye, a few hundred Mortal Restoration Pills are gone!"

"What kind of magical powers does this Jiang Chen have? Even the genius from the Valley of Happiness admitted defeat straight away!"

The elder had a shocked look on his face as Jian Chen's words registered in his mind. "What did you say, you're from the Gesun Kingdom? Impossible! We know every single expert within the Gesun Kingdom, and you're not one of them. Just who are you, spare us your false words!"

Daoist Black asked.

Jiang Chen's wounded soul was like a dried up pond, and the medication energy coming from the Soul Refining Pill was like a reservoir of crystal clear water.The dried up pond finally encountered some rain.This was the best thing that could had happened to Jiang Chen.

"Who do you think you are, and how dare you tell me what to do?"

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