Late Night Tales Of The Capital Chapter 62

Late Night Tales Of The Capital Chapter 62


Looking at this young man in white, someone immediately cried out in surprise. As a man who had personally seen Jiang Chen on the Island of Ice, this guy could instantly recognize this young man's identity.

The ancestor did not reply right away. He instead took a sip of his wine. After a small while, he finally continued, "Jian Chen, this old man does not enjoy beating around the bush, so I'll speak honestly. Our Huang family wishes to ally ourselves with the Qinhuang Kingdom. If the Qinhuang Kingdom is able to help us survive something, then our Huang family will never be able to thank the Qinhuang Kingdom enough."

"From now on, three of us will not be needed here££This is a hard blow."

The result had once again sent a storm to the audience. However, this time, the storm was even greater than before. Breaking the Doomsday Palm with a bare hand and blocking the Soaring Heaven Sword with only his armor were two completely different concepts.

"Hey, little brother, the Green Sanctuary Sect prevents us from entering Misty Mountain, you can't go in there££ hey££ damn it, is this guy deaf?"

Chang Bai nodded, "That is natural as well. Flying magical beasts are very expensive; not only because they are hard to capture, but hard to tame as well. Even though flying magical beasts are the fastest way of transportation, riding on one is very dangerous. In the case that a magical beast goes out of control, then the rider will be sent falling from thousands of meters in the air. Even with the power of an Earth Saint Master, surviving a fall like that would be unlikely and even if you're lucky, you will still end up with a fatal injury. Even if it's a Class 1 or 2 flying magical beast, its price is still very expensive, especially if it has a berserk nature or won't submit to a human. Therefore, taming a flying magical beast is a very challenging task to accomplish."

"Shameful brat! There are so many herbs around, why did you snatch the one that belongs to this master dog?!"

This was Wu Ningzhu's first impression of Yan Chenyu. For a girl, especially one who was so prideful, it wasn't easy to speak so highly of another girl.

It was only when it was late at night that Ming Dong left Jian Chen's place. As an esteemed guest of the Gesun Kingdom, he had his own room.

The management of the reconstruction of the Changyang clan was monopolized by Chang Wuji. With him in charge, the others were able to relax a little.

The woman was quite tall and her hair shined on her cotton robes. Her clear and bright eyes could be seen shining in a way as if they could steal souls. Her fingers gently and tenderly caressed the strings of her zither. With each step, her slim waist swayed to the side gently. Although her appearance was not yet clear to see, the light radiating from her could only indicate that she was a matchless beauty that could cause nations to fall at the blink of an eye.

"Ugh££ this stinks like hell! Ahh!! Blergh££"

"Definitely not!" Changyang Hu's refusal came out strong and clear, without any hesitation. He handed the monster core back to Jian Chen and said, "Fourth Brother, this monster core should be used by you. This is your reward for being the Freshmen Ruler. This item is definitely not something your big brother would want from you."

"Jian Chen, why has the situation become all frantic-like? Has some sort of accident come up or something?" Ming Dong cried out.

A few hundred miles away from Jiang Chen, there was a valley that was very quiet. There was a huge rock blocking the top of the valley, it was much more hidden than the valley Jiang Chen was currently at.

"Ah!" Tie Ta suddenly exclaimed in realization.

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