Rise of Humanity Chapter 1091

Rise of Humanity Chapter 1091

Qing Shui picked Di Chen up in one go. Her body was really light but long. The curve of her body was perfect and felt soft. Qing Shui got so turned on that he just picked her up without any hesitation.

Bloody Butcher's speed was originally already slower that Qing Shui by a little, in addition, he had already been affected by the Art of Pursuing, causing a 20% decrease in speed. Now, there was an additional 30% decrease based on Qing Shui's speed.

And yet, things weren't over. She also thrust her right hand out, which began to grow larger and larger, transforming into the clawed hand of a ghost that snatched at Bai Xiaochun.


"Elder Sister Zhou tried twice and yet didn't surpass the turtle! How could this be happening? How many medicinal plants did that person complete!?"

"This has nothing to do with us, please don't kill me¡­"

In addition, Qing Luo had looked after Qing Shui since he was a young boy. Even though Qing Shui was already really powerful, Qing Luo was still unsure about his strength as a whole. Even if he was even more powerful, he would still be a child in Qing Luo's eyes.

"This... this...." What he was seeing seemed completely preposterous, and he was actually convinced that he was seeing things.... He rubbed his eyes a few times, and then he looked over again. At that point, he simply wasn't able to hold back from crying out at the top of his lungs.

Each and every one of those five people was a spectacular Chosen among Chosen, and when they joined forces, their power was beyond description.

Bai Xiaochun's face was just as ashen as Mistress Red-Dust's. He knew that his Waterswamp Kingdom was powerful, but had never realized it was this powerful. The claws on one of the creature's hands had been enough to nearly kill him. As he contemplated the fact that if he wasn't careful using the Waterswamp Kingdom, he could get himself killed, he shivered....

With that, the hand began to sink back down into the membrane.

The crowd now commented on how weak they felt Tie Songshan was!

At that moment, Dong Yan was stunned. There was indeed such a precious thing in this world and he had seen it with his eyes. The third younger brother was gracious enough to offer the Peach of Immortality without the slightest hesitation.

There was a saying in the world of the nine continents. Once a person attains Xiantian, only his elders would be able to accept his respects. As for other people, even if they were older than him, so long as they were not Xiantian, they would not be able to accept it. Otherwise their lifespan would be shortened!

"Qing Shui¡­¡­" Di Chen turned around and looked at Qing Shui. She was shivering when she spoke.

"Junior Brother Nightcrypt, you are a man of striking appearance and talent, like a mighty dragon among men....

She had never considered this before, nor did she consider that she wanted to fall in love with another man. Although everything was very normal for her, she had subconsciously neglected this issue.

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