From Fish to Dragon Chapter 716

From Fish to Dragon Chapter 716

Chapter 168 ÿ Firethorn Savage

Jiang Chen gave Big Yellow a thumbs up. Big Yellow was indeed frightening. If an ordinary First Grade Demon King was here, they would definitely suffer from the Barbarian Earth Bull's sneaky Earth Jail attack. Only an abnormal being like Big Yellow could break the Earth Jail like that, and turn defeat into victory.

"What's going on?"

Liu Hong said with a friendly expression. However, in his mind, he was sneering. He had decided to kill the duo in front of him once he got his hand on the treasure.

"Esteemed master Yang Yutian, I am a member of the Hou clan, one of the eight great clans. I have come representing my master to invite master Yang Yutian to visit the estate."

Afterward, Ming Dong stayed behind in the shrine, and despite his begging, Jian Chen declined to stay as well. Escorted by two elders, Jian Chen was sent to the Space Gate and returned to the poisonous cloud filled mountain range.

"That's right, Jiang Chen.Do you dare to accept the challenge?"

As usual, Jian Chen started to absorb the energy within the monster core at a frightening rate. If anyone were to see him now, then they would see the monster core emit a weak amount of light as the energy within started to flow into him like a thick stream. To the naked eye, the energy was surrounding Jian Chen's body while the monster core was rapidly shrinking in Jian Chen's hands.

Hearing the elder's praise, Cheng Mingxiang smiled, and his eyes showed pride and a hint of arrogance behind them.

Upon seeing this, Jian Chen suddenly understood. This type of mysterious energy was the unique energy that belonged to Radiant Saints. Their energy had a special healing effect that could heal any injury, no matter how grave. Under the care of a Radiant Saint, any wound would be healed rapidly. Since his own mother was a Radiant Saint, she was able to use this healing power. Legends said that some very strong Radiant Saints were able to regrow someone's arm, as well as having the power to resurrect the dead!

Puchi puchi££

If one wanted to purchase the Class 5 Magical Beast, they not only had to have enough money, they also had to have a certain amount of strength. Otherwise, as soon as they left the auction house, the Class 5 Magical Beast would get stolen from them.

The longbow was useless in close range so the girl put away her longbow on her back and pulled out her blue sword once more to fight with the two men.

After a restless night, a quarter of the golden egg had been absorbed, helping Jiang Chen form 25 Dragon Marks, making it a total of 328 Dragon Marks in his body. This was the terrifying power of the Dragon Transformation skill, with each new Dragon Mark formed, Jiang Chen's overall combat strength would increase.

Big Yellow said.

When Jian Chen and them left, Shan Xiong spoke to Zhan Tian with an unwilling expression, "Captain, are we really going to submit to the Carnage Mercenaries so easily?"

For a while, neither of the two spoke.

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