Conquest Online Chapter 2828

Conquest Online Chapter 2828

Small success, large success, great perfection, these three boundaries. It was still relatively easy to achieve small success. If used properly, half a year's worth time was adequate for it. As for the previous forms that Qing Shui had learned, the time he took to achieve Small Accomplishment did not even take half a year. However, the Large Accomplish and great perfection boundaries not only required time, they required a strong comprehension of the form.

It was enormous, but upon closer inspection, it seemed obvious that... because the waterswamp was only 600 meters across, this was only the very tip of the mountain!!

"You're not his match. Let me do it!" The strong looking guy got someone to bring down Mu Lin who had fainted. With a move, he appeared on the arena and stared at Gu Song.

As far as they were concerned, the only thing the people of Heavenspan were good for was to be servants. At best, the Saint-Emperor Dynasty would pity them and take them in for charity's sake.

Mixed emotions flickered in Gongsun Wan'er's eyes as she looked on. Then she backed up to give them a slight bit of privacy.

"Let me ask you, Elder Brother Zhao, are you looking for a momentary burst of youthful passion, or a love that will last as long as the world itself?!" Bai Xiaochun's words hit Zhao Tianjiao like a club to the face. Suddenly, his heart trembled, and a serious expression overtook his face.

He and Nine-Isles were the shining stars of the Profound Stream Sect, whose glory in battle dazzled anyone who saw them.

Chapter 355: Bruiser's Tribulation!

Then he continued on his way.

The process lasted for the space of a few breaths of time. When the surging energy reached its peak, Bai Xiaochun closed his hand around the sea of fire.

"Senior martial brother Li, kill them!" Situ Shang politely and softly asked the small thin man beside him.

"There's still me, we can think of a solution together. Nothing is impossible to a willing mind. So long as we put in the effort, there's nothing that we cannot accomplish." Qing Shui knew that he needed to give her some support and encouragement now. If he were to stay next to her and wallow in despair together, it would only make her feel even more at a loss and helpless. While Qing Shui knew that the chances of turning things over was extremely small, but it was useless for them to be wallowing in despair. As a man, he should be upstanding and dauntless, even if he did not have a broad body, he should have a broad chest.

Recovering his gaze, Qing Shui saw that Qinghan Ye was extremely embarrassed. He recalled the live pornographic scene he had watched together with her, and it was especially thrillingˇ­

Tiger Laceration!

"Erˇ­ umˇ­ what did I doˇ­?" he thought. Looking around nervously, he saw that everyone had looks of respect and veneration in their eyes as they stared at him. He blinked a few times, and then suddenly started to get excited. "I conjured an eighteen-colored flame! Heavens!"

Bai Xiaochun seemed like the wind itself, a hurricane that blasted across the lands with explosive power.

After lowering his head and realizing that he was naked, he quickly entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal and changed into a fresh set of clothes. To think that the Lunar Silk Garment was destroyed...

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