Dragon God Warrior Chapter 493

Dragon God Warrior Chapter 493

Soon, intense rumbling sounds could be heard, and the Necromancer Kettle began to vibrate. More black mist poured out from inside of it, which then rose up into the sky.

Thankfully for them, after the black pillar of light shot up and destroyed the spell formations and natural restrictive spells, the enormous ghost hand didn't appear again.

He was no longer worried about having enough souls. After capturing the Immortal Imperatrix, and collecting the seemingly innumerable souls that she had collected, he now had more than enough to go about his work.

With the Diamond Qi, Nature Energy and Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique, he could draw out that feeling.

Although his words didn't mean much to the ordinary clan members, when the clan chief and the grand elder heard them, their faces fell, and they began to tremble with disbelief.

He wasn't the only one. Soon, all of the Inner Sect disciples had emerged from their immortal's caves, even the exhausted Zhou Xinqi. Bai Xiaochun hurried out, smiling apologetically as he guaranteed that it wouldn't happen again. The gathered disciples calmed down a bit in response. They couldn't find any fault with his attitude, and as such, had no other recourse. If he had been even a bit defiant, they definitely would have given him a good thrashing. But at the moment... they could only grit their teeth and accept his promise.


The people around them were drenched in his blood and his scattered brain splattered on them. None of them seemed to notice it, however, because they realised how close they were to death at that moment.

The Arch-Emperor let the moment stretch out for a bit, then looked at the two stooped, sinister old men, and nodded slightly.

The area where Bai Xiaochun lay was particularly dense in terms of lightning, striking a bit of fear into the ghost face. However, he ignored his fear, and actually picked up speed.

In a battle between cultivators, there was very little chance of a weapon coming in contact with the opponent's body. However, once that happened, it usually resulted in severe injury or death.

Qing Shui had already joined the crowd in that moment. He saw an ordinary cart selling normal tea leaves which could be found in the mountains or near the banks of rivers. However, the tea leaves were picked out and harvested very meticulously.

Qing Shui sensed that the old man understood him. The old man was offering him as much as he could. Even Qing Shui felt that this was the best approach.

"That way, the River-Defying Sect will have more wealth than ever. All disciples will have plenty of cultivation resources. It will be good tidings for everyone in the sect!" Although it meant that things would be a bit more stressful, at least it gave him a new mission to work on.

Yiye Jiange looked at Qing Shui bewilderedly as she couldn't catch his meaning. Nevertheless, she smiled at him and said, "You have so many wives by your side. There's no difference if I become your wife or not."

"Haha, she'll definitely be leaving with us. As for you guys, I don't mind killing half of you first!" Situ Shang smiled and walked up, with a cruel smile on his face, his tone very eerie.

He saw Song Junwan, Song Que, the Song Clan patriarch, Patriarch Limitless, Xu Xiaoshan, the blood masters.... There were many, many people, including quite a few that he didn't recognize.

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