Age of Cosmic Exploration Chapter 2157

Age of Cosmic Exploration Chapter 2157

Running at full speed, Jian Chen's ears could only feel the wind blow past them in a deafening manner, causing him to be unable to hear anything. Even the scenery on both sides of him was rapidly blurring away, allowing him to only see a mixture of color, nothing too specific.

The black-clothed man started begging for his life. Under the pressure of Jiang Chen's energy, this was the first time he felt like such a tiny existence.

Jiede Tai nodded his head without a word, but his heart was undoubtedly feeling very gloomy.

Hesitation befell Situ Qing for a brief moment. Then finally, a look of resolution appeared on his face as he finally relented to Jian Chen for the sake of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger. "You win, Jian Chen. I££.I'll tell you about Bi Hai. I hope that you'll££.keep to your word then££."Chapter 667: A Mystery of the Past

On the other side, Big Yellow had also thrown the severely injured Tenth Emperor with a powerful kick.

Li Hui was boiling in anger. He took a step forwards, and was now standing directly in front of Jiang Chen. With his beard fluttering in the wind, he said, "Jiang Chen, how dare you, don't forget who you are! You are just an outer circle disciple! By disobeying the Sect Elder alone, I can cripple you right now!"

A Late Qi Hai warrior from the Lee family said with a mocking smile. He was treating Yan Yang and the rest of his group like prey that was just waiting to be killed.

Although the pirates of the Chaotic Ocean were considered villains, it didn't mean that they would toy with their own lives. Under normal circumstances, when facing a major power like the Asura Palace, none of them would needlessly risk provoking them. It was logical that the Heavenhawk Island Master killed the 13th Tycoon because of a conflict, but when faced with this large group of geniuses who all wanted to kill him, not only did he not run away for his life, he actually set up a crafty trap. Didn't he know that the Asura Palace would unleash their fury upon him if he really killed all these geniuses?

"It's obvious he'd come back; it's his character. Furthermore, his return would be mighty one. I have all the reasons to believe that his approach will definitely shock the enemy."

"Fuck, this is incredible! Little Chen, saving Wu Jiu's life in Inferno Hell is truly something good; you've created a backup plan for yourself!"

Blood-curdling screeches repeatedly sounded out throughout the scene. The entire sky above the Black Sect was filled with the pungent smell of blood. The fierce fights caused the death toll to repeatedly rise. For the fights between Heavenly Core disciples, the Burning Sky Pavilion did not have the upper hand. After all, the disciples of the Black Sect and Valley of Happiness together vastly outnumbered the Burning Sky Pavilion.

"Yes master!" Jian Chen carefully accepted the blue badge from the president, placing it towards the left on his chest.

Jian Chen's eyes flashed with a strange look as he tried to understand what Zhar was trying to get at, but he opened his mouth and replied anyways, "Partially!"

Jiang Chen looked at Yan Chen Yu and thought to himself. She possessed the Nine Yin Meridians, and that gave her a unique talent and lots of potential. It was also not something that ordinary people couldd compare with.

"Little Yu, run for your life!"

The three came to a stop in midair so that Jian Chen could survey the thickets and trees down below. "Senior Huang, the great Nubis, you two stay here. I'll go take a look myself."

"Now is the time, all of you will save those girls, I'll go to Lord Blood Moon directly."

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