CEO true face Chapter 1428

CEO true face Chapter 1428

He wasn't particularly excited about it. It was as if this achievement was insignificant to him and it was also as if he had known it would succeed.

"That's.... That's...."

He had been just a bit too slow to teleport away, and the greatsword really had slashed through him in the moment before he fled....

The Deer Form only had a Deer Canteering Technique that increased speed. Qing Shui had long integrated the essence of it to his other movement techniques!

At the same time, the others also rushed towards them.

A scream echoed out into the air, and Master Cloud Lightning trembled violently. He immediately began to wither up, a sensation that filled his heart with indescribable terror.

And the only thing that everyone else could do was wait, and work on their cultivation. Although advancing their cultivation bases would do little good in the end, no one was willing to abandon any possible advantage. And of course, it served to calm their hearts.

The room was relatively small, with a narrow balcony, beneath which was the main auction floor. The auction stage was also clearly visible.

As of now, Qing You was already a Grade One Martial King. To put it bluntly, he possessed strength which was slightly above that of the Earth Rock Beast. It was normal for Grade One Martial King to tame Demonic Beasts at Peak Xiantian realm. Unless they were Beast Tamers, it was really tough for ordinary people to tame Demonic Beasts which were even stronger than themselves.

"The report from Senior Limitless was accurate. Here's the energy node!"

The battle went on for about an hour, until a massive boom rang out as Du Lingfei pushed the wooden sword so hard that it exploded. The resulting fragments were then propelled by Lightness-in-Heaviness in a huge attack that Chen Zi'ang simply couldn't dodge. He was forced into retreat and ended up drawing on all of his spiritual energy. Finally, he sighed and conceded.

"Maybe the circle got broken somehow...?" he murmured. The Nascent Soul Daoist master from the Polarity River Court was panting, and a look of unprecedented anxiety could be seen in his eyes.

Even though Canghai Mingyue had been kissed by Qing Shui before, she had never felt so nervous ever in her life. Her heart was pounding rapidly as the somewhat musky smell of a man drifted unceasingly into her nostrils, causing her to be extremely distracted. Qing Shui was the only male that she had been so close to after the death of her father. She wasn't clear of what she was feeling right now, but she could sense that her heart was willing to walk together with this man down whatever path he chose in the future.

As for the burly young man, his name was Bai Lei, and he was a chosen from one of the auxiliary bloodlines. Although his cultivation base wasn't at the same level as Bai Qi's, he was still in late Core Formation. In fact, he and Bai Qi were considered to be the two rising stars of the clan!

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There was a clear bird cry from afar!

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