Naruto: Tales of Heroes and Monsters Chapter 2173

Naruto: Tales of Heroes and Monsters Chapter 2173

With the end of Jian Chen's match, the final 4 names were called out. In the end, it was Changyang Xiang Tian, Tie Ta, Ka Di Liang, and Tian Mu Xiong that remained.

"I supposed it was Fan Kun who told you where I was."

"Ai, how lazy. How do they think they could increase their strength? On the road of cultivation, while talent is very important, hard work is just as important as talent. Even if a man has the talent, if he does not work hard to cultivate, then his achievements will be no better than a man with no talent but is hardworking." Jian Chen thought to himself.

Following Kai Er, they reached the halls of Kai clan only to see the armored Yun Li standing with a middle aged man next to him. Then, right by the middle aged man, a young woman with an appearance revealing her to be around twenty years old stood by his side.

Nangong Wentian also threw his glance over to the center line and asked in astonishment.

"Captain, where will we go next from here?" Zhan Tian asked from the side.

The two Goat Demons quickly turned to Jiang Chen. Although this young man wasn't a Combat King, he was followed by a true Demon King. Hence, they dared not neglect him. Instead, Jiang Chen's quest made them feel relieved, because as long as they could provide a good answer and behave well, they lives might be spared. If not, after provoking a Demon King, neither of them would be spared.

After saying that, the five Heaven Saint Masters began to descend down into the valley. Soon enough, they hovered fifty meters above the chilly waters and started to inspect the place.

Hearing this, one of the quick-witted soldiers spoke up, "Honored Imperial Protector, this soldier will go make the arrangements."

Chen Shuang gazed coldly at Jiang Chen.

Yan Hong Tai was getting serious.

With this sudden in-the-moment kiss from Huang Lua, Jian Chen's mind had instantly gone blank. He stood there for a very long time. This was the very first intimate action a female had effectuated with him in both his lifetimes.

Within the Silver Moon City, Big Yellow had a huge smile on his face, "Hehe, Xiao Yu has learnt to be cruel now; you killed someone instantly!"

Lee Chang Ming's killing intent rose up as he forcefully struck a punch towards Yan Yang. The invisible Yuan energy was like a mountain as it flew towards Yan Yang. The Yuan energy from this attack alone had made Yan Yang feel like he was suffocating.

The residency for the outer circle disciples were rows of courtyards, and six disciples lived in each courtyard. Right now, Wang Yun and Huang Zheng were resting in the same room, and the courtyard was packed with people. Every one of them was angry.

"Haha, Rou-Er, hurry and meet your future husband."

Although the old man had no yuan energy, he could still act in a subduing manner. It was very easy to tell that he was not an ordinary man.

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