Eternal Reverence Chapter 2376

Eternal Reverence Chapter 2376

Tiangang Yi furrowed his brows. Before they came here, he was thinking about pressuring Wu Jiu with both Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect, making him hand Jiang Chen over to them and stay out of this matter. He had never expected to face such strong rejection from Wu Jiu, as if Jiang Chen's problems were his own.


"Brother Yan, Big Yellow, go get Little Yu; we'll go to the Southern Continent together."

The amount of soldiers at the city gates numbered around three hundred, with each one of them inspecting both merchants and mercenaries alike. Obstructing their paths, they would talk for a moment before letting them pass. Even the walls were filled with troops of elite soldiers from the city who looked down on everyone with intense glares.

"Senior disciple Fan, save me, save me££££"

"You're going to leave soon, right?"

This was all the information that every influential power could find out.

Big Yellow said while feeling slightly depressed. But, he knew that with his and Jiang Chen's current combat strength, there was no way they could defeat a Mid Divine Core warrior. Under such circumstances, the only option for them was to run.

The Martial Saint Dynasty was a mammoth of an existence. Perhaps there were more Combat King warriors behind it than the Imperial Emperor alone. Therefore, Jiang Chen had no choice but to grow as fast as he could. If not, not only would he be in extreme danger; all of his family would be dragged into this terrible crisis once again, and that was not something Jiang Chen wanted to happen.

"You're not scared of me?"

Jian Chen chuckled and did not explain any further.

"Hmph! There is a stronger existence hiding in the Martial Saint Dynasty; I must kill this old fart and the Imperial Emperor today!"

"Three seniors, please follow me."

Tian Zhou crawled up from the ground with a heavy look as he stared icily at Jian Chen's retreating back. Wordlessly, he tried to address the wound on his chest before walking away. His Space Ring had been taken, and he had been humiliated by Jian Chen, but there wasn't a single word he could say. Revenge could come later; as long as he lived, he would be able to find an opportunity to wipe out the unbelievable humiliation he had suffered today.

At these indignant cries, Kai Er's face began to grow dark.

Jian Chen was astonished, and the look in his eyes reflected that astonishment. "Could you be the patriarch of the Huanggu clan?"

"Just who are these people and where are they coming from? Could it be there is some sort of secret passage?" The captain inferred to himself. However, when he felt that no hostility could be felt from the soldiers, they most likely weren't enemies. Otherwise, these soldiers would have charged straight for the city and razed it at once.

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